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I'm not! No! It's the truth! You'll have to kill one of my Guards in RuneScape Gold my Courtyard before I can give you my key. However, Guards are-- I Do not take any interest in them. Grihm! Kill a guard, then go back to Roald. The guard was killed. Yes, I have. May I have the key now? I'm not sure. Take me to the market for a cooked Longfish. This bait and this rod are good for fishing them.

Roald gives you a fishing rod, along with some bait. Go to the fishing area in Barbarian Village. Cook one longfish. Both require Level 45 Fishing and Cooking. Here's your cooked longfish. Can I have the key again? I am a man of my word. You can take it.

How to obtain Ali's Key. Visit Prince Ali in jail. Salute! Unfortunately, if I speak I'll be removed. I can't talk right now...... Eliminate all guards surrounding Ali's cell. Contact him again. We're thankful! If it wasn't for me, I would not have been able to communicate in any way. Where's your key? What is the key? The Key. Varce said that Roald and Lathas both have one.

That's the one! The High Priest of Sophanem was the one who took mine. He said that "I was not fit enough to carry it". Soon after, I was captured by these horid people! Talk to the priest. I believe you'll need "Connections" with him. Go to the High Priest after completing Contact! Hello Adventurer! What can I do to assist you?

Prince Ali instructed me to ask for your key. It's essential. Gilenor is in desperate need of these three keys. They're back with the Chalice of Eternity... and the Demonic Gladiators... Your problems are pathetic and can be moved to another place. It seems that you require "other" ways to get it. In this case I suggest you to have the prerequisites of the game for this. Right click and click the Pickpocket High Priest. You now have the 3 Keys! You will need to Buy Old School RuneScape Gold give 40 times the required amount to get the key.

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