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Watch out for potential moderators. They are aspiring to RuneScape Gold being a moderator and will be the first to report anyone who violates any rule, regardless of whether you're level 126 or a mere level 3.

Okay, my screenshots are not working properly. Johnny and others might already know that my images for the Cooks' Guild Guide were badly messed up. Since then, every picture that I've tried to upload has been fuzzy and sloppy. There are a few reasons why this is happening to me.

Runescape itself. Does the resolution of Runescape get affected by all the updates like the Varrock one or the Barbarian Training? Imageshack is where I have uploaded all my photos. Would Tinypic/Photobucket work for me? Do you have any suggestions? Do you have any other suggestions? don't have the ability to create any brand new Runescape guides or runescape-picture avatars.

I have approximately 8k items that I need to alch and I am considering where I should take them. Here are my choices so far. Dharok's Tomb - In the hopes that someone will run out at an inopportune time. :aware - My home - I'd be happy to let anyone make use of the lectern or altar in my home. The Giant Mole- I could apply poison to kill it or just let it go. This would open the possibility of collecting some tree seeds.

I'm searching for an alternative that will allow me to Buy OSRS Fire Cape gain more than just the cash and experience that alching brings. So I don’t want alch in a bank while doing nothing. Which one do you think would be the best option for me? Do you have any other suggestions?

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By Bestmengqin
Added Oct 25 '21



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