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I was never one of those people who wandered around in a stupor until they'd had their morning coffee. I like coffee. I drink a lot of coffee, but I didn't need the caffeine to wake me up. I often don't even have coffee in the morning.

I've also said that I am both a morning person and a night person, the kind of person who stays up past midnight working on one project or another, and then bounds out of bed at 6 or 7 raring to go.

But lately that has not been the case. I discover it takes me some time to "come to" when I wake up, and often "coming to" involves going back to sleep. While 6 a.m. has been my standard morning wake-up time for many years it is now closer to 9 or 10 and Kendall may have made a pot of coffee and fed the dog (bless her), put away the dishes from the night before and has half the paper read before I let the world know I'm ready to face it.

This morning, I stumbled out of my recliner and groggily hobbled to the bathroom and when my sister met me at the kitchen afterwards it was with (it seemed) a barrage of things she was eager to tell me. I just growled at him that I'd only been up 2 minutes and needed my coffee first.

This is such a strange "me" I hardly know her. But I guess she's the older version of "me" that I'm comfortable with. Let me have a cup of coffee (even reheated) and I slowly start to come back to life and be fit for polite society.

I'm also not the person, as a general rule, who takes a whole day to binge watch something on TV, now there were a few notable exceptions these days over the weekends doing those things.

Saturday I started watching NCIS-LAand it was a chunk of NCIS-LAhistory that I don't remember watching before. I was just going to watch onemore but the cliffhanger made me watch the next one...and the next one....and before I knew it, the day was gone.

Sadly, somehow they skipped the one episode that wrapped up the particular situation I was watching, but that's OK.

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