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When you've completed the quest the entire Gladiator Armour, including Elite is OSRS gold available for purchase from the Mini-Game. Part 2: A quest that is suitable for the role of a Gladiator. Ancient Triumph. Skills Required: 50 Attack. 50 Strength. 50 Defense. 40 Theiving. 45 Cooking. 45 Woodcutting. 45 Fishing. Ability to Defeat Level 275 Pyre Gladiator. Level 175 Sea Gladiator. Level 205 Earth Gladiator. Level 125 Air Gladiator.

I'm sure I'll be able to defeat the Demonic Gladiators.... I'm sure of it! Fantastic! Before I will give you the sword you have to bring me three keys. These keys were kept by the Three Kings of Runescape. The First, was taken by King Lathas of Ardougne. The Second, was taken by the King Roald of Varrock. Prince Ali took the third. I believe the High Priest took the Third from Ali However. Bring me the keys, go forward.

Finding the key from King Lathas. Go to King Lathas and request the key from him. Hello, Adventurer. I'm too busy right now to speak to you. Do you have the key that you took in the meeting with Prince Ali and King Roald? How do you find out about this? Varce said to me. Varce said something about Demonic Gladiators returning.

I'm not really in the Cheap RuneScape gold time or energy to think about it. If you send me some Maple Logs, however, I'll gladly provide them to you. Do not try to purchase any cheap maple logs either! It has to be cut by yourself! (45 Woodcutting Techniques to Cut the Maple) Bring the logs back to King Lathas. Okay. You can take this key. I must go now. The Key is from King Roald. Talk to Advisor Grihm and visit King Roald.

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