I do not need to have in a discussion about Dragon skirts being anything or cheaper. from Dingbest's blog

I am becoming a part SOMETIME... ideally... so I need a good outfit. Having a budget of OSRS gold below 2m gp. Combat stats would be: Strike: 63. Power: 65. Defense: 60. Magic: 58. Ranged: 55? I was thinking: Helm: Nezzy Rune Full Helm. Body: Torso Rune Plate. Legs: Dragon Platelegs. Weapon: Dragon Scim Dragon Long Rune Scim. Shield: Rune Defender Rune Kite.

I do not need to have in a discussion about Dragon skirts being anything or cheaper. . Additionally, the things I start with will be like this: New thing that I will acquire Old thing I know the nezzy asks a quest.

Hi all! I have been toying with the thought to have a shot in the quest"Lunar Diplomacy". After realizing this gives the opportunity of great Runecrafting xp (crafting astrals) I decided I need to do it. I have the majority of the skill requirements: 5 herblore (have 9). 40 defense (have 60). 55 Woodcuting (have 55). 49 Firemaking (have 49). As you could probably tell, the bottom three ability need improvement. For magic I've been teleporting into Camelot. . I have been crafting bow series for crafting and I'm thinking about power-mining either iron or coal. My question is: Is this the quickest way to find these levels? Also, can a level 78 do that quest? Thank you!

I was now training at green dragons and I died to a berserker ghost type thing. Luckily my friend was there to maintain my grave living so I could get to all of my stuff cept my FIGHTER TORSO THAT I WORKED 12 HOURS STRAIT FOR AND I LOST IT THE DAY I GOT IT!

So anyhow, I had been making decent gain at the time since I was purchasing and selling my glory ammy every four trips because I didn't do the Hero's quest yet, and I was buying the lobbies, so every three to four trips I was making 100k gain which isn't all that bad right? How do I prevent myself from dying out of a ghost? My combat level is 86, and my stats are in my sig. PS: From now on when I train there, I will use this set.

Alright,you'll think I am idiotic aftear studying this,however we. Alright,so yesterdayI had been playing FunOrb,also got DCed.No prob,right? So I re-Log in,also it states I'm already LOGGED IN! The match thought I was still playing,but I was DCed! (Dis-Connected) So I got a bit freaked out,and thought someone hacked me. XD) And I change my password,but because I have not needed to in awhile,I thought that they removed the Plain-and-simple alter your password ,so I did it the hard way,put in my recoveries,BUT FORGOT TO cheap RuneScape gold WRITE MY NEW PASSWORD DOWN! AAARGH!

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