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A real doll, also known as a fuck doll, role playing games sex doll, or full-size sex doll, is a life-size luxury toy that simulates the realism of a real woman or man. Lifelike sex dolls are designed to suit your needs and feature sophisticated styles including soft, supple and comfortable bodies.

An articulated metal skeleton is responsible for the life of this ideal mate's body and limbs. Three deep holes come to give their masters happy masturbation to complete the artist's real work. However, some customers who have purchased sex dolls may wonder what they should do if they want to extend the life of real sex dolls.

Hanging storage

1) This is a storage method that hangs the head and body on a special hook for TPE dolls.
2) Prepare a rack that can withstand heavy loads and attach a special hook.
3) The load is applied at one point of the hook, which can be stored without applying a load to the doll.
4) I think that it is the best storage method to prevent the shape, but it seems that you need to blindfold it because it is an unambitious storage method.
5) I know this storage method after picking it up, so I want to buy it when the current storage method is not enough.

on the back

1) Stretch all joints on a soft material pad, such as a low-resilience memory foam pad.
2) Pay attention to the bending of the finger joints.
3) If you lie on a hard floor and store it as is, it will be loaded and her hips will deform.
4) Note that there is no load, store it after correcting the body of the real doll.
5) As a bleeding measure, wrapping with vinyl paper while lying on the back is also recommended.

Independent Storage

1) When you pick up a free-standing Cheap Realistic Sex Dolls, there is a bolt on the sole that acts as a fulcrum.
2) If you are concerned about the scar on the floor or the color of the carpet, put it under the feet of the packing material in the box at the time of pickup, the silicone insole, the cushion laid on the sole, the white vinyl slippers if you have the preparation, independent Storage is smooth.
3) As a countermeasure to prevent wall seepage, we recommend that you put the packing material and low-rebound pad in the box when you pick it up at the hip.
4) Please be aware that if your independence is unstable, the live-action figure may tip over and be damaged or cause injury.
5) Not recommended for self-supporting because of the risk of tearing.

sit and hold

1) Sitting for a long time seems to put a heavy burden on the hips, thighs, buttocks and knees, and it is said that the limit of sitting and storage is 1 to 2 days.
2) When sitting down, put the packing material in the box when picking it up, put it on the hips and back, and sit down in a reclining position to lighten the load.
3) Also pay attention to the color of the chairs and sofas.


With the advancement of technology in the adult product industry, Love Doll is becoming more and more mature in the adult product market. On LovedollShops, it's easy to find your favorite sex toys. Buy a Love Doll and every man can have a body that makes you see cancer with your naked libido! Compared to silicon, it is cheap, soft, and lightweight.

Apply lotion to the pubic area or apply a thin layer of lube to the penis and insert it, which can be vaginal, facial, or oral. You need to stay clean no matter what, so feel your best and keep going. You can do things with Sex Doll in any way you can think of.

TPE Sex Doll is more flexible

The TPE material is very soft, and the skeleton joints are flexible. The naked TPE Sex Doll has more possibilities on the bed, which will make men feel impulsive. Putting Sex Doll in pajamas, you will see another charming Sex Doll. Swing Sex Doll's hips, she's like a real woman and you're having sex with her.

The Mini Sex Doll has a small stature and can easily switch positions. You can have a Love Doll that accompanies you during the day and a Sex Doll that accompanies you at night, and you will know the inside of a doll. Because it is soft, you can enjoy different poses.

flat chested sex doll is more real

The flat-chested sex doll has beautiful A-cup breasts that are very active and the soft skin texture makes you feel real. Tall beauties have enviable figures with very tight and juicy hips. The life-size lover is almost as tall as a real woman, with small breasts and a tight lower body.

If you want to know more about different types of Sex Doll, then you can go to LovedollShops to see more, LovedollShops has its factory and is one of the largest Sex Doll production bases in the world, you can Shop Sex Doll with confidence, Pick the one that suits you best.


Love Dolls are exquisitely designed in face and body details and are made of silicone or TPE materials that are as close to human skin as possible. Especially for the female genitals, to highlight a more realistic effect, TPE material is used.

TPE Sex Doll has a softer material and is much cheaper than silicone Sex Doll. If you don't mind the taste, buying TPE Sex Doll is also a good option. During use, you will feel its soft and realistic effect, which makes people unable to extricate themselves. Be sure to clean it after use.

TPE Sex Doll has the soft touch and elasticity of human skin, with the deep softness of a little girl or a fat woman, easy to insert and grip when docked. Not only the missionary pose, but the female upper back pose is also easy to perform and you can enjoy real sex.

TPE sex doll with real feel

A material that TPE Sex Doll stretches slightly when heated. It's so soft that you can enjoy the illusion of holding a real girl. Stroking the sex doll's breasts, smooth, soft, and full of charm.

LovedollShops offers Realistic Sex Doll for sale with almost the same joints as humans, so you can pose in different poses just like normal sex. Also, the whole section has a very realistic finish. Of course, both vaginal and anal holes can be used. The experience is very good, come and try it.

As we all know, in the market, TPE Sex Doll and Silicone Sex Doll are the most common, and Sex Dolls of other materials will not be considered. TPE and silicone also have advantages and disadvantages, but there are many reasons why people prefer to buy silicone Sex Dolls.

The experience varies from person to person, and we can't evaluate it well. In terms of price, Tpe Sex Doll has an advantage, and silicone solid dolls are more expensive, but silicone dolls are still more popular. why?

Maintenance method

Since silicone dolls are easy to clean and sterilize, they require little maintenance. In addition, silicone is not easy to stain. On the other hand, TPE is not as resistant to water, heat, and stains as silicone, so regular maintenance is required. When you have stains on your Love Doll, it can be difficult to clean.

TPE feels sticky to the touch, but some baby powder can quickly fix that. It's also barely heat-resistant, so bathing a life-size doll can be a problem. The product is very porous and the vaginal and anal cavities should be cleaned as much as possible. Incorrect sharpness can breed mold.

Sex Doll Lifespan

Most early real-life sex doll owners carried their dolls with them for 3-5 years. It is said that TPE is not as durable as silicone, but this largely depends on the quality of the materials used to make the doll and the care of the owner.

Both silicone and TPE have pros and cons, and it can be difficult to choose between the two when shopping for sex dolls. However, both TPE and silicone sex dolls are of good quality and are similar in many ways. But different people have different preferences.

LovedollShops suggests that if the budget is sufficient, you can choose Sex Doll which combines silicone and TPE, combining the advantages of both to bring the best experience to users. If you want to choose from body, size, function, and more, browse the different Adult Solid Sex Doll on LovedollShops.com

Having a Love Doll you love is bliss, and careful care habits can extend the life of your Sex Doll. When maintaining, we should maintain and maintain according to the material of Sex Doll. Taking care of your Sex Doll is also good for your health, please take good care of her as you are.

clean your sex doll

Everyone who buys a sex doll has a different reason. Sex dolls are gorgeous, soft to the touch and sexy. These are the things many men look for in women. Lifelike Sex Dolls made of TPE are softer and more environmentally friendly, and the cost is relatively low. Clean your doll to keep it fresh, failure to clean can cause mold to form and damage your Love Doll, and your skin can get irritated when you touch her, especially in the private parts.

Take care of your sex dolls to prolong your life

Sex dolls made from TPE are not as heat-resistant as silicone sex dolls, so they are vulnerable to damage when exposed to high temperatures. The sex doll will start to become unsightly in the heat and even melt. Sex dolls can be expensive, but you don't want them to be wasted on you in minutes. The water temperature can be warm or cold, depending on whether you are cleaning the sex doll.

Do not wear colored or dyed clothes for sex dolls

TPE Sex Doll keeps humidity. When dyes and colors are present, they can cause damage. When loose-colored clothes stick to sex dolls, they can stain and leave a tint. If something goes wrong, you'll get a cleansing cream to get it back on track.

Keep the Sex Doll ventilated

Since the TPE Sex Doll is porous and retains moisture, she must be in all open areas for her to dry while cleaning or bathing. If you don't use her, keep her open. You want to show by keeping her open every time, not just the vagina. It's best to contact your manufacturer and ask about the best way to keep your vagina ventilated.

Use qualified cleaning agents

If you don't know what kind of cleanser should be used to clean Sex Doll, please consult the seller first, the seller will recommend the corresponding cleanser according to your Sex Doll, please do not use the cleanser arbitrarily, otherwise, it may damage the skin of Sex Doll.

LovedollShops does a great job of making sex dolls out of sturdy and durable materials. Not only do we have Realistic Sex Dolls For Sale, but we also provide sex doll users with safe care guides to help you learn about Sex Dolls care, keep her in good shape, and work with you to extend her life.

If you are also a sex doll owner and need a variety of sex dolls, LovedollShops can build a lasting relationship with you, where you can get real doll adults for your fantasies and sexual pleasure.


Sex Doll is different in material, structure and function. Some disinfection methods in daily life, such as boiling water and alcohol, cannot be used casually on Sex Doll. Wrong cleaning and maintenance, will not only shorten the life of Sex Doll but also cause damage to human health.

TPE Sex Doll, TPE is also called thermoplastic elastomer, can be very soft, very close to the texture of human skin, so Lifelike Sex Dolls mostly uses TPE material. TPE material cannot be cleaned with alcohol or boiling water, because alcohol will be highly corrosive to soft TPE, and boiling water will cause the material to decay, greatly reducing the life of Sex Doll and affecting human health.

How to wash a Sex Doll's intimate area

Pour the body wash into the intimate area and wash it back and forth with your fingers. It is recommended to use cold water when rinsing, not hot water, otherwise, the colloid is easy to age, and alcohol and disinfectant cannot be used, which is harmful to the colloid.

Although non-penetrating products have a stronger sense of wrapping, they are more troublesome to clean. Many people will return the product to clean when cleaning. This method is wrong, and it is easy to damage the entrance when returning to clean. You can also turn it over occasionally to thoroughly clean the inside, which is more hygienic.

After cleaning, shake the water dry, dry the water inside and outside the hole with a cotton cloth, or dry the water inside the hole with cold air. Use a hair dryer, use cold air, and can use objects to open small holes to blow, sweeping every corner.

After cleaning with clean water, you can choose to spray a professional toy disinfectant for disinfection, and the Sex Doll will be better protected and wait for natural air-drying.

Finally, you can apply talcum powder to the surface, and it will not be sticky when you take it out next time.

If it is a built-in electric Sex Doll, the soft part inside should be taken out and cleaned, so that the water will not affect the internal electric structure. Some electric devices are waterproof, but it is worth noting that this kind of washing with water is OK, not soaking in water.

If you want to know more about Real Life Sex Doll maintenance, please pay attention to LovedollShops. There are Sex Dolls with different functions for sale on LovedollShops, which will help you learn more about Sex Dolls. If you like it, place an order and buy it immediately.


Sex dolls usually come in TPE Sex Dolls and Silicon Sex Dolls. TPE is the more maintenance product of the two, but also has a lower price range and is generally softer to the touch. If you're considering buying a Tpe Sex Doll, you need to know how to take care of it first.

TPE is a more porous material than silicone, so it retains more moisture and is more susceptible to moisture. Plus, because it's porous, it can't be technically sterilized, keeping the doll regularly clean will also reduce rashes or infections at the ends. It only takes a little skill and willingness to form a habit.

Make sure sex dolls are always powdery

You can use a neutral-smelling baby powder or any particular favorite fragrance. Check at least once a month to see if the doll is still pink enough, but with TPE dolls, the more the better. Double it if you use the doll a lot. Besides being a great way to take care of your doll, it also makes the skin feel smoother and softer. It's good for your doll and it's good for you.

Keep the doll dry

The Sex Doll must be actively cleaned after use, but be sure to wipe it down afterwards. You have to especially make sure that even the inside is dry, as some of the moisture tends to disappear from your sight then. Like said before, TPE is porous and any excess moisture can get into the doll and eventually cause mold and material damage.

Air Dry

Expose the sensitive crevices of the sex doll to the air when not in use, this ensures that you don't unknowingly leave any moisture or water vapor in the orifice. Otherwise, mold may start growing in the cavity, so make sure you don't use any unused inserts on the doll's vagina.

For extra safety, keep the shaft or similar in place to keep the doll's holes open to allow moisture to escape. When drying, never use a hair dryer. Although you want your sex doll to be as dry as possible, the concentrated heat can damage the TPE.

Here are the three main guidelines you must follow to maximize the use and life of your TPE doll and minimize the risk of any unwanted mold or premature degradation. When doing the actual cleaning and use, one must pay attention to the materials that can and cannot be used.

Clean TPE Sex Doll

Antibacterial soap and water: Suitable for mild soaps or soaps available from LovedollShops, which are specially made for TPE sex dolls. As for the water, you need lukewarm water not cold water. This can help you clean the doll faster and more thoroughly.

Toy/Doll Cleaners: Can also be used to clean sex dolls, but you'll have to check the manufacturing details of the cleaners and possibly do some research to determine if they are suitable for use with thermoplastic elastomers. When cleaning or drying sex dolls, air dry or towel dry.

Water-based lubricants will be easier to clean and will not interact adversely with TPE. Be careful not to use bleach and alcohol, let alone oil-based lubricants and dish soap. These are too harmful to the TPE SEx Doll. You only need to follow the above requirements, which can definitely prolong the service life of the Sex Doll. If you want to know more, please pay attention to LovedollShops, and buy the Best Sex Dolls here, learn more about the use and maintenance of Sex Doll.


With the expansion of the global market, Real Love Doll have also emerged with different materials. Generally speaking, silicone dolls and Tpe doll are mainly sold on the market. Dolls made of two materials have their advantages. No matter which one you choose, you must be right. It has a certain understanding.

1. From the aspect of texture

Because the silicone material is hard, it is better than TPE in shaping the details of the head. Some simulated facial fine lines and edges and corners can only be expressed by silicone. TPE is soft and has a rounded overall appearance.

2. From the aspect of stretching

Silicone can be stretched three to five times according to different formulas, while TPE can be stretched six to eight times, so TPE has a better pulling force and more extreme movements. Get, the action can not be too large, otherwise, it is easy to tear.

3. In terms of durability

Silicone is resistant to high temperature, acid and alkali, and it hardly reacts with any substances except strong corrosive items, so the makeup is more durable and beautiful. The anti-aging of TPE is not as good as that of silicone, but it can be re-molded, so the price is low, and you can choose to replace it.

In addition, there are other ways to identify. No matter what material you choose for Real Life Sex Doll, you must first ensure its safety.

LovedollShops is a professional Sex Doll sale website, you can choose from the price, you can also choose from the material, you can even choose from the doll's body appearance, there is always one that suits you.

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