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Players who have played World of Warcraft nostalgic server should know. These three major books are the happiest time when they are released in the 60th edition. Every time I get the blue equipment, I am very happy. Although the equipment attributed by the team later is better, it does not have that feeling.

Because everyone's goal is definitely to play in raid, whoever is in the mood to fight 5 dungeon. In fact, WoW Classic TBC Gold players who don't understand this version will think that after the TBC version is opened, the focus of the first half of the month will definitely be the five-person dungeon, there is no doubt about it.

The TBC version is definitely different from the 60 version. There are 10 copies of Karazhan in the P1 stage. There are 11 boss in dungeon. You must be reminded that the dungeon is very simple and hardly needs any configuration. There are treatments and output with tanks, and it will be able to Pass, when you play this, it is best to bring some classes, so that the equipment drop allocation will not be so wasteful.

Then there is a raid of 25 people, GLR plus three bosses of Ma Pang. After this stage, you should go to the 5H to brush the brand or the ordinary copy to brush the reputation. At this time, there will definitely be players who say that you can play in the arena. Ah, isn’t the TBC version of the arena not fun? Fun is fun, but there is no arena in the early stage of the version. By the way, buy World of Warcraft TBC Classic Gold on a safe site if you need them.
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