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Though it has been a while now but I thought i needed to share this little funny and awkward encounter I had during my last vacation.

It was two years back while on vacation in Granada, Nicaragua, i went out one beautiful evening to enjoy the view of the city in all of it glory. Whilewalking past two old men I politely tell them ‘excuse me,’ in Spanish. They’ve occupied the whole sidewalk, and they were both drunk; you could tell by the way that they’re swaying and clinging to each other. They eye me as I pass. They say not a word, i started to think 'Will I make it past them without a cat-call, I wonder? I pray I will. My prayers weren’t answered.
“Ayyyy, que bonita,” the one guy hisses. I quicken my step. “Let’s have sex,” the other says, in clear and practiced English. Each man must be at least seventy years old, and they wear suits and ties and gel in their hair. Where do these old men learn their pickup lines? Que horrible.

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