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So you're scrolling through Instagram when you come across a video of someone wearing a wig that you absolutely have to have. Need to have, not want to have. Because it's a promoted ad, you won't have to DM a stranger who used the appropriate hashtags to appear on your Explore page, which is a welcome relief. You go straight to the website to purchase this wig, a wig that you just know would look amazing on you. But wait, it's $300?! You experiment with different lengths, colors, and coupons in order to find a wig at a price that you can afford. You realize that you'll still have to drop a bag to get your hands on that dream wig of yours. So you're stranded, feeling like a bald-headed peasant.

You look on other websites for a similar hairstyle, but the prices are still out of your price range. You go to the beauty supply store, where you will most likely purchase more gel because you will be wearing your natural hair out rather than the beautiful wig you can't afford. But wait, you see a wig that appears to be a close match to your fantasy wig. What exactly is it? Is it true that it's under $50? If you buy a cheap wig like that, you can be sure that it will be of poor quality, and you want your off-brand dream wig to appear expensive. There are some inexpensive hacks that will transform your bargain wig into a boujee wig.

For many of us, cheap wigs are simply tracks sewn onto a cheap wig cap. Believe it or not, you can get a low-cost lace front wig. The fact that it has a lace front is probably not noticeable because there are far too many hairs covering the lace. Pluck it out of the ground. Maybe your wig has a side part or a middle part; either way, pluck it because it will most likely appear unrealistic. When plucking your low-cost wig, make sure to do so on a mannequin head. When plucking, you want to be gentle and pluck one hair at a time until you begin to see a realistic hairline and/or part. It is preferable to under-pluck rather than over-pluck. People will take notice of the overexposed lace. Plucking does take some time. If you're getting impatient, keep in mind that you can't afford an expensive wig, so you shouldn't complain.

Now that you've plucked your wig and possibly even laid down some edge hairs, your wig has advanced to the next level. There is only one downside to lace fronts: you can see the knotted root of every hair strand. It's time to break out the bleach. The best way to get your lace wig to serve as a scalp is to bleach the knots in it. Purchasing bleach will cost you additional money, but it will still be less expensive than purchasing an expensive wig. Follow the directions on the bleach bottle and apply it to the lace. When using the bleach, use caution. You don't want it to get into your hair or seep through the lace. You'll end up with blonde roots, which is probably not what you're going for.

Now that the knots have been bleached, the wig should most definitely be serving as a scalp. However, it is possible that this is still not the exact style you desire. Perhaps it requires a little straightening here and there to achieve the desired “jenny say quan.”When it comes to cheap wigs, they are made of synthetic materials that will literally burn if you apply heat to them. However, many cheap wigs these days have been upgraded to be able to withstand high temperatures. Take a look at the packaging that the wig was delivered in. It should tell you how much heat the wig can withstand at its most extreme. Here's your chance to flat iron or curl your hair wherever you want, but only at a certain temperature.

After you've completed all of these steps, your cheap wig should appear to be worth $300. Here's the thing about cheap wigs: they have a shorter lifespan than more expensive wigs. After a few wearings, your wig may begin to look shoddy and unprofessional. After all of the plucking, bleaching, and flat ironing, you want your cheap wig to last as long as possible. Simply give your wig a little more tender loving care. When gluing it down and removing it, exercise caution. When combing through the wig, be gentle to avoid tangles caused by synthetic wave lace front wigs. Keep your wig on a mannequin to ensure that it maintains its style. Also, when purchasing your cheap wig, look for hair colors that are close to natural. It will help to extend the life of your wig. Darker hair colors conceal damage better than bright, unnatural hair colors. In addition, if you purchase a bright pink wig, people will immediately recognize it as a wig. However, if you purchase a 1b wig, they may never know. But if a pink wig is what you've had your heart set on, go for it, sis! Just make sure you don't fall asleep with those low-cost wigs from the beauty supply store. They aren't just for the grandmas, either.

Grow champion crops or more vibrant blooms in one of our favorite greenhouses, both large and small.

A good greenhouse is a must-have for any serious gardener. Because of the elevated temperature and protection from the elements provided by its transparent walls, any number of exotic or out-of-season plants can be grown there, either for later transplanting outside or to live their entire lives inside.

One of the most common uses for a greenhouse is as a large, human-accessible cold-frame, whether it's for sowing seeds in the early spring or overwintering tender plants that would otherwise not survive. There's more to it than that, of course. It is possible to garden year round in a greenhouse if it is large enough and equipped with a platform at the appropriate height. And whether you're growing tomatoes, melons, cucumbers, chillies, or something entirely different, adding a greenhouse to your garden or allotment will improve not only your ability to grow plants, but also your enjoyment of them. It's possible that you'll become the talk of your neighborhood.

How to choose the most appropriate greenhouse for your needs

It is not all of the best greenhouses that are equal. Apart from the fact that there are several different types, the panels as well as the frame can be made from a variety of materials. There are many different sizes available, ranging from those in which you can barely turn around to those in which a family of five could comfortably live, as well as numerous other considerations such as doors, ventilation, and built-in staging.

A greenhouse, on the other hand, is a significant expense unless you are fortunate enough to receive one for free from a neighbor or fellow allotmenteer (which does happen from time to time). Although the frames may be made of wood or lightweight aluminum, all of the glass can be expensive and difficult to ship because of its weight. Although shatterproof polycarbonate panels are beginning to dominate the market (avoid the walled ones that look like corrugated cardboard and instead opt for the twin wall polycarbonate sheet), the extra weight provided by the more traditional material can actually help to protect the structure. The number one enemy of the greenhouse is a child with a football, but the wind is a close second. It is therefore critical to locate your greenhouse correctly, as the wind will find its way in through any openings and attempt to turn the entire structure upside down or simply blow it apart from the inside.

Avoid placing your greenhouse directly next to open farmland if at all possible. A fence or wall will provide some protection from the wind and will also prevent heat from escaping from every surface. It will also be necessary to have a base for your greenhouse, which can be either a custom-built frame or something as simple as railway sleepers or stone blocks to which it can be securely bolted.

South African company Etion Create has completed development and testing of a new military vehicle navigation system that will be available on the domestic and international markets.

According to Etion Create, the CheetahNAV is designed for use in harsh environments and combat situations and provides outstanding situational awareness. Regardless of whether or not satellite navigation is available, the crew of a light military vehicle can rely on highly accurate position information. Several aids, including a gyro-compensated compass and an advanced Kalman filter-based algorithm, are used to accomplish this. The advanced inertial measurement system (IMS) is used to accomplish this.

Jan Hurter, senior product manager, stated, "We are confident that the system provides dead-reckoning horizontal position accuracy of 0.2% of distance travelled in a GNSS-denied environment."“As an illustration, over a distance of 100 kilometers, this translates to an accuracy of just 200 metres.

The CheetahNAV is capable of integrating with a wide range of inertial navigation systems (INS) and of being aligned with any of the satellite navigation constellations available today. As a result of the system's use of GNSS and compass data, it is possible to achieve dead reckoning and precise positioning of the vehicle in combat situations. This is achieved through the use of a tactical-grade integral inertial measurement unit (IMU).

For example, some of the guidance cues provided by the system to the crew during tactical maneuvers include the vehicle's current position, its true heading and desired heading towards the next waypoint, its current speed and desired speed to reach the next waypoint or destination on time, and the next waypoint or destination. It also displays the vehicle's pitch and roll attitude, as well as the track that it has traveled along so far.

Data is displayed on a moving map display unit with a 11.6-inch diagonal and a 19201080 resolution that is sunlight readable tft and enabled. The display unit is in 16:9 TFT format with a 19201080 resolution and is in the TFT format. Due to the fact that the primary display may be located elsewhere in a vehicle with limited space, Etion Create is also offering a slave unit for the driver. When the driver needs information, this slave unit, with a diagonal TFT display measuring 3.5 inches, displays it on the screen.

Durability for use in extreme battlefield conditions, as well as 28V or 12V DC operation in accordance with military specifications, are among the many advantages of the CheetahNAV system. Also noteworthy is the high level of operational dependability it demonstrates.

According to Hurter, it is important to note that Etion Create, as the original design manufacturer, is concentrating on the export market for the CheetahNAV, with the possibility of technology transfer for domestic manufacturing. Furthermore, we provide a multi-language option, which is undoubtedly a significant advantage in the increasingly common practice of multinational operations.

As a non-ITAR controlled system, the CheetahNAV meets the battlefield management requirements of the vast majority of land forces around the world at this time.

As a result of incorporating components from previously developed military off-the-shelf technologies, Etion Create believes the system has achieved a high TRL (technology readiness level) and is therefore suitable for export.

Prior to its name change, Etion Create was a South African original design manufacturer (ODM) with a long-standing international presence and a professional portfolio of technology offerings and experience across a wide range of business sectors, including defence and aerospace, information security, and mining and industrial sectors.

To be completely honest, I went into this expecting it to be a fairly superficial experience. To begin, I'd do some reporting and gathering of facts, as well as speaking with an expert, Antoinette Hill, to learn about the history and culture of wigs, as well as trying on a Kylie-inspired wig (which she reportedly gets from Wildform, a company that uses ethically sourced hair) to see how it would go. However, it was during this journey that I came to some realizations—after all, Kylie is the queen of, like, realizing things, so it should come as no surprise that I would as well.

In my early years of schooling, I attended a predominantly white, Southern institution where no one looked like me or had my curly Middle Eastern hair. I started straightening my hair at a young age in order to blend in better, and I've never colored it in my entire life until now. Everything I'd done with my hair up until this point had been to make it blend in, so seeing myself in a bright blue wig was a complete shock.

Now that we've seen the video several times, it is impossible not to question whether her choice of song is communicating something more than simply that she is a fan of Nicki Minaj. When Delevingne cut her hair, she immediately took to social media to share photos of herself in her new style, expressing her dissatisfaction with the way society defines beauty. Furthermore, the lyrics of the song—"I don't need no frauds/I don't need no drama when you call/I don't need no fake/As soon as I wake up, keep an eye out for the snakes, yeah"—appear to be consistent with the idea of keeping things real.

that her hair has been through so much during her 20 years in the entertainment industry that she has decided to wear a wig full time. In light of the fact that nearly 40% of women will suffer from some degree of hair loss at some point in their lives, we appreciate that Keira was so candid about her experience. Hair loss can occur for a variety of reasons, including stress, hair damage, or after having a child, and it's inspiring to see such amazing women in the spotlight challenging conventional beauty standards.

Assuming that this alternate universe exists, can we all agree that there is world peace and that we are all wealthy, powerful, and possess yachts? If that's the case, living in this alternate reality with Jennifer Aniston's fake hair doesn't sound too bad.

Getting sneak peeks of our favorite actresses undergoing dramatic hair transformations for movie roles is the only thing that we enjoy more than seeing our favorite actresses undergo dramatic hair transformations for movie roles. Think about how delighted we were to see the following hilarious photo make its way into our Instagram feeds today: a shot of the usually baby-blond Naomi Watts sporting a serious dark red wig while on the first day of filming a new movie. And by serious, we mean '70s disco-fabulous in the best way. Consider Farrah Fawcett as if she had gone ginger—and gangster.

Who or what is responsible for this flashy-trashy throwback virgin hair bobo wigs moment? Watts will appear as the third wife of boxer Chuck Wepner (played by her real-life husband, Liev Schreiber) in the upcoming film The Bleeder. Wepner was an underdog who famously took on Muhammad Ali in a 1975 fight, and Watts will play his third wife. We've seen Watts with red hair before; she wore a lighter version of the color in the film Three Generations, for example. She hasn't changed her hair color much over the years, whether for roles or otherwise; she usually stays close to her natural blond color in most situations.

Watts has been rocking the perfect blunt, angled lob in real life, which she debuted at the Spotlight premiere late last month and has been very on-trend. We're sure the actress can't wait to yank that red wig off when she gets back to her trailer after getting such a great haircut. While we're looking forward to seeing her in it when The Bleeder is released, she's not the only one.

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