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Magic will be good for you. Here's a few strategies for the supervisors. Damis-He can drain your prayer so bring a fair amount of prayer potions. I'd say around 10-15 full ones and a few sharks just in case you slip on prayer. Bring a dds, poison him his very first form then switch to earth spells because that's what he's weak against. For the first form RuneScape gold he will not drain prayer, just pray melee and mage him. Karil-He's feeble to fire spells. He could drain your stats so bring a super restore and a few prayer potions for when you need to kill the trolls in the beginning. Pray mage and use melee armor. He will freeze you. Fareed-The weakest of them, wear ice hockey gloves so that you are able to weild a weapon. Pray melee and use water spells. Dessous-Kinda tough, he strikes really fast. Pray melee and use ranged protective armor. Bring a few prayer pots and sharks. Just stay out of his melee range. I forget how to do so because usually when you snare him teleports in front of you. Trap him on the corner of the fence or over the opposite side of the fence.

Hello everyone! Just yesterday I've got a complete Guthans set and has been pwning the dags and all living things as it a wierd thoguht ran through my mind... I need to get to 99 cooking and fishing!!!

Well I have decided... I want that!!! So a couple questions here... I will lay them out as readily as I can... If you can copy and paste it as kind of like a questionare that will be great. What does purchasing Guthans have to do with cooking or fishing? You could make money to repair Guthans by fishing sharks or monkfish. What would I need to do to reach lvl 99 fishing out of lvl 83 in the shortest amount of time?

What would I need to do in order to get to lvl 99 cooking out of lvl 83 at the shortest period of time? As for cooking, making cooking or wine bees is the fastest. Why did I make a questionare? N/A. Would you want me to stop? N/A. Can you attend my lvl 99 celebration for both cooking and fishing? Of course. If not then which you? N/A. Can you have fun filling out this questionare? Yes? Bye! BAI! Hope I helped. Have fun, and good luck.

I am now 4 summoning, but I would like to remedy this, ideally getting to 40 or 52, for the BoB and Old School RS Gold Run Energy skills of this Bull Ant and Spirit Terrorbird. (However, I am just 83 battle, which may somewhat limit my capacities.) Is it realistic to hope for 52?

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