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In college I hooked up with girls, as did many other young women at my college. One of my first experiences was with an older girl, let’s call her Elise, who I thought was so incredibly beautiful and awesome. She seduced me quickly and before I knew it, I was driving her car around and sleeping in her room almost every night. I felt that we were serious and she led on the image that we were serious too.

One night I came to her room on a week night after being awake late studying with friends. I climbed in bed and laid there, wide awake and unable to sleep from caffeine. Just as I was drifting off, I heard someone open her door and looked up from bed to see who was coming into the room. It was really dark and perhaps I had my suspicions about what this late night visit (no knock or anything) might indicate, so I said nothing and laid still. After crossing the room quietly, a person reached out her hand to the bed as if she was going to climb in. “Um HELLO,” I said sitting up, instantly realizing by her outline and stammering voice that it was a class mate of Elise, let’s call her “messy ponytail girl”. “Oh. Um. Hey”, messy ponytail girl stammered, “…I came to ask you about our media studies project…” trailing off. Blatant total lie. Elise replied with some equally shoddy and unbelievable retort and messy ponytail girl exited the room. I laid there for a second fuming and then said “What the FUCK was that? Why the fuck would she come to your room and come over to the bed like she was going to CLIMB in it with you??” Elise replied that absolutely nothing was going on and that I was being paranoid. I swallowed my discontent and went to sleep.

Sure enough it was only a matter of days before it came out that Elise and messy ponytail girl had been seeing each other on the sly and quickly becoming an item. Elise and I ended things (I was completely disgusted) and she and messy ponytail girl went on to date for two years. To this day I consider Elise a complete liar for her dishonesty and actions.

Sometimes it takes a late night intruder to make one’s true colors come out.

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