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If you are exposed to physical dolls for the first time, you may not know much about Sex Doll. Considering the existence of inferior dolls in the market, please pay attention to the following characteristics of a genuine Adult Solid Sex Doll before buying a Sex Doll:

1. The skin of the silicone entity doll is delicate and shiny, and the touch is closer to the real skin. The interior of the physical doll is mainly made of non-toxic and odorless silicone, and its material is non-toxic and odorless, layered, has high durability, and almost resembles a real person. The physical doll is also dust-proof and easy to clean.

2. Each joint of the solid doll is made of polymer synthetic resin material and has a mechanical bracket inside, so it can change various postures required, to get a more comfortable experience in the process.

3. The current physical doll has an automatic heating design, which can heat the body parts to a temperature similar to that of a real human body at 37°C, making it closer to the feeling of a real person.

4. To be closer to the real person, the lower abdomen of the physical doll is equipped with a vibration sensor, which can sense your body language 100%, and is equipped with a pronunciation chip, and will follow your body. The frequency and amplitude of the action make corresponding sounds.

5. The silicone doll has the characteristics of silicone material, that is, it is waterproof, anti-ozone, anti-aging, not easy to corrode, non-toxic and tasteless, chemically stable, and can maintain soft and elastic characteristics for a long time, and is easy to operate.

If you are still worried about buying fakes after knowing the characteristics of physical dolls, then I recommend you to buy Sex Doll directly from LovedollShops.com, a merchant with many years of experience in Sex Dolls For Sell, with its good reputation to win more Trusted by many users, and this is a global supplier, covering almost the world's famous brands.

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