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Pedophilia is a pathological preference for sexual gratification in adolescents. Pedophilic sexual orientation is usually aimed at prepubertal or undeveloped children. With the upsurge of online pedophile pornography, targeting pedophile crimes has gradually become an important ethical topic of public opinion.

To reduce the sexual abuse of children, various countries have introduced relevant laws and regulations, conducted sex education, and even promoted Mini Lifelike Sex Dolls in some countries. However, for those who like pedophiles, the Mini Sex Doll helps them solve this fetish, but some people will have other ideas.

Small Sex Dolls allow would-be pedophiles to have physical contact or increase their risk of committing crimes against children in real life. Mini Sex Dolls will satisfy pedophiles' sexual urges, thereby reducing their use of real children.

Realistic BBW sex doll

Small Sex Dolls are likely to bridge the gap between potential pedophilia and sexual fantasies and true crime, and actual encounters with sex dolls may contribute to their risk of real crime. Exposure to lifelike sex dolls is likely to cause the physical, emotional and psychological numbness of child sexual abuse, making it a normal part of child sexual abuse, two experts said.

Small Sex Dolls for sale! Our Silicone and TPE real sex dolls cover a wide range of body types, This hot collection Mini Sex Dolls is suitable for people who like small sizes and lightweight bodies.

Our purpose of launching the mini doll is to satisfy some people's "raising children" experience. It is very popular in Japan. Mini silicone dolls have real proportions and real touch, which are loved by many doll lovers.

The more well-known brands are AXB Doll, Cat Doll (professional production of micro sex dolls around 100cm), Dollhouse 168, and Irontech doll. Most high quality sex dolls factories such as 6ye Doll, JY Doll, AF Doll, WM doll, Qita Doll, etc. also produce mini love dolls, but the quality is not the same.

Not only these little girl sex dolls are very suitable for the "Raising children" experience, but also especially suitable for JK uniform makeup, pure girl dress-up, Lolita dress-up, and cute costume dress-up. They can be used as models for shooting or video recording.

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