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In the TBC version of World of Warcraft, the intensity of the three elements of the shaman’s talents is very high. I believe that everyone knows this. As a shaman, no matter what talent you have, if you want to get a job into a dungeon, that’s a matter of minutes. This version of Bloodthirsty is suitable for small teams, but the shaman is still the first in the entire version. It is a joke to have less than three shamans in a large group book. Five shamans are the best configuration, and it is best to be in a team. one person. That's right, this version of the shaman is the blooming of the three elements. The team that killed the Sunwell for the first time, the old WOW TBC Classic Gold players who have the impression should know that they are equipped with five shamans.

After the opening of the TBC version, the shaman’s totem has also been strengthened in all aspects, and it also has a water shield that gives itself back to blue. It also performs very well in terms of battery life. Of course, the shaman is not without its shortcomings. For example, the ability of a single brush is not as strong as a knight. , There are not as many treatment methods as priests, HOT is not as good as Xiaode, but the positioning of the shaman is still extremely high, the healing chain is also very smart, and the shaman's ability in group brushing is also one of the best, coupled with the bloodthirsty shaman. The status of the group is unshakable.

Although it cannot be said to replace all the treatments, there is no shaman in a team, is there anyone willing to pay for it? The performance of Densa in the dungeon is also very good, the damage is very high, and after the overload, a lightning bolt may be added, although the damage is not that high, but it is not fragrant if it is not consumed, if luck is generally good, it is a spell For machine guns, the damage from the lightning bolt is still very high during the whole process.

Of course, although the shaman's occupational damage is high, it is still incomparable with the warlock and hunter, but the shaman is not bad compared to the wizard in the entire TBC version. The elemental shaman is the totem, and the big move is the skywrath totem, especially in the squad, the BUFF is very perfect, adding 3 spell hits and spell crit, how lack of hits in the early stage, I believe everyone knows. And it also comes with bloodthirsty, the role in the team is definitely higher than any output.

Finally, there is Enhancement Shaman. In this version of TBC, it is a chain thief. After the storm strike, the damage increases linearly. Shaman's Fury also has good damage reduction and good battery life. The most important thing is that the release of anger increases attack by 10%. Speed, the early output can even be compared with the thieves, although the TBC version is not friendly to progress, but if you are sure to bring it, Enhancement Shaman is definitely the best choice... What do you think of this? Comment in the message area. Buy WoW Burning Crusade Classic Gold and finally enjoy it in the game!
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