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A real doll, also known as a fuck doll, role playing games sex doll, or full-size sex doll, is a life-size luxury toy that simulates the realism of a real woman or man. Lifelike sex dolls are designed to suit your needs and feature sophisticated styles including soft, supple and comfortable bodies.

An articulated metal skeleton is responsible for the life of this ideal mate's body and limbs. Three deep holes come to give their masters happy masturbation to complete the artist's real work. However, some customers who have purchased sex dolls may wonder what they should do if they want to extend the life of real sex dolls.

Hanging storage

1) This is a storage method that hangs the head and body on a special hook for TPE dolls.
2) Prepare a rack that can withstand heavy loads and attach a special hook.
3) The load is applied at one point of the hook, which can be stored without applying a load to the doll.
4) I think that it is the best storage method to prevent the shape, but it seems that you need to blindfold it because it is an unambitious storage method.
5) I know this storage method after picking it up, so I want to buy it when the current storage method is not enough.

on the back

1) Stretch all joints on a soft material pad, such as a low-resilience memory foam pad.
2) Pay attention to the bending of the finger joints.
3) If you lie on a hard floor and store it as is, it will be loaded and her hips will deform.
4) Note that there is no load, store it after correcting the body of the real doll.
5) As a bleeding measure, wrapping with vinyl paper while lying on the back is also recommended.

Independent Storage

1) When you pick up a free-standing Cheap Realistic Sex Dolls, there is a bolt on the sole that acts as a fulcrum.
2) If you are concerned about the scar on the floor or the color of the carpet, put it under the feet of the packing material in the box at the time of pickup, the silicone insole, the cushion laid on the sole, the white vinyl slippers if you have the preparation, independent Storage is smooth.
3) As a countermeasure to prevent wall seepage, we recommend that you put the packing material and low-rebound pad in the box when you pick it up at the hip.
4) Please be aware that if your independence is unstable, the live-action figure may tip over and be damaged or cause injury.
5) Not recommended for self-supporting because of the risk of tearing.

sit and hold

1) Sitting for a long time seems to put a heavy burden on the hips, thighs, buttocks and knees, and it is said that the limit of sitting and storage is 1 to 2 days.
2) When sitting down, put the packing material in the box when picking it up, put it on the hips and back, and sit down in a reclining position to lighten the load.
3) Also pay attention to the color of the chairs and sofas.

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