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I am becoming a part SOMETIME... ideally... so I need a good outfit. Having a budget of OSRS gold below 2m gp. Combat stats would be: Strike: 63. Power: 65. Defense: 60. Magic: 58. Ranged: 55? I was thinking: Helm: Nezzy Rune Full Helm. Body: Torso Rune Plate. Legs: Dragon Platelegs. Weapon: Dragon Scim Dragon Long Rune Scim. Shield: Rune Defender Rune Kite.

I do not need to have in a discussion about Dragon skirts being anything or cheaper. . Additionally, the things I start with will be like this: New thing that I will acquire Old thing I know the nezzy asks a quest.

Hi all! I have been toying with the thought to have a shot in the quest"Lunar Diplomacy". After realizing this gives the opportunity of great Runecrafting xp (crafting astrals) I decided I need to do it. I have the majority of the skill requirements: 5 herblore (have 9). 40 defense (have 60). 55 Woodcuting (have 55). 49 Firemaking (have 49). As you could probably tell, the bottom three ability need improvement. For magic I've been teleporting into Camelot. . I have been crafting bow series for crafting and I'm thinking about power-mining either iron or coal. My question is: Is this the quickest way to find these levels? Also, can a level 78 do that quest? Thank you!

I was now training at green dragons and I died to a berserker ghost type thing. Luckily my friend was there to maintain my grave living so I could get to all of my stuff cept my FIGHTER TORSO THAT I WORKED 12 HOURS STRAIT FOR AND I LOST IT THE DAY I GOT IT!

So anyhow, I had been making decent gain at the time since I was purchasing and selling my glory ammy every four trips because I didn't do the Hero's quest yet, and I was buying the lobbies, so every three to four trips I was making 100k gain which isn't all that bad right? How do I prevent myself from dying out of a ghost? My combat level is 86, and my stats are in my sig. PS: From now on when I train there, I will use this set.

Alright,you'll think I am idiotic aftear studying this,however we. Alright,so yesterdayI had been playing FunOrb,also got DCed.No prob,right? So I re-Log in,also it states I'm already LOGGED IN! The match thought I was still playing,but I was DCed! (Dis-Connected) So I got a bit freaked out,and thought someone hacked me. XD) And I change my password,but because I have not needed to in awhile,I thought that they removed the Plain-and-simple alter your password ,so I did it the hard way,put in my recoveries,BUT FORGOT TO cheap RuneScape gold WRITE MY NEW PASSWORD DOWN! AAARGH!
Magic will be good for you. Here's a few strategies for the supervisors. Damis-He can drain your prayer so bring a fair amount of prayer potions. I'd say around 10-15 full ones and a few sharks just in case you slip on prayer. Bring a dds, poison him his very first form then switch to earth spells because that's what he's weak against. For the first form RuneScape gold he will not drain prayer, just pray melee and mage him. Karil-He's feeble to fire spells. He could drain your stats so bring a super restore and a few prayer potions for when you need to kill the trolls in the beginning. Pray mage and use melee armor. He will freeze you. Fareed-The weakest of them, wear ice hockey gloves so that you are able to weild a weapon. Pray melee and use water spells. Dessous-Kinda tough, he strikes really fast. Pray melee and use ranged protective armor. Bring a few prayer pots and sharks. Just stay out of his melee range. I forget how to do so because usually when you snare him teleports in front of you. Trap him on the corner of the fence or over the opposite side of the fence.

Hello everyone! Just yesterday I've got a complete Guthans set and has been pwning the dags and all living things as it a wierd thoguht ran through my mind... I need to get to 99 cooking and fishing!!!

Well I have decided... I want that!!! So a couple questions here... I will lay them out as readily as I can... If you can copy and paste it as kind of like a questionare that will be great. What does purchasing Guthans have to do with cooking or fishing? You could make money to repair Guthans by fishing sharks or monkfish. What would I need to do to reach lvl 99 fishing out of lvl 83 in the shortest amount of time?

What would I need to do in order to get to lvl 99 cooking out of lvl 83 at the shortest period of time? As for cooking, making cooking or wine bees is the fastest. Why did I make a questionare? N/A. Would you want me to stop? N/A. Can you attend my lvl 99 celebration for both cooking and fishing? Of course. If not then which you? N/A. Can you have fun filling out this questionare? Yes? Bye! BAI! Hope I helped. Have fun, and good luck.

I am now 4 summoning, but I would like to remedy this, ideally getting to 40 or 52, for the BoB and Old School RS Gold Run Energy skills of this Bull Ant and Spirit Terrorbird. (However, I am just 83 battle, which may somewhat limit my capacities.) Is it realistic to hope for 52?
Im going for lvl 70 attack and strength so that I can utilize dhoraks axe. I am going to RuneScape gold get 70 power , then attack. After I get these two stats I can use a whip and dhoraks axe to prepare defense. So where should i train? Im thinking experiments, but im not to sure. Also if u have a fantastic place to train should I alter any gear for faster exp gain? I started playing runescape approximately 8 weeks ago, after the wilderness upgrades happened so I've never PKed anybody or been PKed. I went onto a Pvp world just a few miniutes ago and almost got killed by a level 95 (I am level 106).I know theres a way to acquire building levels without leaving your home using a servent, I saw a screenie of this inventory required that was like a heap of money saw/hammer etc.. Could anybody walk me through the exact procedure of finding the servent to run to the lender for you without leaving your house? I really love this, as much as my existing level 63 con, ive always just run to and from the bank. Alright, I have gone through this procedure before. I suggest that the Butler, good time and decent price. Here are a few facts and advice you want to know before I go into detail... All servants will probably need wages after 8 activities, an action being going to the bank to retrieve items, or going to the sawmill to cut logs. Now here's how it all goes down... Ring the pulley bell to summon your Butler. If you can not use a butler, use the maximum you can. And don't get the demon butler. Request him to deliver you boards from the bank. You ought to have 25 free inventory spaces, and with Oak Kitchen Cabinets requiring 3 boards each, you will want him to bring you 24 boards, so you have 1 free inventory space. A teleport perhaps. While the butler is gone, I advise that you ruin your current Kitchen Table. Ensure you're in a pretty free area, so that if the butler yields he doesn't get trapped behind obstacles. If he returns along with your boards, simply assemble and destroy kitchen tables. When you are ready, speak to this Butler again. If he is hauled off, pull your nearby Rope Pulley to summon him. Then continue that process, and compute how much money you need.

I had been considering tanking avansies and I was wondering what armour I must take. Im roughly 40k exp away from buy RS gold 70 range and I need to do the temple of Ivok pursuit to acquire the Armadyl Pendant. I had been considering bringing: Torag's Helmet, Ava's Accumulator, Armadyl Pendant, Rune C'bow, Broad Bolts, Granite Shield, Saradomin D'Hide Top, Zamorak D'Hide Vambraces, Torag Legs, Snakeskin Boots. Is that a good set-up or is there anything I need to take or replace?

Iv got 72 range and im going to perform the roving elves pursuit but im unsure about getting the bow only get like 2000 a few arrows I think plus u have to keep fixing um,if I get one ill get enough cash to make the charges down to 100k, im not sure wat to use it where, or even wat to use it, so im just not sure if I would b wasteing my cash or not.
To briefly sum this up, wait till the Item Lending system comes out, and borrow a Godsword from one of RS gold your friends for a couple of days. As for the hilts, I've the Bandos hilt, and I'm quite pleased with that. Take your highest hit, and include 25 percent to it. Obviously, it is all random, and therefore don't anticipate nailing 60s every single time you use it. Bandos - Has one attack per pub (100% drain), also has the potential to reach hard, in addition to lowering the opponent's defence level by the amount it strikes. The very best option for hunting trips. You manage to hit a 50 on this on a GWD boss, and it's already dead.

Saradomin - Has 2 strike per bar (50% drain). You know what it does, and I will tell you what other things can get it done too: The Bones to Peaches spell or tabs, ancient Blood charms, Bunyip, Fruit Bat, Guthan's. Zamorak - Drains 60 percent of the pub when employed. Nothing the Ice Barrage spell can not do, and like it, it sometimes freezes you for half the time, and sometimes for about another. Used to be the cheapest and most useless hilt, but then people began ranging Zilyana (Saradomin's general down the GWD) and recognized it is a lot more comfy than ancient magicks. Ok so I'm becoming a member (Finally) but, I don't exactly know what to wear. I do have 17 mil to invest because I mainly got mems for battle training. I will be training through slayer so I'll use all 3 forms of battle.

I'd get Dragon legs if you're rich enough, Rune legs are a good substitute. Bone C'bow is okay, it does not have that good of precision and is pretty strong but I would stick to mage brief for monsters besides drags OR aim range to get a Rune C'bow! Glory amulet: 36k-39.8k. Bonuses: +10 in all assault bonuses, +5 in most defensive bonuses, +teleports(dont recall the exact amount but im gont figure 1-100) IMO Glory amulet with teleports and same attack bonuses as fury I would stick with it in case you aren't very wealthy, if you're wealthy and want something pleasant go for a fury. I dont believe furys are worthwhile but you know its good for additional defence. You should be able to finish that, only bring 1 or two prayer potions and look at guides to see what type of stock you need to use, in fact here's a manual from sals that tells you what you ought to bring.Yes you can slay the dragon, but do bring strength potion (4) and teleport runes.... Power potion will allow you to reach 15s I believe! Have fun slaying Elvarg, also just for reinforcement my stats were: Strike:42, Power:40 (but power potion brought it to 46/47), Defence:40 I brought full inventory of lobsters and that I wielded rune scimmy and complete adamant... Watch it could be done. Now, I just came from sal's skill calculators. And I looked up how much of every ore I want for 85 mining. I am 82 at the moment. Here are the choices which I think are best. Or mine 250 addy a day, for 35 times (really hard to find addy) (7,750 addy), then sell for about 8mil. What do think? I truly need help creating the best decision with this one.

Hi, I found this article on the web I am not positive whether it's true and the men in al kharid didn't fall any thing. But I noticed a player long back when I was a newbie and asked her what kind of armour she had on and she said"satan oracle." Some one help me! I discovered this online read it. You need to have a fantastic weapon, addy or better is suggested. Next, go to cheap RuneScape gold Al-Kharid and kill 10 men. The final one needs to drop a red clue scroll. It's titled"Satan Scroll" or"The Scroll of Satan". Now you need to read it. It's in a code, but here is the broken code: Go to the graveyard of those cursed spirits, to find what should not be found. Take a sacred relic and kill a Demon of the Lesser kind. Simply take the remains and ruin three spirits, Scorpius Realm.
Another excellent addition to this monster squad. I really like that you can still create these monstrosities in games. I used to do the same on a few WWE match on the original XBox. Right? It always looked like an overlooked way to 2K MT abuse game mechanisms to me. I meanit is. But nowadays it is a lot more apparent to me that the developers were most likely completely conscious of it and just left it in since they did not care. Just a little treat for everyone.

If you want to see more, I suggest trying monster mill on yt - it's a series where two brothers try their best to create the worst looking creatures possible in various games. They got into some legal trouble for it when they left a character that looked just like Bart Simpson. I can not believe that video is still up on YouTube. I mean, honestly... if you look at the thumbnail it's impossible not to see Bart. It's just like him! Take it to the bank boys, this one's like bart! There's a industry here... Some dev needs to make a sports game with greater customization limitations. But appropriate physics need to be applied also. Just like in the event that you make a dude with enormous arms, then the weight ought to be calculated and so his legs would have to be girthy brief tree trunks to support all that weight. My buddies buy 2K every year once it comes out, and I usually do several months later after the price drops a ton simply to play Team Up with them.NBA 2K21 on Twitter: NBA2K21 box art confirmed

Okay so grip on so not ALL cases will be gloomy, some will be black? I wouldn't be too upset if they did but I liked the blue. I guess it's not from the realm of possibility that they changed it. It was basically the one worldwide criticism. Edit: They deleted the post. Wonder if Sony was just like"hey guys we've got a blue instance" Yeah, after Xbox eliminated that nasty"Optimized for XSX" badge I wouldnt be surprised if they altered the case too. They listen to feedback On Watch Dogs Legion and Ac Valhalla there is still is(optimized for XSX) the gloomy just appeared like a worse appearing ps4 case in my own opinion.

Hold they reposted it on the official Nba2k twitter page minus the black cover. I believe that it's more likely they simply used a black box in this image because they thought it looked better. I doubt its representative of this colour box that the game will actually ship in. Man, and I'd gotten used to the blue case. I truly hope this is a one time thing and we maintain the blue, since I like how it looks Maybe they were only using all of the leftover stock of boxes and as soon as they are all used then perhaps they will begin and continue generating black ones. I'mma await gameplay and news tho, this might easily be disappointing. No blue situation it seems. Are they moving forward with this layout or is it perhaps just the developer's choice ? Partially because I prefer the blue, partly because I dont enjoy inconsistency on my plate.

Maybe their choice I truly dig the black situation tho. PS4 also had reddish cases so that I guess it's up to Buy NBA 2K Coins the devs. It'd actually be very cool if they gave the developers the option of what colour the case will be. Yo the black case looks good. The blog post did state to leave comments on it. Yeah that is about 50 lb too light for Zion. The pay should be him watching the NBA on his couch.
It has been like 8 months since I last played this game. And well theres a whole new method to RuneScape gold now. Some dodgey no scam trade (good). Two new abilities, however my buddy has told me about searching... Also I must say that the expansive exchange is wonderful! I made 1756 pieces off 25 gold ore... I am only lvl 7. I'm unsure how it works but its great new thing there. Oh and some thing fresh about pures and how pking is not popular anymore (why?) .

I know there's alot of stuff there but has been so long since I continue. The old pking is totally gone, but in place of this, Jagex introduced a new minigame named Bounty Hunter. It is basically a massive stadium in the Wilderness, and if you enter you're given a target. You can kill that goal or anyone else. You should read about Bounty Hunter about the official Runescape website if you have any more questions. The Clan Wars Arena was also introduced, which basically nullified dishonorable clans crashing planned wars.

Basically this permits you to summon monsters to aid you in battle and in abilities. You ought to read the KB on the official Runescape website for more information, as it's a very big and broad ability. The "Assist System" also came out. This permits a player to"request assistance" of another player with a greater level than he/she. Let's say I have 1 crafting and want to earn a black dragonhide body. I need to"request help" of someone with the crafting level to earn the body, then the individual who has the level will choose the crafting skill on the pop-up port. Then you will have the ability to craft the black dragonhide body.

If I should level it into 50 and attempt to perform Desert Treasure (I've 52 prayer). Is the quest really that tough and will I be able to perform it. (I havent done the quests needed to even start Desert treasure) (I have 30ish Firemaking and 20 Thifing)

So do you think once I have all the requirementments. I'll be able to do the quest with heaps of Shark and Best OSRS Gold site Lots of Pray Pots? Well I must admit I have never had much love for the farming ability but I am attempting to have al my stats 40+. So I need to raise that, ever since the skill came out though I've collected seeds as I understood that some day I would porbably wind up leveling it.
That is true but it's still 100 bucks at the end of the day, for what things to see Kobe for 2K MT thirty seconds once the game is loading up. Plus 2k was copy and paste for the last five years anywaysIma pay the $100 so I only have to buy the game after. I bet I'll get a next gen console some stage this year and want to play 2K and that I know I do not want to get the $60 version double so I will just spend 100$ up front to get it on both generations.

I'm just going to buy it to another gen. Because you know the game for this gen consoles will be cheeks.not like that bro, majority of the community and fan-base would be buying the current gen mamba forever edition since it comes with another gen standard variant for free.But hows it doing him filthy plenty of people wi have his cover due to what I simply said.the match will be the exact same as 2k20. So save up and wait until you get a PS5

There definitely need to be a major patch with this issue. If we're playing at the park there should be no offensive violation(s) for camping at the paint when the opposing team could eliminate it on protection. Also, if anybody has plans on playing in the playground at NBA2K21, please do not waste your own time. It's frustrating as hell playing randoms when you need to decipher who plays well and who is trash at the game.

NBA2K21 is back into the bullshit of Playmaking Shot Creators and Offensive threats capable to Buy NBA 2K MT Coins hit whites on their own shots. I rather keep playing NBA2K20 until the new game comes out in 2 months actual talkOn God bro, I have lost about 5 games directly dealing with this problem at the playground. It's like I'm playing 2K20 all over again but much worse.

You mean on protection? It is similar to that in 2k20 too though playing with park in 20 you'll still have people sit in the paint for 20 minutes on defense. So if you can not escape from it you might too grind vc on the game which will carry on to the next gen wallet imo because anything earned or achieved from 20 remains in 20. I am able to post and say I want have a wonderful day Keyboard gangsta.
I bought eso when it came out and got a little burned out, but it is nice I can play whenever I want. I was soloing 2k20 as well with the intention to play with park, but when I heard about the new ace rod for NBA 2K21 MT I wanted to get that since I didn't enjoy the shooting 2k20. 21 shooting is far harder but I am enjoying it a whole lot. You need to add me Duckets#4932 sometimes I will get absolutely free time maybe we could perform some time. What build is it? In 2k20 I had a Paint monster PF 6'10 that did exactly the exact same things, it was actually enjoyable. This season I tried to do it again and in what comes to badges and stats it actually got better but the name is glass cleaning finisher. It is a glass finisher I get 25 finishing HoF 20 defense HOF 10 playmaking I created my build from scratch and I suppose I got lucky. Actually pretty near mine. My physical is balanced since when I wanted to post a whole lot I woulda have 99 strength.

I havent played much. Mycareer is dull and the only guy I know that's 2k hasnt been around online. Yeah if you have like a driving dunk around 90 don't just run in directly to paint I move on the feeble side of the paint protector and it's always a contact. I like it cause it it posts up such as Hakeem,dip like Giannis,and get rebounds and cubes like crazy. Which system do you play ? I often need a large as most of my friends are running PG or even SF, so if you're down we could playwith.

Just curious who was he traded for on your MyCareer. I ended up on the Knicks with him. LMAO I can not tell if art is imitating life or the sport is simply idiotic. I'll never know that trade logic. In 3rd year today. He is a 92 overall pg with even more hof badges. Hornets still didn't make the playoffs along with his OP self. I went to the heat and we traded him Nic Batum lol Then we traded Batum for Harrison Barnes. That the Mavs drafted us #1 and 2. Cobb was traded to the Knicks after 20 games, Luka or Kristaps would not fuckin pass to me ever even though I was carrying the team, therefore I gtfo of that point and moved to NOLA lol. He was traded for Tim Hardaway lol but I was fine with this since I enjoy getting guys who can hit the 3 ball.

I was like how many times the Knicks gonna attempt to find this guy lol. His 3rd stint together. Yo for MT for sale 2K21 after 2K seems realistic. The Knicks would do that trade for like a second round pick too. Remember they're building for the long run.
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