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Having a Love Doll you love is bliss, and careful care habits can extend the life of your Sex Doll. When maintaining, we should maintain and maintain according to the material of Sex Doll. Taking care of your Sex Doll is also good for your health, please take good care of her as you are.

clean your sex doll

Everyone who buys a sex doll has a different reason. Sex dolls are gorgeous, soft to the touch and sexy. These are the things many men look for in women. Lifelike Sex Dolls made of TPE are softer and more environmentally friendly, and the cost is relatively low. Clean your doll to keep it fresh, failure to clean can cause mold to form and damage your Love Doll, and your skin can get irritated when you touch her, especially in the private parts.

Take care of your sex dolls to prolong your life

Sex dolls made from TPE are not as heat-resistant as silicone sex dolls, so they are vulnerable to damage when exposed to high temperatures. The sex doll will start to become unsightly in the heat and even melt. Sex dolls can be expensive, but you don't want them to be wasted on you in minutes. The water temperature can be warm or cold, depending on whether you are cleaning the sex doll.

Do not wear colored or dyed clothes for sex dolls

TPE Sex Doll keeps humidity. When dyes and colors are present, they can cause damage. When loose-colored clothes stick to sex dolls, they can stain and leave a tint. If something goes wrong, you'll get a cleansing cream to get it back on track.

Keep the Sex Doll ventilated

Since the TPE Sex Doll is porous and retains moisture, she must be in all open areas for her to dry while cleaning or bathing. If you don't use her, keep her open. You want to show by keeping her open every time, not just the vagina. It's best to contact your manufacturer and ask about the best way to keep your vagina ventilated.

Use qualified cleaning agents

If you don't know what kind of cleanser should be used to clean Sex Doll, please consult the seller first, the seller will recommend the corresponding cleanser according to your Sex Doll, please do not use the cleanser arbitrarily, otherwise, it may damage the skin of Sex Doll.

LovedollShops does a great job of making sex dolls out of sturdy and durable materials. Not only do we have Realistic Sex Dolls For Sale, but we also provide sex doll users with safe care guides to help you learn about Sex Dolls care, keep her in good shape, and work with you to extend her life.

If you are also a sex doll owner and need a variety of sex dolls, LovedollShops can build a lasting relationship with you, where you can get real doll adults for your fantasies and sexual pleasure.

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