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Anastasia VIP

Masturbation is a taboo subject when we discuss sex. Often it is an overlooked form of pleasure for the next two weeks I will explore masturbation.

Currently I am reading “Tickle Your Fancy”. It is opening my eyes to masturbation in a whole new light. I need help learning to accept masturbation as an alternative to sex. I want to learn to embrace my body as a temple. One that I can please myself.

I have always viewed masturbation as unhealthy; in fact it has always conjured up unhealthy feelings of shame, embarrassment, and has always been shrouded in secrecy.

This book is teaching me how healthy masturbation can be. There are three reasons that speak to me personally.

First, it boosts self-esteem because it creates self-confidence. It enables you to overcome personal inhibitions and fulfill your sexual desires. I have been self-conscious of my sexual self. I can never let down my guard and allow things to be pleasurable for both of us. My focal point has always been on him. I always want to get him off in fact I almost didn’t purchase this book because of my strong focus on him. But I knew I needed to learn to focus on myself sexually. I want to feel confident in myself in the bedroom. I know I can please him but then who is pleasing me. A light bulb went off I have to learn to please me before I delve deep into pleasing him.

There also physiological benefits regular orgasms induce a state of peaceful relaxation by releasing your body’s pleasure chemicals, called endorphins, from the brain. Orgasms scare the hell out of me. The loss of control is terrifying. The first time I had one I thought I was having a heart attack. The way my body seized uncontrollably scared me to death. I never wanted it to happen again and have been hell bent on preventing it every since. Crazy right?

Lastly, you can choose to be abstinent. Masturbation provides sexual release without the need for a partner. I feel ashamed alone so I have to involve a partner. When I was young I did not know masturbation was healthy. No one explained to me it was a healthy sexual release ever. I learned that later in life but I always believed real sex involves two people always.

Many things we learn early on remain etched in our memory banks. These things are often resistant to ideal changes. Touching yourself was always weird and I have to reprogram that way of thinking. I hope this journey enables me to see masturbation as both healthy and natural.

Is masturbation healthy? Why or why not? Share your thoughts below.

Anastasia Aug 9 '19 · Comments: 3 · Tags: dating, dominodate, sex, masturbation

I don’t know if I should have sex. Over a six-month period he’s broken up with me on 4 occasions due to my celibate status. I am recently divorced, but a practicing Catholic observing chastity and trying to date. Currently the guy I am in love with is demanding fellatio under the guise that it is not sex. I love him so much, but I’m uncomfortable. I also feel disrespected for him ask for this as our first sexual encounter. For starters, I am not good at it and I worry that he is taking advantage. I am scared to dissent you see. He is putting a lot of pressure on me and only talks around this subject if he texts back at all. I am doing all the pursuing apparently and its been via texts where I’m practically begging for us to retain at least some form of friendship if nothing else.

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I feel lost without him. A month ago he disappeared, yep! He swore never to reply my texts or calls ever again and told me to move on with my life. I don’t know if his demands for sex are normal or if I need saving. Please help!

jenna_mx Jul 9 '19 · Tags: dominodate, sex, brokeup

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Sex with a new guy you’ve just started dating can be a bit of a slippery slope. There’s usually a fear that women face, the fear of potentially losing our power once laying bare with him. Will he call again? Will instant messages with him remain the same or will you start double texting, only to be met with a 5 hour delayed response of, “Oh sorry, I’ve only just seen this.

There will always be clear signs that a man only wants to be involved with you for sexual pleasure, this can be by the way he speaks to you and EXACTLY by what he does.

Is he always dropping sexual innuendos? Is he constantly asking to see nude photos/videos? Does he ask who you live with early on, when it had absolutely nothing to do with the conversation? Is HE sending YOU nude photos of himself on Snapchat? Or slipping in inappropriate comments half the time you speak? Does he pop up every 3 months to ask if you’re still with your boyfriend?

Everything I’ve just listed are clear indicators that he’s trying to fuck you, he might eventually like you, but at this present time, he’s trying to hit.

Then, there are the ones who don’t make it their mission to be so overt with what they’re after. You’ll be taken out on dates, spoilt and develop a great foundation of friendship, yet the only aim he has, is to try and have sex with you.

Most women make the mistake of assuming that sex means they get to live happily ever after with this man, or that it’d bring them closer.

It’s not true. Not even if you’re a virgin.

Having sex with someone will never guarantee you as a permanent person in their life romantically, well, unless you’re after a situationship. That’s why it’s important to remember to only have sex for yourself, not because you believe it’ll keep him, not because your friends suggested you should, but because you want to.

I remember when I once slept with a guy I was dating. I always knew that at the back of my mind I wanted to be intimate with him eventually, regardless of where it went with us and that I’d be perfectly fine if things didn’t work out. Would I have preferred if it did? Perhaps. But I did it because I felt a sexual attraction. I couldn’t force something which wasn’t there for the sake of sex. I would have been cheating myself and wasting my own time.

It’s also important to highlight that if you’re a person who can only have sex with someone you’d like to be in a committed relationship with, then explain this to the person you’re dating. It still won’t guarantee anything, but if you’re dating a decent human being, it gives them the opportunity to be transparent with you, but don’t be fooled, because some men will ask to exclusively date you just so they can sleep with you.

Sex can change the narrative of a relationship, but that’s why it’s vital to not rush the sexual side till you’re 100% comfortable on how it could possibly turn out. If you feel like there is a connection, sometimes you might have to withhold sex just to be sure. Yes, I said, withhold sex.

This doesn’t mean that sleeping with a guy during the third month will keep him interested, but instead it allows you to find out what his game really is.

This isn’t to say that men who are relationship oriented don’t exist, they do, but it’s not as common to hear men say they can only get into bed with a woman they’re in a commitment with.

HLo Jul 5 '19 · Tags: dominodate, relationship, sex
laur_ VIP

There is a waiter at the restaurant where I work part time shifts who started to get really creepy with me in a sexually harassing manner. He would moan loudly whenever we were in physical proximity, sometimes grab at my sides, and call me sexy.

After the second night of this behavior I told him to stop because he was making me very uncomfortable. I have since found out that numerous other waitresses have threatened to sue him for his behavior.

I have also since found out he is the owners’ favorite employee! And, wait for it, he is married with an infant daughter. Disgusting.

But like the saying goes 'there's is trap for every town rat'

laur_ Apr 18 '19 · Tags: sex, dominodate, jerks, work
crazysexycool VIP

Though it has been a while now but I thought i needed to share this little funny and awkward encounter I had during my last vacation.

It was two years back while on vacation in Granada, Nicaragua, i went out one beautiful evening to enjoy the view of the city in all of it glory. Whilewalking past two old men I politely tell them ‘excuse me,’ in Spanish. They’ve occupied the whole sidewalk, and they were both drunk; you could tell by the way that they’re swaying and clinging to each other. They eye me as I pass. They say not a word, i started to think 'Will I make it past them without a cat-call, I wonder? I pray I will. My prayers weren’t answered.
“Ayyyy, que bonita,” the one guy hisses. I quicken my step. “Let’s have sex,” the other says, in clear and practiced English. Each man must be at least seventy years old, and they wear suits and ties and gel in their hair. Where do these old men learn their pickup lines? Que horrible.

Sarahhobson VIP

The world of love is a scary one. Whether you’re looking for it or broken by it, we all need some advice and guidance once in awhile. Unfortunately, our friends aren’t always enough. They’re about as clueless as you and sometimes, it doesn’t hurt to look elsewhere.

Love is a game and there’s rules and strategies to it. The best way to increase your chances is to consult the experts and find out exactly how to get the most of what’s out there. Whether it’s how to navigate a first date, decipher cryptic text messages or understand what he’s really thinking, there’s a number of sites with the answers to your questions. Whether it’s men telling you exactly how men think, or women advising you on how to stay positive

Sarahhobson VIP

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish everyone at #dominodate a Happy new month and best wishes ahead for Easter . Time waits for nobody, yet some people are timeless. Like David Hasselhoff, for example. Lots of love, forever and ever…

Sarahhobson Apr 1 '19 · Tags: sex, love, dating, romance
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