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Silicone dolls are a common material. Many customers buy High Quality Sex Doll because of the non-porosity of silicone, so silicone dolls produce little or no oil, but silicone solid dolls will absorb dust and fluff, so the most common cleaning is Dust off.

Remove dust and lint from silicone dolls

It takes a clean, soft-bristled paintbrush, dipped in some baby powder, and lightly brushed on the silicone doll's body surface to remove any sticky debris. Gently slide a soft sponge or handkerchief along the silicone surface to remove fine dust, lint, or hair;

Rinse with clean warm water, then pat the doll with a towel to dry it, or let it air dry, remember not to scrub the doll with a cloth to avoid scratching the body surface;

When the silicone doll is completely dry, you can sprinkle some baby powder on it, and you can dust it regularly to help prevent re-contamination of dust.

Precautions for cleaning dolls

1. For silicone solid dolls, do not use any care products containing mineral oil, such as baby oil, petroleum jelly, body lotion, etc. because they may harden the silicone;

2. Please make sure not to place the silicone doll in direct sunlight, because to ensure softness, the strength of the silicone doll will not be made too high and there will be a risk of cracking.

It is also very important to purchase a safe Sex Doll. For the sake of insurance, customers can choose Lovedollshops.com to buy Cheap Real Sex Dolls. Lovedollshops has always cooperated with regular brand suppliers and has been widely praised and trustworthy.

Adult Solid Sex Doll are never cheap, so when you find a physical doll for an unbelievably low price, no doubt it must be a poor quality doll, of course, everyone wants their money's worth, Lovedollshops helps everyone learn to identify low-quality physical dolls to avoid being cheated.

1. Material production of inferior dolls

The materials used in physical dolls are generally only TPE and silicone, which will make the sex doll not only look realistic but also feel very real, smooth and soft, just like a real person. Solid dolls made of inferior materials often lack smooth and soft texture, and are very fragile, with extremely short lifespans, and are easily affected by small scars.

2. Inferior dolls can easily lead to allergies or adverse reactions

Both TPE and silicone are hypoallergenic because they don't contain any dangerous chemicals that can cause allergic reactions, so you can hug or even kiss them. Also, high-end dolls are not easily damaged by lubricants and standard cleaners. However, this is not the case with inferior physical dolls, because their synthetic materials are unknown, and they are likely to carry some unhealthy substance.

3. The "smell" of inferior dolls cannot be washed away

When making physical dolls, there will be a glue smell of the material itself, but after a period of ventilation or cleaning, the smell will dissipate. Simply put, standard TPE and silicone dolls don't give off any disgusting smells, and they only smell when they're not cleaned in time. The opposite is true for low-quality physical dolls. The smell they emit may be "fragrant", but this is a large amount of fragrance added to cover up the odor, which is an obvious disadvantage of low-grade materials. The scary thing is that no matter how you wash it, the smell doesn't go away.

Users should check the manufacturer's evaluation and rating before choosing to buy Discount Tpe Sex Dolls. LovedollShops customer service can provide users with relevant certificates such as product certificates, and even video inspections, allowing users to consume with absolute confidence.

LovedollShops are capable of fulfilling almost any sexual fantasies that humans have about their partners. No matter what shape, size and type of gorgeous lifelike sex doll you want, LovedollShops has it for sale. You can even imagine and customize sex dolls at LovedollShops.

According to incomplete statistics, LovedollShops has a collection of more than 500 Real Life Sex Doll, each with its own unique body and personality. Whatever your fetish or fantasies, you'll find the perfect doll for you here.

The most popular collection of silicone and TPE sex dolls

Lifelike sex dolls are the most popular dolls. We have many different types of life-size sex doll bodies for you to browse, from skinny to curvy and everything in between. You can choose your body to your liking, just like the rest of our lifelike TPE sex dolls.

Mini, Small and Miniature Sex Dolls

Miniature sex dolls are for those who like the smaller things in life. Miniature sex dolls include smaller life-size dolls and scaled-down, easier-to-use dolls. Whether you are interested in small sex dolls for preference or storage needs, you can find the perfect small sex doll for you in our extensive selection.

couple sex doll

Add a sex doll to your relationship and keep your romance as vibrant as ever. Whether your sex drive is higher than your partner's or you're considering a threesome, a sex doll for both your preferences is the perfect choice to spice up your love life. Bring the ultimate sexual pleasure to you and your partner today with Lovedollshops realistic sex dolls!

Buy sex dolls at LovedollShops

Whether or not you want custom dolls at LovedollShops, you can still shop by collections such as body size, genre, gender, or age to find your ideal sex doll. Or create a custom Realistic Sex Dolls For Sale to create your perfect silicone woman. Whatever material you want to use, even every detail is up to you, we can meet your needs.

With the expansion of the sex doll market, original brand dolls always appear to be counterfeited and imitated by some small businesses, and then sold at very low prices. This not only harms the interests of branded merchants like Lovedollshops, but also harms consumers because of the difference in quality. Therefore, we must resolutely maintain the brand and make original and Real Love Doll.

Why choose LovedollShops?

All physical sex doll products sold by Lovedollshops are original and authentic from our manufacturer's well-known brands. We are the official authorized distributor of famous silicone doll manufacturer EXDOLL, famous TPE doll manufacturer WMDOLL, DOLLHOUSE 168, JYDOLL, RDOLL and 6YEdoll. These well-known brands have entered the global international market and are well received in the global international market.

Cheaper prices can mean you're getting lower-quality sex dolls, and vice versa. Cheaper quality not only means finished sex dolls with flaws but also creates greater concerns and threats for users when it comes to safety. Because low-quality sex dolls may not meet hygiene standards and put users at risk of STDs.

Lovedollshops is sold as a brand of Sex Doll, and only sells Real Life Sex Doll, all Sex Doll will go through a strict quality inspection process, which is also from the mature experience and judgment of our customers.

Advantages of buying genuine branded sex dolls:

Our products are sourced from well-known doll manufacturers, and the product quality is guaranteed. Make sure you are satisfied.
All our products are brand new and customized for customers.
All genuine brands have security cards.
No need to worry about product safety and hygiene.

Disadvantages of buying cheap unbranded sex dolls

The origin of the product is unknown.
Quality is not guaranteed, you are wasting your money on poor quality products.
Poor sanitation (recycled material / used sex dolls for resale).
easy to fall into the trap of liars
risk of disease transmission.

Health and safety always come first, no matter what kind of experience you want, don't neglect product quality for low prices. If you want to buy Discount Tpe Sex Dolls at Lovedollshops, then you can choose to buy them when they are doing promotions, with discounts up to 10% off, you can also enjoy high-quality dolls without worrying about hygiene risks.

If you're single and looking for a more natural experience with masturbation, especially in terms of location, the Sex Doll sold by Lovedollshops maybe your most worthy alternative until you meet a real sex partner.

In the dead of night and sleepless nights, if you have a physical need to release, Love Doll can help you get the most natural posture and the most authentic experience. Lovedollshops offers you various styles of Sex Dolls for sale so you can discover what you like.

Whether it is physical comfort or spiritual companionship, Sex Doll is a good choice, and the most worthy choice is Sex Doll from Lovedollshops. She will meet all your requirements, and will always be patient with you, helping you to better understand the physiological characteristics of human beings.

Sex Doll

The flexible Sex Dolls mimic human movements, adjust and lock into place, making these Sex Dolls a lot of fun whether you're using them alone or with other people. If you want to experience a more realistic feel, then I suggest you choose dolls made of TPE material, with a variety of styles for you to choose from.

Whatever Cheap Sex Dolls For Sale you end up choosing, remember to keep it clean and hygienic. Before using it for the first time, wash your Love Doll as required, and remember to wash it after use. After cleaning, you can also dress her up and make her your soul mate.

With the expansion of the global market, Real Love Doll have also emerged with different materials. Generally speaking, silicone dolls and Tpe doll are mainly sold on the market. Dolls made of two materials have their advantages. No matter which one you choose, you must be right. It has a certain understanding.

1. From the aspect of texture

Because the silicone material is hard, it is better than TPE in shaping the details of the head. Some simulated facial fine lines and edges and corners can only be expressed by silicone. TPE is soft and has a rounded overall appearance.

2. From the aspect of stretching

Silicone can be stretched three to five times according to different formulas, while TPE can be stretched six to eight times, so TPE has a better pulling force and more extreme movements. Get, the action can not be too large, otherwise, it is easy to tear.

3. In terms of durability

Silicone is resistant to high temperature, acid and alkali, and it hardly reacts with any substances except strong corrosive items, so the makeup is more durable and beautiful. The anti-aging of TPE is not as good as that of silicone, but it can be re-molded, so the price is low, and you can choose to replace it.

In addition, there are other ways to identify. No matter what material you choose for Real Life Sex Doll, you must first ensure its safety.

LovedollShops is a professional Sex Doll sale website, you can choose from the price, you can also choose from the material, you can even choose from the doll's body appearance, there is always one that suits you.

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