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Chessie VIP

How on earth are you supposed to answer these questions?

“When are you going to find someone nice and get married?”

Probably next year, maybe on the last Saturday in April, if my crystal ball is accurate. Related to:

“Why are you still single?”

O.M.G. There just isn’t a good answer for this one although I’ve been tempted to say things like ‘Because I look at other people’s marriages and none of them make me want to tie the knot myself’. What I usually say is ‘How many nice, straight, single 30/40-something guys do YOU know?’

Another one:    

“When are you going to have babies? You’d be such a good mom / you aren’t getting any younger, you know.

Jeeeeeeepers… this one drives me crazy. Just because YOU have kids, doesn’t mean everyone else (a) wants them and (b) can have them. Oh and thanks for pointing out that I’m nearly over the hill.

So many people struggle with fertility these days, that you’d think people wouldn’t be so tactless. And asking this of a single person is even worse… I mean, are we just supposed to go out and get ourselves knocked up, to become single mothers? I have friends who are single who are desperate for children, but don’t have the (emotional and financial) resources to go it alone. This kind of question is like a knife through their hearts.

And as for those of us who prefer to remain child free, well… admit that to these people and you’ll be given a look of horror. How could you not want little snot-nosed, screaming darlings?

If you have any snappy answers for these questions, please share them in the comments. I could do with some good comebacks
lovett VIP

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 1.14.32 AM

I was riding my bike on my university’s campus the other evening when I heard two women loudly arguing. I looked around to see where the noise was coming from and realized it was a pair of ladies sitting next to one another on a bench- so close they were obviously friends- but were shouting VERY loudly at each other.

As I rode closer, I heard the following conversation…



Woman #1: “BUT. YOU SLEPT. WITH. MY. HUSBAND.” (She was clapping her hands together by this point for effect).

Woman #2: “Shit. But I said I’M SORRY!!”

The convo chat was so ridiculous I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! So personal! I rode by and quickly snap-chatted by friend to tell her what had just gone down.

Based on where the women were sitting on campus and attire, etc. I could tell they were also colleagues. Yikes......

The scenario made me very glad not to be involved and VERY glad to be single!

lovett May 15 '19 · Tags: dominodate, marriage, men, cheats, women
Sarahhobson VIP

Some women are attracted to “bad boys,” and at times men are attracted to the women who can be bad for them, as well. We may not call them “bad women” but we should. As serious a commitment as marriage is, some people want to ignore the red flags and stay blinded by lust. You need to marry the best match for you. This should be a woman who will always “have your back” and that you can count on in good times and in bad.

Men, with that in mind here are the four kinds of women that you should definitely not marry:
1)The damsel in distress 2)The psycho 3)The control freak 4)The needy one

If you are dating any of these types of women, it is crucial that you consider the impact this person is having on your life. These types can be disastrous for your well-being and happiness. Would you want this woman raising your children? Chances are, your gut is telling you to run, but you are getting something out of the relationship that makes this difficult. You must move on from women like this and find a healthy, balanced partnership for life.

Sarahhobson Apr 3 '19 · Tags: dating, romance, marriage
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