Power and hitpoints should add up to 120. from Dingbest's blog

If I were you, I would take those 28 million and invest in the economy if you understand how, or simply to seriously work on your heart combat stats and focus on killing things for loot. The downside there is... the highest reward drops generally requires stats way above yours, which means you would need to seriously work on OSRS gold battle for some time.

What's the deal? When you wield your preyer publication, insted of ordinary preyers, you will have preyers of the preyer book of your god. Holy Might:Increses your power by 20%. Lore of an archmage:Increses your magical damage by 20%. Robin Hood preyer:Increses your ranged by 20%. Safeguard more items:Keeps two extra items when you die. Enchante pickaxe:Increses possibility of growing ore by 25%. Master cook Preyer:Decreses chance of burning by 25%. Burn of nature:Increses your rate of making a fire by 25%. Enchante axe:Increses chances of getting logs by 25%. Confuse fish:Increses chances of getting fish by 25 percent. Unholy Might:Increses your power by 25%. Dragon Skin:Increses defense by 25%. Lore of the Spells:Increses magic by 25%. Preyer of the arrows:Increses ranged from 25%. Protect even more items:Keeps three additional items when you die. Guthix:Mining, Cooking, Firemaking, Woodcutting and fishing all include up to 200. Zammrok:Strike, Power and hitpoints should add up to 120.

OK everyone knows that the black market trade of gold and also the indrect problems it cause (autoers) is a main concern for Jagex and a difficulty they have been fighting for ages having very limited success. Now my proposal isn't really new, but it is slightly modified to reduce the negative results of it's implementation, but it centers around the concept that Jagex should sell gold to sabotage the black market gold sector to create it so there is reduced profits for gold sellers reducing their incentive to sell Runescape gold and therefore decreasing their desire to utilize autoers and cut back the game play for other players.

I believe if Jagex marketed Runescape gold they couldn't only earn more money and in turn reinvest it into the game but they would obviously be servicing a growing proportion of the Runescape community that's ready to buy gold. Though in selling gold I'd love to think that Jagex may be able to specify a limit to the total amount of Old School RS Gold gold an individual participant could buy in any given month, not to just lose their own liability but also to promote match play as the most important source of revenue, and of course preventing playing bankrolling aspects of the game.

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