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The New World Winter Convergence event will Buy New World Coins quickly come to an end when we are below 12 hours out from the end time.

As an in-game event to the celebration from the new year, Christmas, and Winter, the Winter Convergence event became designed for free for all those New World players in December 2021.

While that it was supposed to result in the first week of January 2022, the developers chosen to give players more hours to explore the Winter of New World and collect more event-themed in-game rewards.

However, that second chance is virtually over now, along with the end period of Winter Convergence is below away from us.
New World Coins
When Will New World Winter Convergence End?
As revealed through the developers, the New World Winter Convergence event can finish on January 25 at 12 am PT/3 am ET/8 am UTC/9 am CET.

Keep in your mind that any unopened presents and unused event tokens will likely be lost after the event ends. So, be sure to open every present you've got and spend your entire tokens on most things that you can afford to obtain.

It's not seen what's waiting for you for New World players following your end of Winter Convergence. Almost not much later, some from the well-known multiplayer games like Overwatch will likely be celebrating the Lunar new year with special in-game events.

That being said, we don't know yet whether Amazon Game Studios is planning anything for celebrating the Year from the Tiger right now.

Probably an update or tease within the next season from the game will be great for New World Coins fans after Winter Convergence.

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2021 is the year New World MMO was born, and it is also an extraordinary year for this game. The new year is coming soon, and there are still many problems waiting to be solved in New World, which is a huge challenge for developers who spend most of their time on vacation. The recent server consolidation has attracted the attention of a large part of players, and it also means that more mergers will follow. Therefore, some players have begun to consult news related to Regional Transfers.

The subject of region transfers may be coming up since the beginning, when demand was overwhelming. Amazon doubled the volume of servers, promising free transfers later in the event you started on a lesser New World Gold population server. It was then says the server transfers promised only applied inside same region, but a megathread about the forums with community manager and dev support was developed to see if the interest rate was there for region transfers.

At the starting of December, that thread was closed that has a notice that there will probably be two possible solutions they might try on the subject of regional transfers. Since one of many questions posed towards the community was whether or not would prefer an alternative based on speed of delivery in order to wait longer but have a very more polished option, it became clearer what this could mean heading into 2022.

"There is clearly involvement in cross-region server transfers. While we have plans to have an elegant solution ultimately, were currently focusing on a near-term solution which will get you towards the region you need to be in (though housing ownership will likely be impacted). Work is ongoing but we estimate the near term solution will likely be available in early 2022."

Since it continues to be a while, anymore fearless. server merges might have impacted New World Coins player experiences more, yesterday, Community Manager TrevzorFTW updated in reaction to a new request. He says that this team is actively focusing on region transfers and can share more details when they are ready. It looks like this near-term choice is still within the works, but we’ll ought to wait for the coming weeks to determine the initial resolution plans.

No matter what impact the merger will bring to the game, players' demand for New World Coins will not decrease. This is because of the irreplaceability of New World Coins. If you do not have New World Coins, you will face a very difficult situation in the game. A good way to get it is to buy New World Coins from Newworldcoins so that you can get the best service while saving money.
2021 is about to pass, and New World, which has received much attention this year, is still one of the games with the largest number of players on Steam. If the game hasn't experienced those loopholes or other quality issues that affect the game experience, the number of players in this game will be even greater. Recently, the developers showed their next work plan in a video. In the next few weeks, some errors will be completely fixed, and some new weapons and new systems such as Expedition Mutators will be introduced into New World, thereby Allow players to experience a New World Coins Buy deeper level of fun.

In the video, the person in charge of Amazon Game Studios stated that they will test it in the PTR before releasing new patches in the future to ensure that the patches will not cause any negative impact on existing games. Although this will affect the release efficiency of new content and reduce the functionality of each patch to a certain extent, the development team believes that it is worthwhile because it will make all the features as useful as possible to players and greatly reduce the number of the error that will appear after the update.

Among all the new content, the most worthy of the players' attention is the enemies in the Expeditions in the game. When the update is completed, these enemies will get new modifiers every week, certain enemies may start exploding, for example, or when killed will leave a damaging area-of-effect players will need to avoid. Not only that, the player's attributes or Skills may also be weakened in Expeditions, allowing players to face more difficult challenges.

Another part of the new content that interests players the most is related to weapons. According to the introduction in the video, blunderbuss will be used as a brand new weapon for players to use, which is also the second firearm in the game. Unlike musket, blunderbuss are more suitable for short to mid-range combat. The person in charge said that blunderbuss will give users a sense of excitement, and more explosions and chaos will enhance this gaming experience. The developer also revealed other weapons that New World will introduce in the future, such as greatsword. In order to skillfully use this large weapon in battle, players need to use a feature called stance-switching. The dagger that some players really want will take longer to appear, because in the current development progress, the design of the dagger has not fully met the requirements of the New World Coins game.

You can also look forward to the next chapter of the main story of New World. Narrative lead Rob Chestney said that the first chapter of the main story will be completed soon, when players will get new quests. The long-awaited new functions for destroying objects and scenes are also under development. In order to reduce the cost of players using fast travel, the team is also preparing to adjust the function and add more fast travel shrines. Undiscovered shrines will become more prominent on the map, allowing players to find them in a larger area. If you want to get a better quality of life in New World, the service from Newworldcoins is essential. Players on any server can buy the cheapest New World Coins on Newworldcoins without worrying about security issues. The security of Newworldcoins has been verified by tens of thousands of players around the world, and it is an absolutely safe seller.
New World MMO has encountered many problems since its release at the end of September, including bugs, bots, and exploits. For any MMORPG, these problems are fatal and may lead to premature death of the game. Judging from the current situation, New World's performance is worthy of respect, because there are still more than 100,000 players who believe that this game will get better in the future. Of course, the overall evaluation of the game on Steam is not very good.

Scot Lane, the game director of New World, recently accepted an interview with the game media and explained the main reasons for these problems. During the interview, Lane said that the top priority of the development team is always to maintain the stability of online games, and they have always been alert to issues that affect the New World Gold player's gaming experience. But this kind of problem and the development of new content are two completely different tasks, and the teams dealing with these two things will not have too much overlap.

He also said that although the work is very professional, the studio still has enough professionals to deal with these issues and develop future content. For example, when dealing with the recent New World Coins issue, they specially arranged game engineers who knew this part of the code, and formed a small team of gameplay engineers, designers, and artists to continue to develop the Void Gauntlet update.

After realizing that the current direction of the game was wrong, Amazon decided to adjust the focus of the current work plan-from launching new content as soon as possible to ensuring that the game can provide players with the best gaming experience. The Public test server was born as a result. After that, all new content prepared for the upper limit will be tested in this realm to avoid serious impact on the official version of game players. At present, the team has done a good job in fixing problems and testing new content. They believe that after finding a balance between speed and quality, players will be satisfied with the game.

Players who are keen on single-player games have not been ignored by the developers, they are developing this part of the content, including early and mid-term content. In addition, the New World Coins endgame activities of New World will be further improved, so that new players can also have clear goals. Regarding whether the game content players most anticipated will be improved, Lane also gave a clear answer, including the size of the game world, the number of characters that players can create on a single server, and so on. The new server seems to be far away indefinitely, because with the continuous loss of the number of players, many servers currently open in the game have too few players. Amazon needs to merge these servers to make room for new players. Server.

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Although many people have been singing bad news about New World in the recent period and thinking that this game will die overnight, it is indeed slowly developing while experiencing growing pains. If you compare New World after multiple updates with the situation when the game was first released, you will find that it has changed a lot. Recently, the developers tried to make some adjustments to the controversial endgame gear changes and admitted that some of the changes they designed before were wrong.

This change on high-level content was tested in PTR in advance, so it has not had any New World Coins Buy impact on ordinary players. Players who want to acquire powerful weapons or armors can still use New World Coins to buy items they want from other players. If you are not aware of this change in PTR, please allow me to introduce it to you.

In the developer's expectation, the High Water Mark system will be renamed Expertise, and the player's power will be weakened. This makes many players feel dissatisfied and they post complaints in the gaming community. Amazon quickly put forward a new plan and stated that they will try to achieve this goal without reducing the player's existing power. For this reason, all existing items in the game will not be involved, including crafted gear, quest loot and all items bought from the Faction shops.

The developers said in a tweet that they initially thought Gear Score scaling was temporary, because players can find new ways to regain their lost power. The performance of the New World Coins players made them aware of the error, so they will only modify the newly produced items after the patch.

In other words, if players don't want to engange in the Expertise system, they can still use past items to equip themselves. But for top players, the gear enhanced with the Expertise system has better potential and growth. The in-game economy may also be affected by this update, because some crafted gear may become more precious, and players who need such items are willing to spend more New World Coins to buy them.

For those players who still haven't reached level 60, this change may make the game more difficult. The newly introduced Gypsum currency can offset this effect to a certain extent, so the Expertise system is worthy of in-depth study. An easier way is to buy better items from other players before buying New World Coins on Newworldcoins.com, so that any difficulties will not cause you trouble.
In New World, the characters created by players only differ in gender and appearance, but there is no distinction of class, because the concept of class does not exist in the game. What skills a player can use depends entirely on the type of weapon the player is currently using. There are many types of weapons in the game and each weapon has a unique skill tree. If you want to know which weapon combination is better, please continue reading this guide.

Want to be a ranged DPS? Musket & Rapier is an excellent choice
The musket and rapier combination is just about the first and oldest that players discovered and coded in New World. These weapons have already been available since beta, and despite some minor tweaks in recent patches, they remain this is the same as a result of the Talent Trees. The Attributes that determine a character's skill with your weapons depend on both Dexterity as being a primary score and Intelligence being a secondary one, which streamlines the leveling process.
The interest in this combination can also be due to how straightforward it's. No matter what Talent Tree is employed for either of such weapons, every role is often a variation on damage per second, or DPS rating, making it easier to understand different New World Coins builds.

Warhammer, Sword and Shield forces you to an unstoppable warrior
Players that value Strength for an Attribute rather than Intelligence can transport these impressive weapons. This build forgoes ranged damage abilities, but such a role is a lot more about PvP and party-based content like Expeditions and Corrupted Invasions, therefore it is a fair trade.
As with lots of of the ideal combinations, both of those weapons share precisely the same primary Attribute scores. The Warhammer could be the more efficient from the two, relying only on Strength with out other score. Sword and shield proficiency also will depend on Dexterity like a secondary Attribute score.
New World Coins
Want to aid and heal your teammate? Use Life Staff, Void Gauntlet
The only healing weapon in New World can also be the sole beneficiary from the Focus Attribute score. This is why the mixture with the Life Staff is gonna be one from the more tricky to determine. However, a higher Focus skill does mean improved mana recovery and spellcasting rates, in order that it makes sense to equip another magical item to be a secondary New World Coins Buy weapon.
The Void Gauntlet, a brand new entry to the New World armory, fits nicely here. It's the first weapon hanging around that scales with both Intelligence and Focus. The Ice Gaunlet can also be a fair choice but that weapon is much more about crowd control (CC) instead of DPS in support of uses Intelligence becasue it is main Attribute, therefore the choice depends entirely on the character's unique build.

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If you created a character in the game when New World was first released and have been adventurous all the time, you should have reached the level cap by now. Two months is enough time for most players to get enough XP. After reaching the level cap, your next goals should be those more difficult challenges, such as Expeditions. This means that your team needs a tank. In any case, the team needs a shield that can take a lot of damage to create space for other DPS to attack. One of the differences between New World and other games is that there is no specific level for the character. The skills you can use New World Gold and the abilities you obtain depend entirely on the types of weapons you use. If you don’t know what kind of weapons are most helpful for tanks, then you should read this article carefully.

Sword and Shield/Great axe
Main Weapon: Sword and shield
Secondary Weapon: Great axe
Attributes: Constitution, Strength
This may be one of the most popular tank builds ever since the game first arrived on the scene, and it is especially effective for PvP. Where the Sword and Shield gives a well-balanced defensive option because your primary, the Great Axe when your second will assist you to do massive levels of damage eventually span, which comes in handy if you are suddenly ambushed by other PvP players. Even in PvE, this same build having a different ability mastery tree on your secondary Great Axe can be most effective.
Constitution and Strength are a necessity of attributes just for this build. You should start with Constitution to be certain your character's health insurance defense capabilities are stable, after which go for Strength. Make sure to equip New World Coins Heavy Armor and spec into these two attributes for taking full benefit from your weapons.

For the sword, Shield Bash, Shield Rush, and Defiant Stance are definitely the abilities to unlock, beneath the Defender Mastery tree. The first two will help you to deal 50 % of weapon damage and knock back foes which has a damage rush forward, respectively. Your third ability, Defiant Stance, will reduce incoming damage by 30 %. Both Defiant Stance and Shield Bash will taunt nearby enemies when you have a Carnelian equipped in your sword too.
For the good axe, unlock Charge, Reap, and Execute within the Reaper Mastery tree. Charge will deal 120 percent weapon damage, Reap will extend your Axe about 5 meters to enemies closer, and Execute is often a heavy attack that can deal 200 percent of one's weapon's damage, plus much more for targets with low health.

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This article is not a detailed introduction to the new weapons that will be added to the game in the new version, it is more like a basic guide. After learning some basic information about Void Gauntlet, you can decide whether to use this weapon as your main weapon after the update. If you want to fully master this weapon, you'd better look for some more advanced guides to gain a deeper understanding of this unique weapon.

Basic Information of Void Gauntlet
The Void Gauntlet is incredibly much a "Jack of Trades" form of weapon. While it lacks New World Coins Buy in a few qualities like raw healing power, this really is compensated for heavily by with a lot of DPS, buffing and debuffing capabilities.
You can find out getting the Void Gauntlet rolling around in its various tiers with the normal methods you'd utilize to gain another weapon like loot or craft.

This weapon functions like a strong hybrid between both a DPS as well as a Support, but additionally a Melee DPS and Ranged DPS. This makes it a substantial offering from the Damage Category, to be able to buff itself and nearby allies. The Healing it's capable of provide alongside numerous Debuffs and statuses available give it a substantial showing inside the Support Category likewise.

In the Damage category, there's options to be competent to properly be both a ranged DPS or even a Melee DPS. This unique flexibility allows the Void Gauntlet to only pair with numerous other weapons, even ones that will require a Elemental Gem to maintain in damage. Regardless of the weapon where you will pair it with, it is quite well suited for the task.

In the Support Category, the Void Gauntlet shines with New World Coins entry to many AoE Buffs and debuffs which help not only you however, your teammates master combat, while weakening your foes within the process. While its ratios for healing aren't impressive, being copied by that much buffing and debuffing power can certainly make it a tremendously potent off-healer. Pairing it together with the Life Staff to try and do the bulk of your healing, and letting this function as more of a debuffing tool having a bit of extra healing.

So for those players who want a better gaming experience, a large number of New World Coins is a necessary condition. In order to allow players to enjoy the game, Newworldcoins.com is also well prepared. At present, all servers of the company in the game have abundant inventory, which can deliver New World Coins purchased by players at any time.
Festivals in the game usually mean new activities, season-limited items and some other special gifts, so whenever a new festival is coming, players will always feel very excited. World of Warcraft Classic started the Halloween event at the beginning of November. Players participating in the event have the opportunity to get a limited Halloween mount - Headless Horseman. So, if you are a New World player, then you must be curious to know what surprises you can get during the festival season. Now there is good news, there are signs that the development team of New World MMO seems to be preparing to add seasonal celebrations to the game.

Scot Lane was interviewed by the game news website not long ago and revealed some information. The reporter asked the developers whether they plan to apply seasonal changes to Aeternum Island and whether they are preparing some seasonal events for the New World Coins game. Although Lane did not share too many details, he admitted that seasonal events are very important for MMOs like New World, and this is what the members of the development team have always wanted to do.

Winter is a good time to host festival events in the game, he said. Therefore, although we still cannot know when the festivals will land, we can expect to see a different New World MMO this winter.

We can also see Amazon Game Studios releasing a new New World winter promotional film. It is conceivable that some amazing changes will take place on Aeternum Island to welcome the new festival activities. After all, it is the fantasy land in New World. The scenery in the game will be charming by then, and you may be able to see the quaint streets in Windsward or Everfall after they are decorated with seasonal decorations.

Therefore, please continue to pay attention to Newworldcoins.com and the latest tweets released by the developers during this period, because it is almost certain that there will be some changes in New World during the festival season. With less than a week to go until December, you will soon know what will happen in the winter in New World!

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One in the appeals associated with an New World MMO would be the social aspect, so don't be ready to go full lone-ranger whenever you enter New World in my ballet shoes. After a certain point, you will be expected to sign up with one of three factions – the Covenant, the Syndicate, or Marauders. Each faction features its own deep-rooted values, in addition to a long-term goal to secure not able to Aeternum within their favour. Deciding where your loyalties lie means you will end up a part with the struggle, within a mutually beneficial arrangement that will aid you inside development of your story.
Choosing between 3 factions can be quite a difficult decision, and you will probably want to do your homework given that you may be sworn to loyalty for about 120 days. We've revealed each faction as a result of their New World Coins common commercially available, exposing their motivations, beliefs, and methodologies to assist you to make the best decision.

The Covenant
As the name suggests, this faction will depend on spiritual guidance to shape their set goals – believing within the redemption of Aeternum over the exorcism of the ancient evil.
If you're usually like a paladin or cleric-type character, the Covenant could be your best pick. They will show you the ropes in defensive magic and adorn you with unique equipment for each stage within your journey. Reaching the most notable rank of Adjudicator has considerable perks but doing the wrong side from the Covenant's holy wrath could be ill-advised.

The Syndicate
A secretive guild using a murky past, the Syndicate are loyal merely to knowledge and scientific discovery, even when that means unearthing the fact that was meant to be forgotten. They believe which the redemption of Aeternum lies in a very new enlightened age, something only they are able to usher in.
For people that tend to prefer as a mage or assassin, the Syndicate will let you exercise your sneakiest tendencies. Although you will still come up against the odd brute-force victory, your power will lie primarily inside your wits. Gaining this info, however, oftentimes leads you down a dark path that nobody was supposed to tread.

The Marauders
If that sounds a bit considered and slow, the Marauders are most likely for you. A militaristic faction about strength, discipline, and order, they think that a free Aeternum have to be fought for.
Led with a series of Commanders, the Marauders fit a soldier-type build, while using goal of an free society inside their sight. Members of this faction need to Buy New World Coins be ready to wield a weapon for a moment's notice, to address only for the honor and glory of Aeternum, and also to follow orders to your very end. Loyal and well-trained soldiers will likely be rewarded with positions of authority and influence, in addition to some impressive weaponry and gear that marks them out amongst an audience as someone to never be messed with.

By the way, smart players have recently started choosing to buy New World Coins from third-party websites, such as Newworldcoins. Newworldcoins.com has a professional team to provide you with services, as well as a 24-hour online customer service to solve your problems, which is worthy of your trust.
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