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The Pro Stick has been a staple of the NBA 2K franchise for years, dating back to the days of Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The Pro Stick will be back for NBA 2K21, but according to the franchise's lead game developer, this will be a little different than what players have become accustomed to in the past.

In a developer blog post on the NBA 2K Reddit page, NBA 2K MT game director Mike Wang said that after years of not making any changes to the Pro Stick, the development team saw a huge opportunity with NBA 2K21 to fresh things up. In previous games, players could move RS/R3 in any direction to take a photo. Wang said this prevents the NBA 2K team from making the most of the stick, as it is also used as a "complete" dribble stick.

Now players will have the RS/R3 compensation down to be able to shoot. Moving the RS/R3 stick to the left or right will allow players to evade dribbling moves. Pushing the right joystick up will allow players to access signature sizes.

Here are the full details about the controls of the new Pro Stick:

Hold RS/R3 - Jump Shot

Keep RS/R3 Up - Signature Sizes

Keep RS/R3 left/right - Dribble moves escape

Tap RS / R3 - Fast dribble moves 1 to 1

Tap RS / R3 with spring - Fast dribble movements

According to Wang, dribbling moves should not only benefit from the change, but also jump shots and hoop shots. This year, the shot counter switches from a sync bar to a target window when using the Pro Stick to shoot. Now, instead of trying to stop the trigger counter when you reach the perfect window, you can adjust the Pro Stick in real time to reach the crosshairs and buy NBA 2K21 MT.

And when it comes to trays, Wang recommends that players quickly move the right joystick to move the aim mark toward the center of the target. This, in turn, will help players overcome shooting competitions and also help end contact.

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To put it clearly, shooting with the NBA 2K Coins stick is more challenging, and that in itself is an advantage to some. In addition to this, there is another potential benefit.

Removing the timing part eliminates, or greatly reduces the penalty many online players deal with because of latency. That could have a large effect on internet leagues, and that's exactly what the NBA 2K League is now due to the pandemic.The shooter stick also creates an obvious power gap and it would encourage users who have been shooting with the buttons to find out a new wrinkle.

But if there's one thing I have learned about sports gamers it is they say they want invention, however if they get it, if stated invention is too far of a departure from what they've grown used to, they reverse out.There are heaps of these kinds of tweets, but there are also several people that are saying they embrace the challenge, or have already mastered using the rod to shoot.

It is important to remember, even in the event that you don't like the shot rod, 2K hasn't taken away your ability to utilize the buttons to shoot. That's a fantastic thing. Imagine what the societal media response would be if this is the only way to take the ball going forward.I like the challenge using the shot-stick creates, and I also like that there is a boost for those who use this mechanic. Even further, there is a bigger increase for those who use it with no meter on the display as a guide.

Ultimately, people will adapt as soon as they complain. The actual question is, will 2K respond to the Buy 2K MT complaints or maintain a perfectly good gameplay change because of the cries of this part of the community which does not adopt a challenge.
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