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Has anyone ever been in this situation? Like all I do is work and on weekends I never have plans other than gym, then after that I just stay in bed all day and look forward to dinner where I would usually cook a meal or order take out. I'm considering working a part time job on the weekends just so I won't stay home at rot all day. I had an unproductive 3 day weekend doing nothing. I planned a trip with friends but they had other plans with their s/o so I just ended up staying home all weekend.

I'm 36 years old now and lost my social circle as I grew older, since they all got married and had kids/have kids on the way and just stay in most of the time. I don't know if I'm depressed but even after work I have no desire to do anything other than lay in bed and browse on my phone/watch Netflix. I also miss having a g/f but I don't know if I'm at the right mindset for a girlfriend at the moment or to be dating, I am trying anyway. I just want to meet new people in my age bracket, Ive looked at meet up and other dating websites but not a lot of people seem to be in my area and the others are just an older crowd. I literally only have one friend I can call but this guy is just so boring and all he wants to do is eat out then go home. He's not social either so he's more like an eat out buddy

I also notice myself reminiscing about the past times with my ex when we would always have plans, go on vacations/getaways together every holiday, and wishing I can re-live those moments but I know it will never happen. That's why i joined here on this site to make some changes

Any advice guys? Leave your comments here
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