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Lvl 90-Fury of Guthix: Will kill everyone (allies, ennemies) except you and their corpse becomes more Death shadows. The Death Shadows immediately kill you and will destroy every item you've got RS gold in your inventory (No exceptions) Last but not least, the Zaros prayerbook. To use this, you must have 666 passing runes in your stock, historical magicks, all the god staves, the Iba staff, and have 99 in everything.

Before you all go"OMG this subject is agaisnt the rules! F2P do not ever never ever get updates!" Out me. F2P have recieved plenty of updates, I personally am an on off penis, so its not that I need to get mre stuff, I will afford £3.

I was thinking, f2p have coinshare and lootshare, but theres no purpose, it'll never actualy be used as theres no drop within 50k from any creature. So whats the point? What better way than to give f2p a boss monster to actually get them drooling in the lips? The issue with the boss is that incorporating a new powerful thing to mellee will unbalance f2p even mroe, adding it to range or mage will jsut annyo the vast majority of mellers, I had to be more sneaky...

Blurite Dragons reside in the blurite caverns, to gain accsess that you need an"Ice crucial". To obtain it you need: Red berry Pie. Conclusion of knights sword. Just speak with the dwarf in knights sword, give him the pie for the"strange icicle" aka the ice key. As soon as you have the key return to the blurite cave, near the eastern end is a doorway outline. Use the key on the outline and enter.

WARNING! The ice key hits 1 damage for every 20 seconds holding it. The Keys result is nulified in the cave, your getting hit ones anyway. (see later) The cavern will have a vaierty of ice Giants (lv 52, 83, 106) and ice artists (lv 57, 90 and 110). All competitive in a multi battle area. You enter a big place with a frozen lake in the middle. Around the edge is a two deep square piece of land. 9fakes coming shortly )

The Blurite Dragon: The dragon is level 205, the greatest f2p monster. It will never drift off the ice lake also has the following effects. If you stand of this ice lake having over 30kg of cheap RuneScape gold items which you risk decreasing in. Should you fall in the lake you take 10 damage and just take 5 seconds to swim into the side.
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If you haven't noticed their is A LOT of pure/tank/new people now!I can not go somewhere without seeing that one kind pure/tank! I know this may not be big new's to a but I really wanted to ask: exactly what do you consider it? More people looking for more money mean's they merchant and OSRS gold your losing money because they take more thing's, you're losing training spot's due to more folks coming: pures can even solo things GWD you lossing money/training place or money monster's.

I'm not just talking about pure, so don't think I am ranting on them since I'm not. The remainder Below is my OLD post for the Slayer Tank I am re-writing it all no worry's. And now I want to talk about something I might have made or simply said something everyone know is already. Nah I am for sure understand one has done this! This is a Tank for me (is a pure) you basically become magic dart and use this everywhere I think I'll make my main accounts into this - anyways you utilize slayer dart for everything so that this account is for slayer! (you may be able to use this in PvP but I really don't believe so and you can cross out any battle at all actually ).

I made this for me personally, so this won't fit to many others. unsure. In addition, I think you need to include summoning in there and 70+ shield, this will provide the account the ability to most likely kill item's faster and this being a Tank and all. Stat's because of (in what I presume ) Summoning (almost any level or none at all). Sorry if you have no clue what I'm speaking about.Question's -I want more like suggestions on how I could add or take off things for the tank and also a awesome name because I do not believe the title: Magic dart tank would be your finest every account type name. (notice that this is not a participant name it's a title for the account type).

In Terms of a name for the Pure. . .hmmm... Slayer Dart, Dart Pure, Slayer Tank, Summoning Slayer, etc, etc, sorry couln't really think of any. As for Def, tbh, I think 1 Def Pures are the best, the battle lvls you avoid from Def greatly helps in Pvp, or some other general area tbh. If not 1, then 25 for some Infinity Robes, however, 1 are my first choice. For Summoning, it's only a waste of cash on any account, they don't help that much in fights and if they're in a position to, you have blown mils on it. I have a GS Pure (In Progress) add her;"k0_rang4" I'd be pleased to assist you, train with you, whatever you need:3. I know you didn't ask, but I just could not help thinking of titles for the account, you don'e got me excited about another Pure.

So I will going be re-gaining my own membership. First off I am combat based and adore fighting. When I was a member I trained soley through slayer and'm now getting 70 defence to be able to use Guthans. I have a net worth of about 19.3 mil with 19 mil of it being pure cash. I would rather not waste this on un-needed abilities (fletching, cooking) but place it towards great use (I plan on becoming mage to 70 via alch and prayer to around 60-65).I'm going to be moving to associates again soon, and I had been wondering if this would be a good set. I have raised my skills since I was a part the buy RS gold first time, so my first set won't work here. In addition, I don't have loads of money, so I'm trying to have something that's pretty good, without spending tens of thousands of dollars. Edited the original list.
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