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Sex Doll is different in material, structure and function. Some disinfection methods in daily life, such as boiling water and alcohol, cannot be used casually on Sex Doll. Wrong cleaning and maintenance, will not only shorten the life of Sex Doll but also cause damage to human health.

TPE Sex Doll, TPE is also called thermoplastic elastomer, can be very soft, very close to the texture of human skin, so Lifelike Sex Dolls mostly uses TPE material. TPE material cannot be cleaned with alcohol or boiling water, because alcohol will be highly corrosive to soft TPE, and boiling water will cause the material to decay, greatly reducing the life of Sex Doll and affecting human health.

How to wash a Sex Doll's intimate area

Pour the body wash into the intimate area and wash it back and forth with your fingers. It is recommended to use cold water when rinsing, not hot water, otherwise, the colloid is easy to age, and alcohol and disinfectant cannot be used, which is harmful to the colloid.

Although non-penetrating products have a stronger sense of wrapping, they are more troublesome to clean. Many people will return the product to clean when cleaning. This method is wrong, and it is easy to damage the entrance when returning to clean. You can also turn it over occasionally to thoroughly clean the inside, which is more hygienic.

After cleaning, shake the water dry, dry the water inside and outside the hole with a cotton cloth, or dry the water inside the hole with cold air. Use a hair dryer, use cold air, and can use objects to open small holes to blow, sweeping every corner.

After cleaning with clean water, you can choose to spray a professional toy disinfectant for disinfection, and the Sex Doll will be better protected and wait for natural air-drying.

Finally, you can apply talcum powder to the surface, and it will not be sticky when you take it out next time.

If it is a built-in electric Sex Doll, the soft part inside should be taken out and cleaned, so that the water will not affect the internal electric structure. Some electric devices are waterproof, but it is worth noting that this kind of washing with water is OK, not soaking in water.

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