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Brass is a copper-based metal alloy used in electrical, plumbing, and medical applications. CNC machining is an excellent option for manufacturing parts using this alloy because of its excellent mechanical properties, such as its low friction point and resistance to corrosion.

Due to its high feed rate, good ductility, flexibility, and high machinability, brass is one of the easiest materials to machine. Brass components of high quality are produced through CNC machining with extreme precision and an appealing surface finish. It makes it easier to make things like gears, pipes, light fixtures, flare fittings, and pipes.

Brass's high content of lead and copper improves its machinability, making it simple to fabricate with the CNC brass machine. It also has a low coefficient of friction, a high resistance to wear and corrosion, ductility, and malleability, among other good mechanical properties.

Here are other attributes of brass that make it suitable for CNC machining;

Electrical and Thermal Conductivity

Conductivity for Electricity and Heat Brass is a good heat and electricity conductor. The primary cause of this property is that it contains copper in its composition. EDM is a CNC brass machining process that is ideal for machining these brass alloys because of their electrical and thermal conductivity.

Resistance to Corrosion

Another property that makes brass a good choice for CNC machining is its resistance to corrosion. The amount of iron and aluminum in a brass alloy determines how much corrosion it can withstand. The more aluminum there is, the better it is at resisting corrosion. On the other hand, the alloy's resistance to corrosion decreases proportionally to its iron content.


Brass is extremely malleable, which refers to the ease with which machinists can shape it into a variety of shapes. This alloy's good malleability makes it ideal for brass CNC machining, which produces custom brass parts.

Strength and Hardness

Brass doesn't get much attention for its strength and hardness because it's easy to machine and has low friction. Despite the fact that it lacks the strength of free-machining steels, this copper alloy is quite durable and requires carbide-cutting tools for optimal fabrication.

Highly Machinable

Brass has a high degree of machinability, which is one of its main characteristics. The lead component in it is what gives it its machinability. This alloy's lead component makes it flexible and ductile, making its fabrication simpler for anyone with any level of experience.


Several properties make brass ideal for CNC machining, including corrosion resistance, high machinability, higher conductivity, and aesthetic appeal.Are you looking for a trusted company to machine brass parts? Contact Asianstar, where professionalism, fast lead time, and quality are guaranteed.

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