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With the expansion of the sex doll market, original brand dolls always appear to be counterfeited and imitated by some small businesses, and then sold at very low prices. This not only harms the interests of branded merchants like Lovedollshops, but also harms consumers because of the difference in quality. Therefore, we must resolutely maintain the brand and make original and Real Love Doll.

Why choose LovedollShops?

All physical sex doll products sold by Lovedollshops are original and authentic from our manufacturer's well-known brands. We are the official authorized distributor of famous silicone doll manufacturer EXDOLL, famous TPE doll manufacturer WMDOLL, DOLLHOUSE 168, JYDOLL, RDOLL and 6YEdoll. These well-known brands have entered the global international market and are well received in the global international market.

Cheaper prices can mean you're getting lower-quality sex dolls, and vice versa. Cheaper quality not only means finished sex dolls with flaws but also creates greater concerns and threats for users when it comes to safety. Because low-quality sex dolls may not meet hygiene standards and put users at risk of STDs.

Lovedollshops is sold as a brand of Sex Doll, and only sells Real Life Sex Doll, all Sex Doll will go through a strict quality inspection process, which is also from the mature experience and judgment of our customers.

Advantages of buying genuine branded sex dolls:

Our products are sourced from well-known doll manufacturers, and the product quality is guaranteed. Make sure you are satisfied.
All our products are brand new and customized for customers.
All genuine brands have security cards.
No need to worry about product safety and hygiene.

Disadvantages of buying cheap unbranded sex dolls

The origin of the product is unknown.
Quality is not guaranteed, you are wasting your money on poor quality products.
Poor sanitation (recycled material / used sex dolls for resale).
easy to fall into the trap of liars
risk of disease transmission.

Health and safety always come first, no matter what kind of experience you want, don't neglect product quality for low prices. If you want to buy Discount Tpe Sex Dolls at Lovedollshops, then you can choose to buy them when they are doing promotions, with discounts up to 10% off, you can also enjoy high-quality dolls without worrying about hygiene risks.

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