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High runes are the most valuable runes in Diablo 2 Resurrected, usually referring to the runes from Mal to Zod. Where to farm high runes in D2R and how to farm them easily? Other than common areas, in this article, we’ll bring you more best places to farm Diablo 2 Resurrected high runes and what factors affect the drop rate.

Diablo 2 Runes

A Rune is a type of item introduced in the Lord of Destruction expansion. Runes can be inserted into socketed items to add various modifiers to these items. The specific modifiers added by a given Rune depend on both the type of Rune used and the type of item in which it is inserted (weapon, shield, body armor, or helm). Whereas Runes that have been inserted into an item cannot be recovered, they can be destroyed to free up any busy sockets.

Runes are most notable for their ability to create powerful Rune Words when inserted into the right type of item and in the right order, among other conditions. They are also used in several Horadric Cube transmutations, including crafting and upgrading.

D2 Resurrected High Runes Loactions

Arcane Sanctuary

This is a very good farming location due to ghosts. In Diablo II, ghosts have a smaller, limited drop pool compared to other enemies. Which means that your chances of them dropping a High Rune are higher. It’s important to note that you need to kill them while they are standing on the path (space area) otherwise they will not drop any items at all. There is also a super chest at the end of each platform and you can run into the Summoner, which has a fair chance of dropping a High Rune.

Lower Cross

This is probably the most farmed location for players playing through a single player campaign. There are a ton of poppables and if you are playing with 8 players the drop chance is so much higher. Also, be on the lookout for campfires. There is a tavern nearby that always spawns 2 super chests. The game can sometimes spawn up to 2 campfires, meaning you can potentially earn up to 6 super chests.

Tal Rasha Tombs

I highly recommend coming here with a few extra players as the enemies’ spawn with a ton of different immunities and it might be troublesome for a lot of players to handle by themselves. This is a top pick for players because there is a ton of enemies that spawn here. And remember, there more enemies you kill, the higher your chances of dropping a High Rune. Another reason players like to come here is that when you are done farming an area you can simply teleport over to the other tomb to continue your farming session.

Lower Kurast

Act IIIThis is probably one of the best places to find High Runes. It’s easy to farm and there a ton of super chests which have a very high chance of dropping High runes and other valuable items. You can find theses super chests in a hut next to a circle of torches. Each hut contains 2 super chests to the left and one to the right side, above the torches.

The Countess

The Countess on Hell difficulty can be found in the Forgotten Tower. The Countess is probably the most popular farming location as she always drops at least one rune, which increases your chances of finding a High Rune. Keep in mind that she cannot drop all runes, which is why this location isn’t favored by all.

Secret Cow Level

This is possibly my favorite location. Not only because of the drop chance of items being so high, but because ever since I discovered this “secret” location, I was always hooked on it. I loved that Blizzard added this little gem. Secret Cow level is a great place to farm because there is a ton of enemies which keep respawning – provided you don’t kill the Cow King and none of the enemies have any immunities, making this level so easy to farm for High Runes.

I hope this guide has helped you in some way. If you are a casual player then you might not focus on High Runes as much as other players, but, Runes, High Runes and especially Runewords are very powerful and can really change the way your character performs. If you get tired of farming for High Runes, don’t worry! We got you covered! Come to https://www.itemd2r.com/d2r-ladder-items.html , you can buy D2R Items and gold right away.


Welcome to our D2R Mercenary Breakpoints Guide! We're here to help you optimize your companions' performance in the world of Sanctuary. Let's get started!

  • FPA: Frames per Animation
  • IAS: Increased Attack Speed
  • FHR: Faster Hit Recovery
  • FCR: Faster Cast Rate
  • %DR: Percentage Damage Reduced
  • LS%: Life Steal Percentage
  • CtC: Chance to Cast
  • CB: Crushing Blow
  • DS: Deadly Strike
  • WSM: Weapon Speed Modifier
  • CS: Colossus Sword
  • CB: Colossus Blade
Act I: Rogue Scouts The Faith Mercenary

Rogue Type: Normal Cold Arrow

Ideal Gear:

  • Helmet: Delirium, Andariel's Visage, Giant Skull
  • Armor: Treachery, Fortitude
  • Weapon: Faith Great Bow

To maximize this mercenary's survivability, pair Treachery and Andariel's Visage for the fastest IAS breakpoint and life steal percentage. An ideal equipment requires you to constantly explore and obtain D2 Resurrected Items or D2R Runes, investing time and effort into managing your character.

For IAS breakpoints for a level 15 Fanaticism Great Bow:

  • 0% IAS = 2.08 Attacks/sec.
  • 8% IAS = 2.27 Attacks/sec.
  • 30% IAS = 2.5 Attacks/sec.
The Ice Mercenary

Rogue Type: Normal Cold Arrow

Ideal Gear:

  • Helmet: Delirium, Andariel's Visage, Giant Skull, Nightwing's Veil
  • Armor: Treachery, Fortitude
  • Weapon: Ice Great Bow

Great for PvM, this versatile merc can be customized as per your needs. Check the IAS tables for possible combinations.

Act II: Desert Mercenaries The Insight Mercenary

Recommended Types: Nm Defensive (Holy Freeze), Nm Offensive (Might), Hell Combat (Prayer)

Ideal Gear:

  • Helmet: Andariel's Visage, Vampire Gaze, Guillaumes Winged Helm, Crown of Ages
  • Armor: Treachery, Fortitude, Chains of Honor
  • Weapon: Eth Insight Thresher

The Jab IAS breakpoints with a Thresher are:

  • 0% IAS = 3.33 Attacks/sec.
  • 8% IAS = 3.57 Attacks/sec.
  • 22% IAS = 3.84 Attacks/sec.
  • 42% IAS = 4.16 Attacks/sec.
  • 75% IAS = 4.54 Attacks/sec.
  • 142% IAS = 5 Attacks/sec.
The Infinity Mercenary

Recommended Types: Nm Defensive (Holy Freeze), Nm Offensive (Might), Hell Combat (Prayer)

Ideal Gear:

  • Helmet: Andariel's Visage, Vampire Gaze
  • Armor: Treachery, Fortitude
  • Weapon: Eth Infinity Thresher
Act III: Ironwolves The Lawbringer/Azurewrath Mercenary

Recommended Type: Normal Cold

Ideal Gear:

  • Helmet: Kiras
  • Armor: Guardian Angel, Shaftstop
  • Shield: Stormshield, Phoenix Monarch
  • Weapon: Lawbringer, Azurewrath

Ironwolves cannot block, regardless of the shield they equip.

Act V: Barbarians The Barbarian

Ideal Gear:

  • Helmet: Guillaumes Winged Helm, Andariel's Visage, Vampire Gaze, Arreat's Visage
  • Armor: Fortitude, Treachery
  • Weapon: EBotD CB, EDeath CS, Eth LW CB
The Beast/Zerk Barb Mercenary

Ideal Gear:

  • Helmet: Guillaumes Winged Helm, Andariel's Visage, Vampire Gaze, Arreat's Visage
  • Armor: Fortitude, Treachery
  • Weapon: Beast/Zerk

For a Beast Zerker Barb Mercenary, pay attention to these IAS breakpoints using a Zerker Axe:

  • 0% IAS = 2.2 Attacks/sec.
  • 9% IAS = 2.4 Attacks/sec.
  • 20% IAS = 2.6 Attacks/sec.
  • 37% IAS = 2.8 Attacks/sec.
  • 63% IAS = 3.1 Attacks/sec.
  • 105% IAS = 3.3 Attacks/sec.
The Grief/Zerk Barb Mercenary

Ideal Gear:

  • Helmet: Guillaumes Winged Helm, Andariel's Visage, Vampire Gaze, Arreat's Visage
  • Armor: Fortitude, Treachery
  • Weapon: Grief/Zerk

For a Grief Zerker Barb Mercenary, pay attention to these IAS breakpoints using a Zerker Axe:

  • 0% IAS = 2.2 Attacks/sec.
  • 9% IAS = 2.4 Attacks/sec.
  • 20% IAS = 2.6 Attacks/sec.
  • 37% IAS = 2.8 Attacks/sec.
  • 63% IAS = 3.1 Attacks/sec.
  • 105% IAS = 3.3 Attacks/sec.

Note: Some of these items may require high-end runes to make. Also, remember to repair your mercenaries' ethereal weapons often because they can still lose durability when used by mercenaries. To quickly obtain high-end runes, please go to rpgstash.com to Buy Diablo 2 Resurrected Runes. RPGStash provides players with sufficient Items. Whether you are a ladder player or a non-ladder player, RPGStash can meet your needs.

Remember that these builds are just guidelines, and the best build for your mercenary will often depend on your own build, play style, and the specific challenges you are facing. Mercenaries can provide a wide variety of useful abilities, so don't hesitate to experiment with different setups to see what works best for you!

Article From: A Comprehensive Mercenary Breakpoints Guide - D2R


Meteor Sorceress BiS Weapon

You possess a few standout choices here. Best has become the Heart of Oak, however, the Oculus as well as Tal Rasha's Swirling Crystal do see some play. Heart from the Oak is VERY picky about its base item. If you have any queries, check our guide through the link within the tooltip. The Oculus offers magic find, which is what makes it worth taking into consideration even if you possess the materials for any Heart from the Oak. It's also possible to obtain the four-piece bonus from the Tal Rasha's set, and the items are mainly farmable from Andariel. This is really a feat easily accomplished with a tenacious Meteor Sorceress and her mercenary. Players can buy diablo 4 items and d2r items from a trustworthy shop like MMOWTS to gain access to powerful new abilities and strategies.

Meteor Sorceress BiS Shield

There are lots of options here but clearly, the 4-socketed Monarch Shield using the Spirit Runeword has everything we want. High Defense, +Skills, FCR, and FHR, with a few good resists and damage absorbed. Splendor is really a workable alternative, plus some folks use Rhyme for that resist and Magic Find when they can't obtain the runes or even the desired base item for that BIS shield. One note: the Monarch Shield base item includes a strong dependence on 155. There's no lighter version of the shield which has four sockets, also it does slow you down. But, for that benefits from the Spirit shield, will still be worth it.

d2r ladder runes

Weapon Switch

Like many character classes and builds, the Meteor Sorceress can usually benefit from using a switch weapon. The Call to Arms is definitely popular for this function. It is utilized by switching weapons while using the 'w' key or whatever hotkey you place up for this while using Barbarian Shouts, after which switching back. The main stat about this weapon that you simply care about may be the Battle Command, which will give you increased abilities. The others are nice to possess, if your CTA rolls have less Battle Command, don't be concerned too much. All the increased levels do is result in the buff keeping going longer and avoiding wasting hassle. Unless you are already filled with BIS items, it's not a priority to max that.

You will even want another shield for that weapon switch, probably another Spirit runeword inside a Monarch Shield. It's true that carrying two shields will decrease your run speed. But, whenever you mostly circumvent by teleportation, this is really a minor issue at worst.

Meteor Sorceress BiS Body Armor

Chains of Honor has everything we would like here, even though it requires a Ber rune and could be tricky to find for that reason. Workable alternatives include Tal Rasha's Guardianship, particularly if you are going for that four-slot bonus of this set. Many people also recommend Enigma, while you don't need the teleport, because of its many other useful stats. Skullder's Ire and Skin from the Vipermagi get honorable mentions too, especially at the start of your career.

Meteor Sorceress BiS Helm

The Harlequin's Crest is definitely desirable, but one may even get by having a lucky roll on the rare circlet with +Skills along with other useful stats.


How to obtain rich fast in Diablo 4? The best thing is that exist both of them within the exact same place within 5 minutes. You can make 25000 gold and obtain one to two or maybe more legendaries every 5 minutes, meaning you're making thousands and thousands of gold and filling your inventory in storage with the legendaries your heart could desire.

Find Anica's Claim

The loop you will be doing is actually simple should you start off within the starting City of Kyovashad. You can go completely up to this specific area known as the Bear Tribe Refuge.

Then, go south, and you'll find this unique dungeon, Anica's Claim.

Farm in Anica's Claim

How to perfectly optimize Anica's Claim to help you keep farming incredibly fast?

It would help should you collect Animus from Animus carriers. Each of these Animus carriers is definitely an elite monster, meaning they're likely to be dropping legendaries and magic items. It will become your favorite zones to farm D4 items. And there is something that you need to bear in mind. That is to get all your items.

d2r items

Clearing through this zone is going to be much easier should you can find pylons. If you visit the left side, there is going to be a pylon about this side. But sometimes, you may have gotten unlucky as possible meeting blocking actions. So essentially, you may either run through the zone or get the pylons after which murder everything.

In Anica's Claim, you will get the Greed Shrine and all sorts of stuff whenever you make the rotative farming. Although getting legendaries is random, you've still got more chances to obtain and sell potentially good legendaries. Usually, you are going to fill up your inventory before getting to the end. You can usually acquire one or two legendaries.

What are you able to do whenever your inventory is full, however, you don't want to leave the dungeon. You can reset the dungeon, which is going to kick you out of trouble of the dungeon. You are likely to teleport to town and then sell all of your items. After selling, you'll run right to your portal. Get into it, and you will be right in front of the dungeon, where you'll run again.

One Tip: Extract Good Aspect by Occultist

If you need to make better utilization of all the legendaries that you are getting from Anica's Claim and do not need them for upgrades, what are you able to do rather than sell them? You can head over toward the Occultist. If you find a specific item that has a really good aspect that you need to save, you are able to extract that aspect and set it on another bit of armor, weapon, or amulet here.

You sell items to obtain more D4 gold or any other earning, but extracting the aspect provides you with a better use for all those legendaries. Players can buy diablo 4 items and d2r items from a trustworthy shop like MMOWTS to gain access to powerful new abilities and strategies.


Leaper Barbarian

The Leaper Barbarian is really a high mobility build that jumps inside a pack of monsters inflicting massive harm to a single target, the AoE damage is extremely subpar in the present state. The developers could give a new War Cry synergy to enhance the AoE harm to help w/ swarming enemies.

Leap Attack Synergies

Leap: +10% Damage per level

War Cry: +10% AoE Damage per level

Singer Barbarian

d2r items

The Singer Barbarian is really a fun build, however, the damage ultimately tops out a little lower than you might like, which makes it less than optimal. To improve War Cry, the developers could replace Battle Cry synergy w/ Grim Ward because it doesn't take advantage of lowering enemy defense, however, it does take advantage of reducing enemy physical resistance. As War Cry damage is insanely low and also the fact monsters can block you, the brand new Grim Ward synergy would help to make monsters more susceptible by making the skill unblockable. Lastly, adjust the other two synergies as follows.

War Cry Synergies

Howl: +10% Damage per level

Taunt: +10% Damage per level

Grim Ward: -5% Enemy Block Chance per level

Concentrate Barbarian

If you’re a Concentrate Barbarian, you’re likely to want to use Iron Skin to increase your defense. Therefore, it seems sensible to replace the Bash synergy w/ Iron Skin because it better complements the skill while adjusting another synergy as shown below...

Concentrate Synergies

Battle Orders: +15% Damage per level

Berserk: +3% Magic Damage per level

Iron Skin: +1% PDR per level

Frenzy Barbarian

With the high attack and movement speed of the Frenzy Barbarian, this character can easily dispatch his foes. The main disadvantage to this skill may be the sheer number of skill points required to increase frenzy damage, often requiring you to definitely sacrifice Battle Orders. To improve Frenzy, the developers should remove Taunt synergy and adjust other synergies as follows. Players can buy d2r items and diablo 4 items from a trustworthy shop like MMOWTS to gain access to powerful new abilities and strategies.

Frenzy Synergies

Double Swing: +15% Damage per level

Berserk: +3% Magic Damage per level

Increased Stamina: +0.4 Seconds per level


In Diablo 2 Resurrected, Fury Druid is a very powerful melee build that achieves some of the highest possible damage and health. You can buy cheap D2R Items to build fast. While the Fury Druid is a D-tier build, it takes on some of the toughest bosses in the game with its extremely fast attack speed and solid health pool. Moreover, it can be played in groups and solo play, which is great for Uber and key farming too. In this guide, we'll show you how to build make the best Fury Druid build in Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.5 Ladder Season 2.

Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.5 Fury Druid Strengths & Weaknesses

Before making the character build, let's take a look at the strengths and weaknesses of Fury Druid In Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.5.

D2R 2.5 Fury Druid Strengths

High mobility, high DPS build

Good (though limited) AoE

Good survivability with well-chosen gear

D2R 2.5 Fury Druid Weaknesses

Like all melee characters, gear-dependent (natively squishy)

Physical Immune enemies can pose issues

Shields of limited value due to Druid's slow block rate

Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.5 Fury Druid Skills

For Fury Druid build gear options, teal gear is the most important.

20 points to Werewolf

20 points to Lycanthropy

20 points to Fury

20 points to Oak Sage

1 point to Feral Rage

1 point to Summon Spirit Wolf

1 point to Summon Dire Wolf

1 point to Summon Grizzly

Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.5 Fury Druid Stats

Strength: Put enough points to wear your gear

Dexterity: Only enough to wear your gear

Vitality: Putting enough points to reach 1000 life

Energy: None

Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.5 Fury Druid Gears

Weapons: Beast

Shield: Stormshield

Helm: Jalal's Mane

Armor: Fortitude

Amulet: Atma's Scarab

Belt: String of Ears

Boots: Gore Rider

Gloves: Laying of Hands

Rings: Raven Frost

Charms: Annihilus, Hellfire Torch, Gheed's Fortune

Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.5 Fury Druid Mercenary

Weapon: Pride

Body Armor: Vampire's Gaze

Helm: Vampire's Gaze

I hope the above content will help you. Now Ladder 2 has entered the late stage of the game. If you haven't reached the ideal ranking, you can Buy Diablo 2 Resurrected Itemson MMOSO to help you upgrade quickly.

Throw Barb Introduction

The throw barbarian is a versatile build that has been made viable by recent patch changes, primarily around the ability to replenish the quantity of your item – meaning you never run out! This build is a physical damage dealer and played correctly can deal a huge amount of damage, both to single targets and groups.

The build goes against what you would normally expect from a barbarian in that you will be a ranged attacker, as opposed to the normal hack and slash barbarian. We use two main skills to deal damage from the Combat Skills tree – Frenzy and Double Throw, and supplement these with utility skills from the Combat Masteries and Warcries trees.

The playstyle is fast and frantic, but a lot of fun once you master it. The early game for a barbarian (particularly a throw barbarian) is sometimes slow and requires patience to gather the currency required to purchase your end D2R Items but once you’re up and running the barbarian is very rewarding.

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent boss farming with huge single target damage.
  • Find Item ability provides increased chances of finding rare items and runes.
  • Viable to kill ubers.
  • Viable in hardcore.


  • Slow early game and requires patience to reach end game build.
  • Kill speed begins to slow down in games with more than 3 players.
  • Requires melee attacks to trigger frenzy and reach maximum potential.
  • Requires stat reset between early and end game.
  • Slow boss killer

Skill Tree


  • Howl (1)
  • Find Potion (1)
  • Taunt (1)
  • Shout (1)
  • Find Item (10)
  • Battle Cry (1)
  • Battle Orders (20)
  • Battle Command (1)

Combat Masteries:

  • Throwing Mastery (20)
  • Increased Stamina (1)
  • Increased Speed (1)
  • Iron Skin (1)
  • Natural Resistance (5+)

Combat Skills:

  • Bash (1)
  • Double Swing (20)
  • Double Throw (20)
  • Frenzy (1)


I would not recommend trying to play a throw barbarian in the early game as it is a very slow journey to the end game. Instead, I would suggest utilising the Double Swing and Mace Mastery using 2 Flails – this will provide you with a reasonable level of damage to get you through Normal difficulty. Once you reach level 30 start using the Whirlwind ability and put points in with each level, this will be your main ability for the early game. There are a number of early Runewords that help the barbarian get through Normal, I like to make “Steel” (Tir El) as early as I can in a Flail (the runes can be farmed from Normal countess) and buy a 3 socketed Flail in Act 2 and socket it with some flawed gems to provide some elemental damage for my other weapon.

When you complete Hell difficulty and are ready to begin farming there are 2 builds that I consider most efficient – Whirlwind or Berserk. I prefer to use the Whirlwind ability as we have used the build to help us level and using the Berserk ability reduces your defence which can be dangerous when you are still using early game items. Berserk will be required for Physical Immune monsters.

Early Game

This section is intended to showcase an item build that is achievable after completing the game and you are ready to start farming. Some of the runes may require repeat farming of Normal and / or Nightmare Countess, however this is normally achieved within a short timeframe.

Helm: “Lore” Runeword (Ort Sol) / Peasant Crown

Amulet: Utility Amulet with life, resistances, magic find etc

Weapon: “Oath” Runeword (Shael Pul Mal Lum)

Note: “Oath” is expensive for an early game item, however by the time you finish the game you should have enough currency to purchase the required runes or you might get lucky with your Hellforge quest.

Armor: “Treachery” Runeword (Shael Thul Lem)

Shield: “Ancient’s Pledge” Runeword (Ral Ort Tal)

Gloves: Rare gloves with attack speed, life leech, stats

Rings: Ravenfrost / Utility ring

Ravenfrost provides the “Cannot be Frozen” mod which is fundamental for any physical damage dealer.

Belt: String of Ears

Boots: Faster Run Walk with Resistances

Inventory: Life / Resistance Charms or Magic / Gold Find Charms

Mercenary: Act 2 Desert Mercenary with “Might” Aura and “Insight” Runeword (Ral Tir Tal Sol) or “Obedience” Runeword (Hel Ko Thul Eth Fal)

The most popular farming spots for barbarians is The Pit in Act 1 and Travincal in Act 3. The significance of The Pit is that the champion and elite monsters in the area can drop every item in the game. The council members in Travincal are well known for dropping high runes and the barbarian can farm this area very effectively. To quickly collect the items needed for building, you can go to RPGStash to buy Cheap D2R Ladder Items. Of course, you can also buy d2r runes to quickly increase your strength, which will save you a lot of time and energy.

If you’re farming in The Pit you want to target the champion and elite packs of monsters, when we first begin farming it will be in solo games so the non-elite / champion monsters will not provide much loot. The Howl warcry will help us in this area – using this causes all non-elite / champion monsters to run in fear from us, leaving us to fight only the elite or champion monster. Once you find a pack, cast the Howl warcry 1-2 times and watch the surround monsters scatter – you can then concentrate your damage on the remaining elite or champion either with the Whirlwind or Berserk ability. Once you have killed the enemy, use your Find Item ability on the corpse for an extra chance at finding gear. From time to time, you may encounter monsters that are “Immune to Physical Damage”, you will need to use the Berserk ability on these (even if your main skill is Whirlwind) as it deals Magic damage

Travincal may be difficult immediately after finishing the game, unless you have managed to find plenty of charms with fire resistance. I would also recommend waiting until you have the “Oath” Runeword as your weapon and String of Ears as your belt before starting here. We won’t be teleporting at this stage, so a neat trick is to run from the waypoint straight into the Durance of Hate entrance and then straight back into Travincal – this ensures your mercenary is with you as you begin tackling the council members. If there are any other monsters around, cast the Howl warcry to get rid of them and then start concentrating your damage on the council members with either Whirlwind or Berserk. Once they are dead, don’t forget to use Find Item on their corpses. Travincal is also an excellent area to farm gold if you can find charms and items with”+% Extra Gold Find”, you can then use this gold to gamble items with vendors to generate currency. Popular items to gamble are rings, amulets and circlets / coronets.

End Game

The end game is where this build really starts to get fun, and we can respec into our throw barb build. The weapons are quite rare as we want them to be ethereal for extra damage, however you can buy non-ethereal versions of them cheaply until you find the ethereal version.

The combination of Warshrike and Razortail provides us with 83% Chance to Pierce which helps us take down large packs of monsters, particularly if you are able to line them up. Lacerator has a chance to cast Amplify Damage on striking which provides a huge damage boost once cast, and helps us kill monsters with Physical immunity. With 3 stacks of Frenzy and Fanaticism Aura from our mercenary we reach the highest attack speed breakpoint.

Helm: Arreat’s Face socketed with a +35+% Enhance Damage, 15% Increased Attack Speed Jewel

Amulet: Highlord’s Wrath

Weapon #1: Ethereal Lacerator Winged Axe

Weapon #2: Ethereal Warshrike Winged Knife

Weapon Swap: 2x “Heart of the Oak” (Ko Vex Pul Thul)

Armor: “Enigma” Runeword (Jah Ith Ber)

Gloves: Laying of Hands / Crafted “Blood” Gloves with Increased Attack Speed

Ring #1: Ravenfrost

Ring #2: Rare or Crafted Ring with Life Leech, Mana Leech, Attack Rating and Resistances.

Belt: Razortail Sharkskin Belt

Boots: Gore Rider War Boots

Inventory: 8x Grand Charms with +10 Max Damage / 60+ Attack Rating / 35+ Life

8x Small Charms with +3 Max Damage / 15+ Attack Rating / 15+ Life

Barbarian Hellfire Torch Large Charm

Annihilus Small Charm

Mercenary: Act 1 Rogue Mercenary “Faith” Runeword (Ohm Jah Lem Eld)


Strength: Enough to wear your gear

Dexterity: Enough to wear your gear

Vitality: As much as possible

Energy: None


This build is viable in Hardcore with no tweaks, however requires careful gameplay particularly when building up your Frenzy stacks (see gameplay section). You need to apply 2 – 3 melee attacks in your play build up and have little defence. Try not to get surrounded as this build can only deal damage in one direction and you will become overwhelmed if you do not position yourself correctly.


The first step in any barbarian gameplay is to apply your Battle Command, Battle Orders and Shout warcries – this provides is +1 to All Skills, a huge life and mana boost and a defence boost too.

To ensure we reach the highest attack speed breakpoint we need to use the “Frenzy” skill in our build up play. Frenzy is a melee attack skill that grants stacks, with each stack increasing our attack and movement speed – we should only need 1 stack; however I would recommend 2 – 3 for good measure.

Once we have the frenzy stacks we teleport to a safe distance away from the monster pack and use the Double Throw ability. You will notice very quickly that Amplify Damage gets cast on the monster pack from your Lacerator weapon and the extra damage as a result kills the monster pack very quickly. For maximum efficiency try to line up the packs in long and thin shapes, this ensures we make the most of our 83% chance to pierce and damages all the monsters lined up in a row.

We do not have any protection from our mercenary with this build as we have opted for the Act 1 Rogue, so be mindful of yours and hers positioning at all times to make sure you do not get surrounded and overwhelmed by monsters.

Diablo Clone / Ubers

Diablo Clone is very easy with this build, our single target damage is huge and Gore Rider boosts gives us a chance for crushing blow which decimates any uber. The gameplay is similar to normal, apply your warcries and build up your frenzy stacks (either on a nearby monster, or on Diablo clone himself), then teleport a small distance away and start throwing your weapons! He will fall quickly and you will have your new shiny Annihilus small charm.

Mini Ubers (Duriel, Lilith and Izual) are viable with this build if you ensure you clear the surrounding monsters in the room before tackling the bosses themselves. Follow the same process as described above for Diablo Clone, watch them fall and collect your organs.

Ubers themselves are very tricky and I wouldn’t recommend using this build to kill them, unless you want a challenge! The problem we encounter is each boss summons repeatedly summons monsters which can cause us problems with positioning and targeting the boss. My recommendation here would be to “pre-buff” Fade with “TreacheryD2R Runewords (you can do this by letting yourself get hit by weak monsters in Act 1, or standing in fire in Act 4) so that we get additional resistances and damage reduction, and also purchase a Demon Limb Tyrant Club and cast Enchant on yourself – this provides a damage and attack rating boost. You will want to take on the Uber bosses one at a time to ensure you do not get overwhelmed by summoned monsters. I would recommend killing Mephisto as he will be the most difficult and also has the Conviction aura on. If you do kill Ubers with this build, please do contact us with a video so we can see it in action :).

Article From: D2R Throw Barbarian Build Guide

In the first Diablo There was the main quest and then there were a few other quests. But that's not the case with the series nowadays. In the subsequent D2R Items the side quests have become a more and more important component of the game. D2R Ladder has so many side missions that it's a challenge to keep on top of them all.

Not all of D2R Ladder have a plethora of side quests, but a significant amount of them are a lot more hidden than others. There are also plenty of side missions that only become available after reaching Paragon status and having acces to Hell difficulty level. On Hell difficulty the side quests can be obtained from Taite in Westmarch. Each of the side quests are hidden, as they are shown on the mini-map in blue however, some are definitely better than others.

The location is in within the Library of Zoltun Kulle, this quest starts by chatting with the Stelliform Sentry located near the bookcases. How can this side quest be so extraordinary? For starters, it's finished in record time thanks to the events of the quest being in the same general area. This quest typically offers decent loot as well. "The Knowledge Eaters" involves going through a library and getting rid of the bugs. After that, the player has to make the Archive's defenses active by interacting with the bundle within the same bookcase. There are then two fights, one involving d2r items buy golems. Following this, players have to talk with the Stelliform sentry once again for the final quest to receive the reward.

In Diablo 2 Resurrected Patch 2.5, perhaps the biggest change we saw was that Blizzard introduced Terror Zones and Sunder Charms, which not only allowed players to get new D2R Items and high-level areas for farming, but also made it easier for players to reach level 99. In this Diablo 2 Resurrected guide, we will introduce you to the new items and areas changes in D2R 2.5.

Players can farm new D2R items Sunder Charms from D2R patch 2.5 Terror Zones. Before that, let's take a look at the pros and cons of both Terror Zones and Sunder Charms.

D2R 2.5 Terror Zones

As we said at the beginning of the article, Terror Zones added in D2R 2.5 has changed the 99 leveling meta so that players don't have to farm the same zone over and over again, which is something to be happy about. It can be said that the addition of Terror Zones can not only provide more options for top meta builds but also provide more options for different zones with different resistances. Additionally, players have the opportunity to visit new high-level areas, and in the latest update for Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.5 PTR, the developers added the hugely popular The Pit and City of the Dammed. So, Terror Zones in D2R 2.5 give players more incentive to go to weird areas and more farming methods, which is a beneficial aspect of the 2.5 patch changes.

So what are the downsides of terror zones? In D2R 2.5 Terror Zones, the initial mob density has not changed, aside from the mob density change, these zones should be more challenging. Plus, with the addition of these new Grand Sunder Charms in the game, more builds will clear the terror zone faster. Also, an important issue is that there are also no visual indicators in these areas, so for those new players joining the game or if they happen to walk into one of these areas, there is nothing that pops out, there is no change in intensity, atmosphere, or anything, so players will find it a little boring to clean these areas.

Latest D2R Patch 2.5 Terror Zones List:

Blood Moor and Den of Evil

Cold Plains and The Cave

Burial Grounds, The Crypt, and the Mausoleum

Dark Wood

The Forgotten Tower


Cathedral and Catacombs

The Pit


Moo Moo Farm


Rocky Waste and Stony Tomb

Dry Hills and Halls of the Dead

Far Oasis

Lost City, Valley of Snakes, and Claw Viper Temple

Arcane Sanctuary

Tal Rasha's Tombs

Spider Forest and Spider Cavern

Flayer Jungle and Flayer Dungeon

Kurast Bazaar, Ruined Temple, and Disused Fane

Kurast Sewers


Durance of Hate

Outer Steppes and Plains of Despair

River of Flame / City of the Dammed

Chaos Sanctuary

Bloody Foothills

Frigid Highlands

Glacial Trail

Crystalline Passage and Frozen River

Arreat Plateau

Nihlathak's Temple, Halls of Anguish, Halls of Pain, and Halls of Vaught

Ancient's Way and Icy Cellar

Worldstone Keep, Throne of Destruction, and Worldstone Chamber

D2R Sunder Charms

Another major change in Diablo 2 Resurrected patch 2.5 is the addition of six new Sunder grand charms, this change brings a lot of benefits to the game. It allows some off-meta builds to be amazing in the game, encourages a higher build diversity, and also reduces reliance on Infinity and low resistance. There are actually very limited ways for players to reduce immunities and resistances for some mobs, so if they use a charm as a way to break immunities, it severely limits the builds. So, You probably have an Infinity for almost everything because elemental has the most variety in mixing and matching different off-meta builds, usually elemental builds have to the d2r runeword Infinity, but with those charms, it allows players to go looking for possible others.

However, the rarity of these Sunder charms is currently unknown, and they only drop on Champion, Unique, Super Unique, or Boss difficulty in Terrorized monsters, so they are even more limited. One of the downsides of Sunder charms is that it is currently not suitable for Summons, Traps, and Hydras. On Trapsin, if your Griffon has extra lightning damage, it doesn't actually have anything to do with your traps, as they are their own entity and don't add damage to them. So there's far less incentive to go for Trapsin or Hydras, which is bad for those builds that widen the gap between physical builds and elemental builds, so elemental builds always perform better than physical builds. As for charms themselves, the physical damage has been increased by 25, which is a bit too much for the magic charm and needs to be adjusted a little, but there are actually very few resources in the build pool based on magic damage that can be used.

D2R 2.5 Sunder Grand Charms List

The Bone Break

The Black Cleft

The Crack of the Heavens

The Cold Rupture

The Flame Rift

The Rotting Fissure

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In Diablo 2 Resurrected, Runewords are an integral part of the game's gear mechanics, and they provide players with a powerful way to modify weapons, armor, shields, and helmets, especially in-game endgame Runewords. When your Ladder play reaches a certain level, you need some powerful D2R Items to help you quickly reach a higher level, among which endgame Runewords is a good choice. In this Diablo 2 Resurrected rune words guide, we're going to introduce you to the best Endgame Runewords in D2R Hell.

Enigma (Jah + Ith + Ber)

+2 To All Skills

+45% Faster Run/Walk

+1 To Teleport

+750-775 Defense (varies)

+(0.75 Per Character Level) +0-74 To Strength (Based On Character Level)

Increase Maximum Life 5%

Damage Reduced By 8%

+14 Life After Each Kill

15% Damage Taken Goes To Mana

+(1 Per Character Level) +1-99% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items (Based On Character Level)

Enigma is one of the most popular Diablo 2 resurrected rune words, and it provides +1 Teleport to any class. In addition to Teleport, it also has +2 skill, strong faster run/walk, massive defense, max life, damage reduction, and Magic Find chance. The biggest downside to the Enigma is the high cost of Jah and Ber, which makes it the best D2R armor for most builds if you can afford it.

Grief (Eth + Tir + Lo + Mal + Ral)

35% Chance To Cast Level 15 Venom On Striking

+30-40% Increased Attack Speed (varies)

Damage +340-400 (varies)

Ignore Target's Defense

-25% Target Defense

+(1.875 per character level) 1.875-185.625% Damage To Demons (Based on Character Level)

Adds 5-30 Fire Damage

-20-25% To Enemy Poison Resistance (varies)

20% Deadly Strike

Prevent Monster Heal

+2 To Mana After Each Kill

+10-15 Life After Each Kill (varies)

Grief is known to be the best melee rune word in D2R, as it increases weapon damage to 400, increases strike quicken to 40%, and neglected the target's defenses, making it a mouth-watering d2r item for whirlwind barbarians. The Lo rune requirement will be your main obstacle to building this Runeword.

Chains of Honor (Dol + Um + Ber + Ist)

+2 To All Skills

+200% Damage To Demons

+100% Damage To Undead

8% Life Stolen Per Hit

+70% Enhanced Defense

+20 To Strength

Replenish Life +7

All Resistances +65

Damage Reduced By 8%

25% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items

Chain of Honor is also known as COH, its biggest feature is +2 to all skills and +65 to all resistances, and it is the best all-purpose choice for nearly any build. The required Ber rune makes it an expensive armor, albeit much cheaper than the Enigma. COH's best bases are Dusk Shrouds or Archon Plates.

Infinity (Ber + Mal + Ber + Ist)

50% Chance To Cast Level 20 Chain Lightning When You Kill An Enemy

Level 12 Conviction Aura When Equipped

+35% Faster Run/Walk

+255-325% Enhanced Damage (varies)

-(45-55)% To Enemy Lightning Resistance (varies)

40% Chance of Crushing Blow

Prevent Monster Heal

0.5-49.5 To Vitality (Based on Character Level)

30% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items

Level 21 Cyclone Armor (30 Charges)

Equipping Infinity grants a level 12 Aura of Conviction that reduces surrounding enemies' defense by 83% and resistance by 85%, and it's the best mercenary rune word for characters that deal elemental damage. When using Infinity as a mercenary, the best base is the Ethereal (Giant) Thresher. Infinity is also a major investment, as it requires two Ber runes, which is out of reach for many players.

Last Wish (Jah + Mal + Jah + Sur + Jah + Ber)

6% Chance To Cast Level 11 Fade When Struck

10% Chance To Cast Level 18 Life Tap On Striking

20% Chance To Cast Level 20 Charged Bolt on Attack

Level 17 Might Aura When Equipped

+330-375% Enhanced Damage (varies)

Ignore Target's Defense

60-70% Chance of Crushing Blow (varies)

Prevent Monster Heal

Hit Blinds Target

+(0.5 per character level) 0.5-49.5% Chance of Getting Magic Items (Based on Character Level)

Last Wish requires three Jah runes, which are out of reach for many Diablo 2 resurrected players, and ultimately more a flex of wealth than anything. While it works well for a range of builds given the Fade, Life Tap, Might Aura, and insane Crushing Blow chance the cost is rarely worth it was given vastly cheaper and equally effective options.

Fortitude (El + Sol + Dol + Lo)

20% Chance To Cast Level 15 Chilling Armor when Struck

+25% Faster Cast Rate

+300% Enhanced Damage

+200% Enhanced Defense

+15 Defense

+X To Life (Based on Character Level)*

Replenish Life +7

+5% To Maximum Lightning Resist

All Resistances +25-30 (varies)

Damage Reduced By 7

12% Damage Taken Goes To Mana

+1 To Light Radius

Fortitude provides a large amount of enhanced damage and defense and averages all resistances, mainly used on the armor for mercenaries. Also, it would be better for mercenaries if the base item is ethereal.

Phoenix (Vex + Vex + Lo + Jah)

100% Chance To Cast Level 40 Blaze When You Level-up

40% Chance To Cast Level 22 Firestorm On Striking

Level 10-15 Redemption Aura When Equipped (varies)

+350-400 Defense Vs. Missile (varies)

+350-400% Enhanced Damage (varies)

-28% To Enemy Fire Resistance

+50 To Life

+5% To Maximum Lightning Resist

+10% To Maximum Fire Resist

+15-21 Fire Absorb (varies)

Phoenix is used more for off-hand armor and has a redemption aura, so it's easier to gain hit points and mana, while also lowering the enemy's fire resistance for niche builds. The classes that use Phoenix the most are Lightning Sorceresses and Javelin Amazon, and for basic items, Monarchs are the most popular.

Doom (Hel + Ohm + Um + Lo + Cham)

5% Chance To Cast Level 18 Volcano On Striking

Level 12 Holy Freeze Aura When Equipped

+2 To All Skills

+45% Increased Attack Speed

+330-370% Enhanced Damage (varies)

-(40-60)% To Enemy Cold Resistance (varies)

20% Deadly Strike

25% Chance of Open Wounds

Prevent Monster Heal

Freezes Target +3

Requirements -20%

Doom is an expensive runeword option that provides +2 to all skills and can reduce chilly withstand on opponents by up to 60%. Plus, it has the Holy Freeze aura, so it helps endure wickedness. It is mostly used by Blizzard Sorceresses and elemental druids, and for base items, the Berserker Axe is the most popular.

Call to Arms (Amn + Ral + Mal + Ist + Ohm)

+1 To All Skills

+40% Increased Attack Speed

+250-290% Enhanced Damage (varies)

Adds 5-30 Fire Damage

7% Life Stolen Per Hit

+2-6 To Battle Command (varies)*

+1-6 To Battle Orders (varies)*

+1-4 To Battle Cry (varies)*

Prevent Monster Heal

Replenish Life +12

30% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items

Call to Arms is specially used as a weapon switch. It is a Diablo 2 Resurrected Item that allows all classes to use Barbarians’ Battle Command, Battle Orders, and Battle Cry. The Runeword is very suitable for improving the life, mana, and skills of any character. The most popular basic item of Call to Arms is the crystal sword.

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