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Why is it when we click a financial institution booth, the DEFAULT activity is'talk'? When was the last time you ever wished to TALK to a bank teller in this match??? Why shouldn't the DEFAULT action be'bank'? Isn't that what everyone really wants to do 99.999percent of the RuneScape gold time, anyhow? When talking to the Apothecary mechanically make us lots of strength potions as you have the materials for at once instead of 13/14 conversations.

When putting items to a Compost Bin, place all the one's as many as possible that are in your inventory at once. Make a bit of equipment that makes pickpocket the default option on NPCs. Add a teleport to Oo'glog. Add a Randomize button for new players on the personality appearance selection screen. Add Fist of Guthix into the Ring of Dueling. Let's MORE House Portals from Ancients and Lunar spellbooks, although I really do believe a quests to your Lunar one's will balance it out should you finished us needing the Seal of Diplomacy.

The Mosquitos on Mos Le'Harmless do not drop Probiscis. WTF? They are mosquitos as well, even if they drop less of these, it would make sense. Add a right click"Charm" NPC when sporting a Ring of Charos. It's a Farming Shed, I'd think a remedy for those plants I FARM might be there...

The guy in Falador Castle who allows you Buy 2007 runescape gold to modify your own Family Crest and buy portraits, maps and landscapes requires two choices (other than"speak to"):"Change Family Crest" and"Trade."

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By Kingang
Added May 7


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