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While fans assist the following big announcement from Blizzard concerning WoW TBC Phase 2, there has been growing speculation regarding other areas of the Classic experience.
Having proven so popular when it arrived in 2019, most WoW Classic realms have moved over to The Burning Crusade.
And with Phase 2 of the WoW Classic TBC expected to arrive soon, it's hard to work out lots of players returning to the bottom experience.
That was until Blizzard launched a replacement public test realm of World of Warcraft Classic, featuring TBC Classic Gold Phase One raid content.
This doesn't mean that the planet of Warcraft Classic team are looking to launch new servers that might allow fans to start again in Azeroth.
But supported fan reaction, there's an honest chance that something like this is able to be well-received.
Discussing the new online, fans have shared their own reactions, with one positively posting:
"I played OG vanilla, vanilla private servers, and classic when it came out. While I'm enjoying TBC as it's my favourite expansion, i'd certainly play fresh if it came out while I'm raid logged in TBC.
"Something about vanilla WoW that may never get old. you'll be able to Buy TBC Gold try something new every go around. Next time, I'm visiting the opposite faction to play a category I've never played before.
Another added: "It's hard to explain; it's not for everybody but I'll try and explain my POV. New server, new faction, class all of it combines to meeting new people/friends, memes created.
"A lot of this gets lost towards the tip of the sport. for instance, right away trying to leap into classic would be difficult for many. Lack of groups to level with, server pop, everything is already defeated on the server so lack of pleasure is gone."
There is no guarantee that something like this may happen but with surveys reportedly sent out containing questions regarding fresh servers, there's always an opportunity of something big being announced within the future.
Not much has changed when it involves getting closer to a WoW TBC Phase 2 release date, although some recent changes are made to the PTR build.

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Burning Crusade Classic players will soon have new content to dive into, while those anticipating news about fresh WoW Classic servers will need to wait a touch longer.

World of Warcraft Classic appears like it'll be getting fresh servers, Blizzard has teased during a new development update, which also confirms when the following phase of content will release for Burning Crusade Classic.

Two new raids, Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep, also Buy TBC Gold as a brand new Arena season, are coming to Burning Crusade Classic starting on September 15. Unfortunately, when it involves new servers for WoW Classic, Blizzard didn't exactly provide many details other than teasing the concept was within the works.

Speculation about new servers for WoW Classic, where players would all start from scratch with brand-new characters, has run rampant following the recent arrival of a WoW Classic public test realm. Numerous questions about what new servers might seem like still remain, like what content would be initially available and whether or not Blizzard would be hospitable making additional changes that weren't present when WoW Classic launched in 2019.

Blizzard initially looked to form as few changes to WoW Classic as possible when it first released in a trial to mimic the game's original 2006 release. But over time Blizzard proved more willing to create WOW TBC Classic Gold changes supported player feedback, like adding a replacement item to assist address the game's world buff "meta," lengthening the duration for the limited-time Scourge invasion event, and more.

Fresh WoW Classic servers would come as Blizzard looks to handle a recent state of California lawsuit that alleges the corporate has long fostered a culture of discrimination and harassment towards women. Those allegations, and Blizzard's effort to rectify the case, have led to in-game changes just like the removal of references to a former WoW game director named within the lawsuit. The lawsuit has also led to the departure of diverse veteran developers from the corporate, including former Blizzard president J. Allen Brack, former Diablo IV director Luis Barriga, and former lead level designer Jesse McCree, after which Overwatch's iconic cowboy hero is called.

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The legendary World of Warcraft guild APES is quitting World of Warcraft raiding, with their leader Maitoz citing the actual fact that Classic WoW The Burning Crusade (TBC) is boring now, that he's exhausted on the sport after 15 years, which bots and boosters are ruining the in-game economy. they're the most recent WoW influencers to depart the sport in search of a stronger, fresher MMORPG experience.
APES became one in every of the most important names within the Classic WoW community by achieving the primary Ragnorak kill in Classic WoW in 2019. At the time they completed the kill, many players, even serious players, weren't anywhere near max level.
"This are going to be my last boss stream i assume," Maitoz, said on Wednesday as he wound down his final WoW stream. "I just wanted to mention, I quit. APES won't function as a guild anymore. that's the tip. Reasons? i've got been considering quitting for an extended time now. the sport just hasn't really been what I and most of my Burning Crusade Classic Gold guild are searching for."
Maitoz continued, "You keep playing out of a way of loyalty, friendship, but that only strikes you up to now. i've got been playing this game for 15 years now, so my entire adult life now, and enough is enough."
During his comments about quitting, Maitoz called Classic TBC boring and argued that Blizzard is mishandling the title, pointing to the big mass of people who are quitting the sport in recent months because the game has become overrun with bots which are having a negative impact on player experience and also the macroeconomy overall.
"In hindsight, I should have quit in Classic," he said. "Classic started dying after Blackwing Lair...it become this money factory for boosters...and this entire bot meta too. there's no real PvP anymore, the magic of WoW reasonably died, it became industrialized at a foul scale."
Maitoz said that he will still stream, but that he won't be playing World of Warcraft anymore.
APES joins other influencers like Esfand and Asmogold in their departure from the WoW ecosystem. Asmongold and Esfand have both been exploring other MMORPGs like Final Fantasy 14, a game that has exploded in popularity as interest in WoW has declined over the past several months within the wake of both the TBC Classic Gold botting issues and also the gender discrimination lawsuit against Activision Blizzard that has prompted many to hunt new games.

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Those beautiful zones found in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic are all memorable and recognizable in their own ways. After being a part of the globe of Warcraft universe for 14 years since their original release in 2007, these zones have made their ways into the hearts of each WoW player, since nearly everyone to play the sport has encountered a minimum of one in all these zones in some regard.

For the re-release of The Burning Crusade, Blizzard didn't change one aspect of the initial zones from their original states. Dating back to 2007, each of the zones in TBC Classic are all unique in their own ways. From the scarred wasteland of Hellfire Peninsula to the luxurious meadows of Nagrand, each zone in TBC Classic leaves a sway in a way. Today i would like to Buy WOW TBC Classic Gold introduce two area that impressed me.

Blade's Edge Mountains
Upon first seeing the countless dragon heads impaled upon the spires of the Blade's Edge Mountains, there's nothing particularly exciting about the zone altogether. The region's questline during its leveling phase leaves plenty to be desired in terms of its content, and once you come back to Blade's Edge for its endgame experience, there's not much to be thrilled about. The zone's lone raid, Gruul's Lair, contains just two relatively trivial bosses, and with no dungeons available to play through within the zone, there's not much a reason to ever return once you complete its sparse few quests.

For an endgame zone, Netherstorm is incredibly barren with reference to content. but the standard standard quests you will find in almost every WoW zone, there's not much intrigue to Netherstorm that creates it worth coming to. If anything, Netherstorm is saved by the actual fact that it's home to the Tempest Keep raid and its surrounding dungeons. All of the instanced content which will be found within the zone is top-tier, but it isn't enough to push the general experience of Netherstorm over the highest.

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Fans of World of Warcraft are ready for the arrival of the second season, although World of Warcraft TBC Classic's first season of PvP arenas has just begun not long ago.

In fact, in the original version of World of Warcraft TBC, the first Arena season lasted about 20 weeks. If nothing else, the Arena season in TBC Classic will follow a similar schedule. The content of the second season may be released at the same time as the Black Temple raid, which is the third phase of the game content in the future.

But the chief producer of WOW TBC Classic Buy TBC Classic Gold said that the second season of the arena may come earlier than most players imagine. He said in an interview with the WOW PvP anchor that it was during The Burning Crusade Classic Arena Tournament. This means that players may not need to start the second season after the opening of the Black Temple, but can enter at some time during the second phase.

Although PTR is currently testing some updates to the game's PvP system, two new raids, Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep, are about to be added to the game in the second phase.

Because the equipment players can obtain from these raids is much stronger than Gruul's Lair, Magtheridon's Lair, and Karazhan, Blizzard also released these raids in stages in TBC Classic. Although they can open this content to players when TBC Classic is first released.

On the other hand, the development team will increase the number of arena points players earn during the rest of the first season, because the early end of the first season may cause some players to fail to redeem the items they want in time. Not only that, in order to reduce the difficulty for players to redeem PvP items, they will further reduce the WOW TBC Classic Gold cost of reward redemption before the start of the second season.

Judging from the current PTR testing situation, we will probably usher in the second season of the arena and the release of the second phase content in a month, and the waiting time is unlikely to exceed 6 weeks. With this in mind, you should now prepare for a new raid. And MMOWTS is ready to serve players. Now visit MMOWTS, you will be able to purchase a large amount of TBC Classic Gold at a low price to use when you need to buy expensive items. If you want to enjoy more discounts, you can choose to become a registered member. As your consumption continues to increase, your VIP level will also continue to increase and get a discount of up to 5%.

WOW Classic: TBC Phase 2 is being planned, and a major update to World of Warcraft is expected to land on the Burning Crusade this week.

Blizzard is planning to prepare more content for the Burning Crusade Classic, because the expansion has proven to be very popular with World of Warcraft classic players. WoW Classic TBC will not directly provide all the content included in the original extension in 2021, but will be released in multiple stages.

Currently, Blizzard has not revealed when the return content will be released, but we can feel that the new TBC Classic content is getting closer and closer to us. In other words, players will be able to Buy TBC Classic Gold access challenging new raids such as The Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep in the near future.

August is a good time for the release of the second phase of WOW TBC Classic. Prior to this, Blizzard had been testing the update on the PTR for a period of time.

When is the release date for Phase 2 of the Burning Crusade?
Blizzard has not yet confirmed the full release date of the World of Warcraft Classic TBC: Phase 2, but based on previous releases, the next phase of "Burning Crusade" may be available to players within a few days.

This is still a prediction, which means that the way Blizzard decides how to release the next big patch may be delayed or changed. As there is no latest news on this topic, gamers may have to wait until the end of this month.

If there are any plans this week, Blizzard will share an official update before everything starts, possibly on August 16.

The official name of the new update will be Outland Overlord, which may require some kind of maintenance period. When the maintenance time passes, those experienced and skilled players can challenge two new raids with their teammates. Of course, if you lack the time to hone your skills in WoW TBC Classic, it is also a feasible way to use better equipment to gain some advantages. The premise is that you have enough WOW TBC Classic Gold. Of course, it does not matter if you lack gold, because you can buy cheap and safe WOW TBC Classic Gold at MMOWTS.

What is the best pet for hunters in TBC Classic? In order to prevent hunters from receiving too much damage in battle, hunters try to use pets as tanks when fighting alone or in small groups. Therefore, you'd better choose the most suitable WOW TBC Classic Gold pet based on this article, because a good pet is very important to hunters!

So what is the best hunter pet for leveling, raiding and arena players?

Wind Serpents is the best choice for leveling pets
Compared with several other options, Wind Serpents is definitely your best choice for leveling. The Wind Serpent family can conduct long-range attacks, which allows them to enter the battle earlier than their competitors. I recommend that you feed your Wind Serpents more bread, cheese, and fish, so that they can be full and happy, which greatly increases its damage. Wind Serpents can cause magic damage, has a 7% damage gain, and two damage abilities. If you want Wind Serpents to obtain a special ability called Lightning Breath, you'd better go to Stranglethorn Vale to find a team to run Zul’Gurub raid. Not only that, you can also buy some WOW Classic TBC Gold in MMOWTS, and then buy any pet you want most.
Offensive Abilities: Bite
Utility Abilities: Dive, Cower, Growl
Special Abilities: Lightning Breath
Passive Abilities: Arcane Resistance, Fire Resistance, Frost Resistance, Great Stamina, Natural Armor, Nature Resistance, Shadow Resistance

Ravager is the first choice for raid players
Ravager is the best pet for raid content, and you won’t find any pets to compare with it. The powerful damage ability of pets is an important factor that players need to consider, so most players choose Ravager because it has the best performance in this area. We all know that the two best damage handling abilities of pets are Gore and Bite, both of which can be learned. It’s worth noting that in order to maximize Gore’s uptime, you’d better use the new talent Go for the Throat to improve your Focus generation.
Ravager special ability: Ravage
Ferocity specialization abilities: Primal Rage and Predator’s Thirst

Scorpid is very helpful for arena players
Scorpid is a defensive pet, it can be said to be the top pet in the arena. Scorpid can use the "Scorpion Venom" skill to apply debuffs stacking up to 5 times on the enemy. This ability is very useful for hunters, because if the hunter applies the snake sting and lets Scorpid use this skill, the enemy can't dispel the snake sting. You'd better feed your Scorpid pets more meat, which can keep them happy and increase their damage.
Offensive Abilities: Claw
Utility Abilities: Cower, Growl
Special Abilities: Scorpid Poison
Passive Abilities: Arcane Resistance, Fire Resistance, Frost Resistance, Great Stamina, Natural Armor, Nature Resistance, Shadow Resistance

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