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The new boat is like a katameran (2 hulled) and you get to the mysterious gliders. You should have range or mage equip as you are assaulted by 5 level 108 Monkey gliders! You must kill them all before they ruin the boat but RuneScape gold they can only be attacked the stove or mage! Sadly the boat is trapped in the center of the sea, so Tegim decides to use the gnome tracker apparatus. This begins a brief minigame where you must keep the lever at the green for 1minute by holding your home to allow it to go up and letting head to make it move down, the green area will go about using all the differenet frequencies.

Once the signal has been broadcast you're picked up by the gnome 12th as well as the newest 14th fleet, battle copters! You get returned into tree gnome village. After teleporting back to frighten the king you may find him instructing an attack on the icebergs to the north after which Archeron. (The lands to the north, also the penguins"Motherland") Murphy agrees to come with you and visit this website but asks you to find an expert.

Head to Larry the zookeeper and inform him of your next attack contrary to the penguins. He will hastily inform you of the violence occuring between the monkey and penguin cages together with ice and stones being thrown at each other. Turn into a monkey and place in your amulet and ask the monkey what's going on. He will say that the penguins declared war on the monkeys and have decided to conquer the entire world. The monkeys say the penguins cannot be allowed to rule the world since the only ice cream flavour would be fish!

Put in your penguin suit and speak to the penguins and ask what's wrong. They will state that the monkeys are trying to take around the world and Old school rs gold will ruin the Earth, also the only fast food would be everything but fish and chips! Return to Larry and tell him the news....

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By Kingang
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