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when will I meet my soulmate -couple from back

Your soulmate is someone you feel a strong connection with. You get each other and seem to go together like no other. Your soulmate isn’t always romantic – it can also be a strong friendship.


Your Soulmate Does NOT Complete You

I’m not a fan of the idea that your soulmate completes you. You need to be complete and whole all on your own. Otherwise you are looking at a co-dependent relationship where you are too enmeshed in each other’s lives.


Support is one thing, but doing everything for the other person is not possible or healthy.


Your soulmate will help you learn life lessons, support your personal and spiritual growth and encourage you when you need it most. You can grow together, but also as individuals.


You feel stronger together but this is not based on neediness.



When Will I Meet My Soulmate?

Okay, determining the timing can be a little tough. Who can say for sure when you will meet that special guy? But here’s the thing, instead of worrying about the “when”, focus your energy on being READY!


Live your best life now and enjoy what you have. Acknowledge what is going well and feel plenty of gratitude about what is good today. Smile often and share your joy with others. Be loving to attract the kind of soulmate love you want.

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By Emzyfordz
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