It does? Not to come off as rude but do you have a source? from Weiweismart's blog

If they're not going to provide us more slopes, then I wish they'd at least let's place ladders up against the Animal Crossing Items side of cliffs so we can climb them without having to carry one around.

Yeah some people really liked how it was glitched so it may be neat if they inserted a new rug/floor that did similar things with reflecting the wall at the future but it kinda sucked for those that actually wanted to utilize that rug as normal.

They should at least make it so that if you speak to two villagers of the same character type at a row they won't give you the exact same piece of conversation since the prior vlager did.

It is crazy how little dialogue is in this game in comparison to every one of the past games. Like, it feels as though the objective was to patch in dialogue post-launch, but just forgot about it.

I think you just don't see it as much because they prioritise making your villagers discuss everything you have been around, like burying bells or digging up fossils.

It does? Not to come off as rude but do you have a source? The dialogue really feels more stale compared to NL and I've played more than NH.

And to add on to this, they get all Mean Girls on you, if you talk to them a lot of. Like, I really don't play to get my feelings hurt, so I try not to talk to my villagers more than 1-2 times a day. _.

I love when people complain that the dialogue is repetitive and someone always needs to come out of the woodwork to say"do not worry I read online from some random person This game really has the buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Nook Miles Ticket most dialogue ever" like that's supposed to be helpful lol

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The Wall

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