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As the release date of NBA 2K22 approaches, developers have released new content for their latest 2K22, and players love it. The manufacturer recently shared some of their first impressions of game graphics on their Twitter account. They released some new features of NBA 2K22 and the debut of some popular athletes. This undoubtedly makes the gaming community want to learn more about this game. So here is all the information on the Internet about NBA 2K22 gameplay, features, prices, and release dates. Now you can prepare some NBA 2K22 MT.

2K developers usually release their next-generation games in September. The release date of NBA 2K22 is also expected to be announced in the same month. The price of the next-generation NBA 2K22 console is US$69.99, PS4, Xbox One is US$59.99, and the game’s cross-generation digital bundle is US$79.99. Keep in mind that only cross-generational bundles of games will provide users with cross-platform and cross-save features.

A post on the Twitter account of NBA 2K confirmed that their game mode has made new changes, including the city, my team and my career mode. The manufacturer has confirmed that it will add some non-player characters and tasks to The City to make the surrounding environment more interactive. This was a big problem in previous matches because of the lack of players at a given time.

In addition, players have been asking some specific questions, such as NBA 2K22 on PS4? This is because NBA 2K21 received an update after its release. But the previous generation of games did not get that special update. There are some rumors in the community claiming that NBA 2K22 is only available for next-generation game consoles. But no, different versions of the game will be released for PS4 and Xbox One players, but there will definitely be some differences compared to the next-generation version. The manufacturer also published a blog post on their official account explaining all the changes in this new game. Apart from this, there are no other announcements. Please pay attention to any updates of the 2K social media handle. Now z2u site have some NBA 2K22 MyTeam Coins for Sale, absolutely safe and without any delay.

EA has officially released "FIFA 22". Although this game is impressive in promoting HyperMotion technology, some changes have not been recognized by players. "FIFA 22" will be officially released in a few months, and more details about the game will be released one after another.

"FIFA 22" has a file size of 50G on XSX/S and Xbox One. It is surprising that this game has the same capacity on different generations of consoles. From a technical perspective, it is possible that the PS version of "FIFA 22" also has a similar capacity.

"FIFA 22" is expected to be released on October 2, landing on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, XSX/S, Stadia, and Switch platforms. The game is currently available on Steam.

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At present, Amazon's open world game "New World" has released a new trailer video showing some gameplay details. The game is expected to be available on August 31, 2021.

"New World" is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game in which players will play the role of a settler who came to New World in the 17th century.

The game uses a third-person perspective. Players will explore an open game world, collect raw materials, build shelters, craft weapons and survive. In the world of Aeternum, players can join forces such as craftsmen, mercenaries, prospectors, architects, etc., as well as gain territories, build or destroy castles on this continent.

The Amazon MMORPG game "New World" is currently available for pre-order on the Steam mall and is expected to be available on August 31, 2021. Interested players can pay attention to it. New World Gold Coins and Cheap New World Items now hot sale on z2u site, enjoy now!

In the TBC version of World of Warcraft, the intensity of the three elements of the shaman’s talents is very high. I believe that everyone knows this. As a shaman, no matter what talent you have, if you want to get a job into a dungeon, that’s a matter of minutes. This version of Bloodthirsty is suitable for small teams, but the shaman is still the first in the entire version. It is a joke to have less than three shamans in a large group book. Five shamans are the best configuration, and it is best to be in a team. one person. That's right, this version of the shaman is the blooming of the three elements. The team that killed the Sunwell for the first time, the old WOW TBC Classic Gold players who have the impression should know that they are equipped with five shamans.

After the opening of the TBC version, the shaman’s totem has also been strengthened in all aspects, and it also has a water shield that gives itself back to blue. It also performs very well in terms of battery life. Of course, the shaman is not without its shortcomings. For example, the ability of a single brush is not as strong as a knight. , There are not as many treatment methods as priests, HOT is not as good as Xiaode, but the positioning of the shaman is still extremely high, the healing chain is also very smart, and the shaman's ability in group brushing is also one of the best, coupled with the bloodthirsty shaman. The status of the group is unshakable.

Although it cannot be said to replace all the treatments, there is no shaman in a team, is there anyone willing to pay for it? The performance of Densa in the dungeon is also very good, the damage is very high, and after the overload, a lightning bolt may be added, although the damage is not that high, but it is not fragrant if it is not consumed, if luck is generally good, it is a spell For machine guns, the damage from the lightning bolt is still very high during the whole process.

Of course, although the shaman's occupational damage is high, it is still incomparable with the warlock and hunter, but the shaman is not bad compared to the wizard in the entire TBC version. The elemental shaman is the totem, and the big move is the skywrath totem, especially in the squad, the BUFF is very perfect, adding 3 spell hits and spell crit, how lack of hits in the early stage, I believe everyone knows. And it also comes with bloodthirsty, the role in the team is definitely higher than any output.

Finally, there is Enhancement Shaman. In this version of TBC, it is a chain thief. After the storm strike, the damage increases linearly. Shaman's Fury also has good damage reduction and good battery life. The most important thing is that the release of anger increases attack by 10%. Speed, the early output can even be compared with the thieves, although the TBC version is not friendly to progress, but if you are sure to bring it, Enhancement Shaman is definitely the best choice... What do you think of this? Comment in the message area. Buy WoW Burning Crusade Classic Gold and finally enjoy it in the game!

Players who have played World of Warcraft nostalgic server should know. These three major books are the happiest time when they are released in the 60th edition. Every time I get the blue equipment, I am very happy. Although the equipment attributed by the team later is better, it does not have that feeling.

Because everyone's goal is definitely to play in raid, whoever is in the mood to fight 5 dungeon. In fact, WoW Classic TBC Gold players who don't understand this version will think that after the TBC version is opened, the focus of the first half of the month will definitely be the five-person dungeon, there is no doubt about it.

The TBC version is definitely different from the 60 version. There are 10 copies of Karazhan in the P1 stage. There are 11 boss in dungeon. You must be reminded that the dungeon is very simple and hardly needs any configuration. There are treatments and output with tanks, and it will be able to Pass, when you play this, it is best to bring some classes, so that the equipment drop allocation will not be so wasteful.

Then there is a raid of 25 people, GLR plus three bosses of Ma Pang. After this stage, you should go to the 5H to brush the brand or the ordinary copy to brush the reputation. At this time, there will definitely be players who say that you can play in the arena. Ah, isn’t the TBC version of the arena not fun? Fun is fun, but there is no arena in the early stage of the version. By the way, buy World of Warcraft TBC Classic Gold on a safe site if you need them.

Tencent Sports officially handed over the NBA copyright operation business to Tencent Video as early as last year. The NBA copyright cost center will be relocated to Tencent Video. In the future, Tencent Video will mainly bear the copyright cost of the NBA.

As we all know, Tencent Sports successfully renewed its contract with the NBA for five years in July 2019. The contract period will be from 2020 to 2025, with a total price of approximately $1.5 billion in five years. Tencent Sports will continue to become the exclusive digital media partner of NBA China. Since then, due to the Morey incident in October 2019, the NBA has been extremely cold in China. Tencent Sports once stopped broadcasting the NBA, and thereafter only broadcast one NBA game every day. Entering 2020, due to the epidemic raging around the world, the NBA announced a suspension of games on March 12. Now the NBA will play in Orlando on July 31, but only 22 teams will participate in the rematch.

With the subsequent rematch of the NBA, Tencent Sports decided to transfer the NBA copyright business to Tencent Video to promote the integration of video business, and Tencent Sports will also adjust its organizational structure accordingly. Prior to this, Tencent Video and Tencent Sports have jointly created sports entertainment reality shows. One of the most well-known shows is the large-scale star competitive sports event "Supernova National Games" jointly produced by Tencent Video and Tencent Sports.

Tencent Video promises that fans’ watching habits will not be affected, and the Tencent Video team will also develop other NBA-related specialty products. In the future, both Tencent Video and Tencent Sports will be able to watch NBA live and on-demand.

Tencent Sports has transferred the copyright cost center of the NBA to Tencent Video. In the future, Tencent Video will mainly bear the copyright cost of the NBA. It can be seen that under such changes, the corresponding income attribution and membership fee models will also be adjusted in line with the changes. And this has also triggered speculation within Tencent Sports about whether there will be a new round of organizational adjustments to adapt to the project operation after copyright changes.

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