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Lately, my days have been different. I’ve found new friends, earned my own money. Also found a potential love interest, and started to take care of my health. I never understood why all changes in my life come with some kind of extreme event. Being completely honest, I think I’m so stubborn to the changes of life, that I need a hard hit to understand something has changed. I’ve always had problems with understanding subtleties. I need to know explicitly what people want to tell me. Because if they don’t, I can’t understand what they mean. And that has caused a lot of problems for me. I think the word you can use for that is oblivious. And I think it fits me like a glove.

On another topic, I learned to cook yesterday. It feels so good making your own food. It’s a lot healthier too. And cheaper. It wasn’t the most fancy meal, but the feeling that I made the food made it a lot tastier. I also had a family lunch, something I didn’t have for a long, long while. My family is always busy, so we never eat together.

That’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading. If you need to talk about any related matters, leave a comment below and I’ll try to answer. Have a nice day.

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The Wall

Apr 5 '19
Life is a confusing thing, I have faith in you ;)
Apr 5 '19
Sarahhobson VIP
Apr 8 '19
thanks Y'all
Apr 17 '19
You're welcome baby
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By Sarahhobson
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