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On a broader level, the Alliance and Horde have reached what appears to be a permanent truce in the end of World of Warcraft's final expansion, Battle for Azeroth. While hostility will continue to linger due to past hatreds however, it's likely that the wars of the entire world between the two sides are finally over. The question is, however, if there will be ever WOW WOTLK Classic Gold walking around the streets Stormwind or humans riding wyverns is yet to be confirmed.

Despite cross-faction play being an excellent option for many, there are tangible concerns about whether joining the factions with regard to the endgame content is likely to yield positive results. While the number of players, although only estimated, have likely suffered considerably in the wake the latest WoW expansion, World of Warcraft Classic, and its unsustainable content shortages.

The expansion only received one major update to the content within the span of its initial year, and the well-loved expansions such as Legion were already announcing their third content patch of the expansion by then. There is a wide range of reasons that have caused this disappointing drop in attendance of players for World of Warcraft Classic, but the results are obvious. There are fewer people playing the game when there's just not as more to play.

Combining the factions is one important selling point for World of Warcraft at the present and will attract many subscriptions, but the impact on the game as a result of a disastrous past few years will be a challenge to overcome. The nature of the cross-faction game as requested by fans in the first place is being implemented signifies that changes are being made to the way things are being done. The expansion of options for players is a positive one that could only be the beginning of a new period that will bring good things in the future.

If players favor of keeping the rigid binary between Horde as well as Alliance or even a WoW crossover faction model the idea of giving players more choices can only improve the game. World of Warcraft has come under severe scrutiny for a number of reasons in recent months, but that does not mean there's no chance of a bright future for one of WOTLK Classic Gold the most popular games. If a fundamental change of the magnitude of joining the two factions is in the works for WoW and the other factions, it's impossible to tell what else the developers may have in store.

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