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Today, with the rapid development of the machinery industry, the manufacturing level of various mechanical parts has been continuously improved, the physical properties have been significantly improved, and the machinery industry has also achieved rapid development. The rubbing shaft is used in many large machines and is an important transmission component. The development of today’s machinery and equipment has promoted the development of the rubbing shaft.

In the process of rolling flower shaft, some failures are unavoidable, but some problems can be avoided or rarely encountered. As a production worker, you must be familiar with the solutions to some common problems so as not to affect product quality during use. So let’s take a look at how to solve the problem of springback and bending of the rubbing shaft.

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First, the springback is controlled using a process control method. Typically, this process includes stamping, stretch bending and hot bending. During the stamping process, the additional stress in the thickness direction changes the stress distribution in the bending deformation zone. The springback is controlled by applying tangential tensile deformation and reducing the bending moment at the bend of the twisted shaft.

The second method is overcompensation and the other is process control. Depending on the springback trend, make a compensation angle in the die consistent with the expected springback, or control the punch overshoot. This is the so-called compensation method. This is a widely used method of controlling the twisted backboard. However, when there are complex curved products and high precision requirements, the precision control of springback is limited because it is difficult to accurately estimate the springback.

LinkThe Rubbing Shaft Is An Important Part For Many Large Machines

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