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During the beta time during the beta period, we were able to Lineage 2M Diamonds play along with the fun trying to take down a monster known as Queen Ant and who resides in the, um, in fact an Ant Nest in the Gludio. It's safe to say that she wasn't walking around after we and dozens of other beta players cut her down to size , and picked up some loot.

The plot of Lineage 2M is pretty straightforward. The game starts with a lengthy cutscene that depicts an epic battle for the castle. The story tells us that there's a sinister and powerful villain called Etis who's been causing lots of deaths and destruction throughout the land.

It's the responsibility of a minor resistance to get him out of the way however, they possess a weapon they can use to their advantage chest that is you. Your character is named "The Inheritor"; you've inherited the power of Einhasad, the god of war, to be able to stop Etis. Nowit's your responsibility to educate yourself, gain access to your inheritance power, and then defeat Etis and his minions.

When it comes time to select your character, you'll have a fair amount of options available to select from. There are five different races of characters to pick from among them: human, elf dark elf, orc and dwarf. Each one of those races can be broken down into different types of character each of which has distinct strengths and weaknesses.

Elves and human beings have the same type of Lineage 2M Diamonds for sale character including warrior, knight archer, raider, cleric, and wizard. Dark elves have the same characteristics but they don't have the knight.

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