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I live in a beautiful location in the mountains. Besides the stunning view, the best thing about my house is that it is near a lake in a forest. To enjoy weekends away from the city, my family often plans a picnic near the lake.

Last weekend’s picnic was more fun because we planned it amid the serious coronavirus situation. We were feeling really bored inside the house, so planned of going on a picnic by the lakeside. We packed a portable speaker (find more info about the speaker), snacks, and a few outdoor games. We even prepared a light meal to enjoy while witnessing the scenic view around the lake. My younger son is an outdoor enthusiast, so he insisted us to go for a hike nearby. During the hike, we came across various unusual wildlife creatures in the jungle. We were amused to see them in that area. May be these animals and birds were hiding away from mankind due to excessive pollution and noise. And, suddenly after the COVID-19 outbreak when humans were instructed to stay indoors, these beautiful creatures got a chance to enjoy themselves freely.

That’s when we realized how harsh the human lifestyle is. We don’t even know how much we scare other species around us. Hopefully, we all could find the right solution to coexist with other species on the planet and live happily.

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By varunm
Added May 14


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