⁣How many times a week is normal to have sex with a Sex Doll? from EllaJoy's blog

For novice players, using Sex Doll is just another way of masturbating, but there is still no big difference. We can't just think of Sex Doll as a sexual tool, you can think of her as your life partner.

For single men, Sex Doll is just a sexual tool. Appropriate use of Sex Doll is a reasonable catharsis of sexual energy and a safer behavior to release sexual pressure. But let's not use Sex Doll uncontrollably, it will consume a lot of physical strength and overdraw the body's energy.

Knowing that physiological changes and sexual arousal are controlled by hormones, if you regard the process of using Sex Doll as the process of exercise, then you will have a good living habit.

If you have sex three times a week, you can burn 7,500 calories a year, which is equivalent to jogging 120 kilometers. Single calorie consumption can even reach 300 kcal. Equivalent to running for 30 minutes of calories burned.

If you want to exercise with a Sex Doll, you can go to LovedollShops to find a Sex Doll that suits your physical strength and take it home, she will accompany you to exercise a stronger body.

LovedollShops offers a one-to-one replica of a human body, close to a real woman in height and weight, so buy Sex Dolls on LovedollShops and you don't have to worry about errors. Of course, if you are using a Sex Doll for the first time, we recommend that you use a Sex Doll with a smaller body, which will make it easier for you to adjust your posture.

If you are a user with skilled experience, then choose to buy Cheap Love Dolls on LovedollShops based on your personal psychological preference. Customization is also supported here, which greatly facilitates people with special hobbies. What are you waiting for? come to LovedollShops and Pick it up.

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