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Lost Ark Bans Over 1 Million Accounts Since Lost Ark launched in North America in the month of March Lost Ark Gold, the game has been hugely played. Unfortunately, the game's enormous popularity and huge player base has resulted in more than one bot and cheater however, the team behind the game is now working to clean the mess.

Lost Ark has been around in certain parts of the world for a number of years, and it appears that the team behind the game to know how to deal with particular issues when they pop up. Some of the issues are believed to be players who use bots in order to gain advantages over other users. Among other things, these bots can allow their users to rack up experience points and earn loot while they're away from their keyboard.

On Friday, the Lost Ark team announced it had done a massive cleaning of bots and removed more than one million illegitimate accounts. They will be banned permanently, with more coming in the next few weeks and months.

"Maintaining an enjoyable and fair gameplay experience for our players is a top concern for the entire team," The Lost Ark team posted on its official website. In the same way the team realizes the possibility that some of the illegitimate accounts could have slipped through the cracks cheap Lost Ark Gold. The team also acknowledged that it's possible that with this massive of a sweep it may have accidentally stopped people who weren't using bots.

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