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When everyone is at the Salve you'll have 5 minutes to RuneScape Gold endure. During that 5 minutes you are in a position to pick up anything that's dropped from the folks in your side. Archers are given 25 blessed arrows, monks are given a sword they are assume to bless for themselves, and they're given garlic.

During the whole five minutes you're advised to survive no matter what happens. Every previous vampire that's attacking must be killed or pushed straight across the Salve. When the warriors fallback throughout the river, vampires will start crossing the river and trying to kill you all. If that occurs you have two choices, run or fight. If you run along with the vampires take the monastery, you loose the minigame and the entire world is under Drakan's rule. Should you struggle and endure for 5 minutes, you'll win the match. After 5 minutes and victory, your side will see Misthalin soldiers running up the road towards you.

The vampires will run off and your side will begin cheering jummping up and down. If you do win you will find a brief cut-scene of the whole battlefield with all the dead, the vampires kill all the wounded during their escape, and weaponry on the floor. Then the opinion will swivel into the 500 Misthalin soldiers coming to help all marching in rows. Cut-scene will finish with all the people that fought hugging one another saying we survived. If you win you'll be awarded 5 decoration pages. The rewards and the number of bible pages are needed are posted under.

Improvements To Champions Guild. Most of us need fixers into the champions guild. It needs a bit of a spruce up. Well basiclly I will begin from the area outside.

Okay, recall Land of the Goblins, and also the way Zanik is trapped, and how you went a whole Dorgeshuun pursuit without seeing a certain loser who claims to be pious yet wears pink all the time? Well, this is my idea for a sequel. I came up with this for two reasons: 1 I like writing plot ideas 2 my idea for a sequel to While Guthix Sleeps would need this original as my idea for the second grandmaster quest involves Zanik getting stabbed in the chest by Cheap OSRS Gold a dragonkin, so yeah.

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