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Adult Solid Sex Doll are never cheap, so when you find a physical doll for an unbelievably low price, no doubt it must be a poor quality doll, of course, everyone wants their money's worth, Lovedollshops helps everyone learn to identify low-quality physical dolls to avoid being cheated.

1. Material production of inferior dolls

The materials used in physical dolls are generally only TPE and silicone, which will make the sex doll not only look realistic but also feel very real, smooth and soft, just like a real person. Solid dolls made of inferior materials often lack smooth and soft texture, and are very fragile, with extremely short lifespans, and are easily affected by small scars.

2. Inferior dolls can easily lead to allergies or adverse reactions

Both TPE and silicone are hypoallergenic because they don't contain any dangerous chemicals that can cause allergic reactions, so you can hug or even kiss them. Also, high-end dolls are not easily damaged by lubricants and standard cleaners. However, this is not the case with inferior physical dolls, because their synthetic materials are unknown, and they are likely to carry some unhealthy substance.

3. The "smell" of inferior dolls cannot be washed away

When making physical dolls, there will be a glue smell of the material itself, but after a period of ventilation or cleaning, the smell will dissipate. Simply put, standard TPE and silicone dolls don't give off any disgusting smells, and they only smell when they're not cleaned in time. The opposite is true for low-quality physical dolls. The smell they emit may be "fragrant", but this is a large amount of fragrance added to cover up the odor, which is an obvious disadvantage of low-grade materials. The scary thing is that no matter how you wash it, the smell doesn't go away.

Users should check the manufacturer's evaluation and rating before choosing to buy Discount Tpe Sex Dolls. LovedollShops customer service can provide users with relevant certificates such as product certificates, and even video inspections, allowing users to consume with absolute confidence.

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