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Why Self Love Matters

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That’s what all the hub bub is about self love and building self-esteem. When you love yourself first, you have a good deal of confidence and believe in yourself.

This helps you handle all the rejection life throws at you, taking it in stride. You see it as a small bump in the road and are not deterred from your goal – whether you want a new job or a new man, You say to yourself, “Oh well, his loss!”

Ø  But you do NOT assume all the blame.

When you are good with yourself, you don’t beat yourself up thinking it’s all your fault. You can look at yourself and assess what part you might have played in whatever happened which is healthy. And you might choose to improve something or change a habit.


Loving yourself first matters so much because it’s a healthy way of handling life’s disappointments, big or small. And this also helps you recover faster when things go wrong in any area of life.

Blaming Yourself Is A Bad Habit

Whether you believe it or not, you are very special. A unique human being with a personality as individual as a snowflake. You share your presence with those around you, have your own way of looking at things, and make a contribution to the planet.


You may be a full time mom, a grandmother, an aunt or sister, a career woman, a volunteer, a good friend, an assistant or all of these! Perhaps you are good at math or amazingly creative.


And, you have special gifts to make a man happy too.


For example, you may whisper a man’s name in a certain way that lifts his spirits. Or perhaps support his vision, cook delectable meals, massage his shoulders, or laugh at his jokes.

What’s distinctive about you cud be your wit, how you help him feel masculine, share your love or make him smile. Whether or not you are in a relationship – you have so much to offer the right man!


That is what I want you to express gratitude for.

Appreciate Yourself Just as You Are.

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