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The expectation was that it would come with an exclusive currency, premium cosmetics, as well as an event pass, and it does all of that plus more D2R Items. The only thing that was not clear and also what Blizzard did not disclose the significant part money plays when it is used to advance your character's final game and the advantages having it gives you over the other players.

The core of the problem is Legendary Crests and Legendary Gems. There is a reason that Legendary Gems are not all made equal. Some are extremely valuable and rare. The 5-Star Legendary Gems are far superior to 1or 2 Star Legendary Gems that provide greater effects, but they also have higher stats in the form of greater Resonance, an attribute that increases the durability and value of the items.

As an player, you'd like to have to have as many of these powerful gems, as well as the most Resonance is possible. Also, you want to upgrade them as often as you can to increase their strength. Gems are upgraded through salvaging undesirable Legendary Gems, and higher levels of gems do not just require the scraps left over from unwanted gems, but also require a plethora of gems of the identical kind for them to upgrade.

The problem is that getting the highly sought-after and potent gems is only available via Legendary Crests. They are a high-end product that is available with real money and are backed by a guarantee that the Legendary Gem of some kind will be found together with the game's Elder Rifts. Legendary Crests also come with the chance of a tiny 5% chance to drop five stars of a Legendary Gem.

If you're a free-to-play gamer, or one who purchases the battle pass and a couple of one-time bundles, you'll have just a handful of Legendary Crests when you've reached the final game Diablo 2 Resurrected buy items. To get more it is necessary to invest more money. In contrast, players who are free to play are limited to Rare Crests, which don't offer any chance of winning a Legendary Gem with a 5-Star rating.

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