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I understand what you're saying. It has been a little aion classic kinah buying slightly crazy to play against purples in my mid-30s just two weeks from game's release. Do you know what to do? Go out, play in the dirt My man, and get some sunshine. Do not try to affect the lives of other players in games.

But, I don't want to see this changing. This is why the atmosphere that I was in led me to love Aion so much and that's why I came back.

The perfect example is GW2. regardless of what others think I thoroughly enjoy GW2 gameplay. After a while, I realized that the progress was irrelevant because everything is scaled, and difficulty never gets either harder or easier and the players are identical to me. It's just not working for me.

It feels great to show off what you spent hours achieving. Though I'm not one to make a fuss or feel guilty for someone who is trying to make a mess of it repeatedly, I have defeated players who are at or near to being a level ahead of me. I like combatting 1 vs. x with less skilled players. I believe it's fun for both players. I like the challenge of me and 2 or three of my friends trying to take down a purple and being close to or succeeding, or even just getting fucking by stomping and saying "Wow that dude's a badass" as much as I love running up and wiping a whole group and then saying "Fuck it, I've put in the work to achieve this".

I'm sick of seeing players stay in lower-level areas for long periods of time. You must be a real life. It's a waste of time and you're not cool. A friendly way to kill some people, such as "Get wrecked children, one day you'll be capable of doing this too" It's a different situation from "I'm going ruin this person’s day and make them decide to stop playing". Though the latter is more harmful than the former, it's a part of having full PvP.

It's 5% when you add all the lesser supplements required to add.There are more supplements than smaller ones however, there are regular supplements and higher supplements, and they give 10 15 percent and 10 percent respectively.

The price of the supplements IMO, is not worth it. With 5 pieces of gear that are 10ed and the stones that are 30+ it is rare for me to experience a failure. I've had four cheap aion classic kinah failures in succession with 80% chance, but only one time on one piece. That happened when the number went from 10 to 11 in my case, and going to 10 for me on all my pieces. experienced 2 failures all together outside of the bad luck streak.

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