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No furniture problem is quite as frustrating as a table that's too high for its dining Modern Leisure Chair . If you want to raise your chair's height, however, you can do so in many different ways. Depending on your preference, you may try chair raisers, wooden blocks, chair cushions, or a variety of products to increase a dining chair's height. Before you know it, you'll be able to sit at your dining table comfortably!

Choose interconnected chair raisers if you want stability. Although you can purchase individual chair raisers, interconnected designs tend to rock less. Interconnected chair raisers fit to the chair via highly adjustable raiser legs, which move in and out as well as to the side.

If you chose an interconnected chair raiser, you will only need 1 instead of 4.

Interconnected chair raisers generally cost more than other raisers.

Pick a height for your chair raisers. Chair raisers usually come in sizes from about 1 inch (2.5 cm) to 5 inches (13 cm). Decide how much higher you want your chairs to be and pick a chair raiser that comes in your desired height.

If you want you dining chairs to better fit a table's height, subtract the idea height of your chair from its current height to determine the right size for your raisers.

Raisers are often one size fits most, but you may want to check the base's dimensions to make sure they're not too small for your chair legs.

Fit the chair's legs into the raisers. Chair raisers, both single and interconnected, have indentations for the chair leg to fit inside. Lift the chair and place the leg into the indentation, repeating this process for each of the chair's legs.

To ensure safety, all 4 of your chair's legs should have a raiser, unless you're using an interconnected raiser.

Ask another person for help lifting the chair if fitting the raisers is beyond your physical capacity.

Paint the raiser to match your chair's color. To give your chair raiser a stylish, low-profile finish, paint it the color of your chair. Apply 2-3 coats of paint, then seal it with a finish to prevent the color from chipping over time.

Although you may not be able to find an exact color match, painting can help your chair raisers stand out less.

Chair raisers often come in a variety of colors and finishes. Look for raisers that are the same color and made from the same material as your chair online or at a home improvement store. Modern Leisure Chair : https://www.insharefurniture.com/product/pp-leisure-chair/

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All over the world – in China, Italy, the United States and Australia – many more men than women are dying from COVID-19.

Why? Is it genes, hormones, the immune system – or behavior – that makes men more susceptible to the disease?

Craigman Apr 22 '20 · Comments: 3 · Tags: #dominodate, #covid19, #disease, #behavior, #women, #men
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My friend just got out of a long-term relationship and recently started talking to a new guy. He’s a friend of a friend and supposedly the kind of guy you can trust, the kind of guy who doesn’t run around with a lot of girls. Or so she was told.

After a couple weeks and a couple hook ups, she goes to one of the only bars in our small college town, and runs into the guy. He’s sweet, attentive, and apologizing for not being around the past week – he knew she had just broken up with her boyfriend and didn’t want to jump in too quickly.

Just as things started to seem like he was really interested he flips the switch, starts acting really drunk, and has the audacity to leave her with bartender and an unpaid tab. She is forced to pay his $40 bill. Understandably, she is pissed off and goes to hunt down this guy only to find him ordering more drinks on the other side of the bar on a tab he already closed. The bartenders call him out and ask him to leave so he and my friend go back to his place.

When they get there, she notices Urban Outfitters lip balm sitting on his bed. Has he been hooking up with other people since they started seeing each other? No, he says. It’s actually his lip balm.

“But seriously, do you really think I’m going to believe that this is yours? This is GIRLS lip balm.”

“It’s my mom’s,” he says.

For about 10 minutes their argument continues, my friend in complete disbelief that this slightly-tinted lip balm from the beauty section of Urban Outfitters belongs to this guy. Eventually he throws the lip balm out of the room and says it doesn’t exist. Drop it. There is no lip balm. Confused and upset that he denied this to her face, my friend goes home.

The next day he texts her asking what happened the night before. She gives him a brief overview with all the embarrassing details including the scene in the bedroom, and he tells her that he is sorry he was so drunk and rude. He started drinking that day at 5 pm.

“I haven’t been with anyone since we first hooked up, he tells her. “The lip balm, I’m afraid to say, is really mine. My mom had it and I tried it once and really liked it. I know it’s embarrassing, but that stuff is awesome, and I’m going to keep using it.”

My friend was dumbfounded. I don’t know what’s worse, a guy who hooks up with other girls and lies about it to your face or a guy who uses slightly-tinted lip balm from the beauty section of Urban Outfitters


What people do in their own bedrooms is their own business and should not concern anyone else in any way. Try to be true to yourselves and to your friends, your family, and to other people you come across in your lives.

Each person’s sexual orientation is a private matter. Who we are and what we are able to do, on the other hand, is something that can be shared with people we interact with in our everyday lives. What is important is not to cause anyone to hurt; we are all human beings.

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What do you guys think of the virus and the pandemic caused by it?

I personally think that the media has a huge effect on people and  that the hysteric about it is worse than the actual virus ?

Anyway I'm not scared of the virus, just keep on my basic hygiene as always. 

Gambianqueen Mar 21 '20 · Comments: 1 · Tags: #pandemic, #coronavirus, #dominodate, #thoughts, #covid19, #panic
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Matkustin ensimmäistä kertaa Gambiaan vuonna. 2014. Rakastuin maan sieluun, ilmastoon, rantoihin, ihmisiin ja parin reissun jälkeen rakastuimme vakkari taksikuskini Omarin kanssa. 

Gambialaiset miehet rakastavat naisten kehumista, huomion antamista sekä auttamista. Tämä käytösmalli yhdistettynä Omarin veistokselliseen vartaloon vei sydämeni. En ollut suunnitellut rakastuvani Gambiassa ja olenkin lukenut siitä paljon negatiivisia kirjoituksia. Omar oli seurustelun aloitusaikana 28-vuotta ja minä 59-vuotias, olimme parisuhteessa 3 vuotta. Seksielämämme oli mahtava ja intensiiviset intiimit hetkemme sai minut aina pitkäksi aikaa aivan hypnoosiin. Se oli jotain mitä en ollut koskaan ennen kokenut yhdenkään länsimaalaisen miehen kanssa. 

Aina palatessani Suomeen, lähetin Omarille kuukausittain 300€ tukea asumiseen ja ruokaan. Tämä oli yhdessä sopimamme summa, jonka pystyin ja halusin hänelle lähettää. Kaikki menikin hyvin ja olin onnellinen, kunnes tajusin hänellä olevan muitakin naisystäviä poissa ollessani. Lopulta kävikin ilmi, että muut naiset olivat olleet mukana kuviossa lähes koko suhteemme ajan. Lopetin rahan lähettämisen siihen paikkaan emmekä enää ole tekemisissä. Gambiaan vielä matkustan rakkaudesta maata kohtaan, mutta uutta paikallista miestä en enää aio ottaa.

Näin vanhempana jo paljon nähneenä yksinäisenä naisena halusin/tarvitsen  jonkun kanavan huomionosoituksiin ja keskusteluun uusien ihmisten kanssa. Olen kokeillut senioirideittailua, mutta samanikäiset miehet eivät saa minua syttymään. 

Aloin haravoimaan internetistä eri seuranhaku-palveluja ja onnekseni löysinkin Dominodate sivuston. Palvelu vastaa parhaiten saamiani huomionosoituksia ja keskustelukumppania jota on kova kaipuu. Tässäkin kuin jokaisessa tutustumassani palvelussa suurempi osa käyttäjistä on nuoria naisia, jotka odottavat pääsyä antamaan tyydytyksen miehille videopuhelun välityksellä. Vanhempana naisena koen, että intiimi tyydys on minulle entistäkin tärkeämpää, dominodate palvelussa löytyykin miehiä jotka kykenevät antamaan tyydytyksen videopuhelun välityksellä. Tämä saa minut palaamaan takaisin aina uudestaan ja uudestaan. Olen ollut todella tyytyväinen sivustoon, sen toimintaan ja helppokäyttöisyyteen. 


goopy123pops Feb 13 '20 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 1 · Tags: #gambia, #seksiturismi, #webcam, #livesex, #senioridate, #dominodate, #tyydytys

As a teenager, I met a man and had an on-off relationship with him for a decade. He was unfaithful and dishonest, but also handsome, charming and interesting. He moved away but we stayed in touch.

For the past year, he has been telling me that he is in love with me and wants to be with me. I’ve made it clear that I want to move on, but I love him and it’s been difficult. Even now, in my late 30s, when I see or speak to him, I feel the way I did when we first met. I feel shame that I love him because he isn’t able to give me what I want: an honest, committed, loving partner, marriage, a child and a home. My friends and family say I should cut him out of my life – yet I have been unable to. I don’t think he really loves or cares for me.

Recently, he told me he had a child with a woman last year. He has been living with her and trying to be a family, but says he doesn’t love her. This was a complete shock. My autopilot reaction was to congratulate him, but I felt incredibly angry and hurt. Once the shock subsided, I asked him to leave.

Toria_x Feb 4 '20 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 1 · Tags: #unfaithful, #dominodate, #appreciateyourlove, #dishonest, #love

I was in a relationship for 8 years, which I thought were happy times. Our sex life was not very good. We only moved in together on our wedding day. ..


I was in a relationship for 8 years, which I thought were happy times. Our sex life was not very good. We only moved in together on our wedding day.

A week after our wedding, I had a huge gut feeling that something was wrong. Over the next three months I saw signs of affair, but did not want to believe this was true.

I followed him one day when he said he was going to the gym; he did not and instead collected a woman. I confronted them both but he swore she was just a friend. I was absolutely devastated, but I wanted to believe him.

Seventeen months later after so much heartache, she called out of the blue and abused me saying how stupid I was because she had been sleeping with my husband for 17 months.

He came home and then admitted everything, saying as we did not have sex it was all about sex, and he was sorry and had wanted to make the marriage work, and had ended it with her, which is why she called me.

After I threw him out he was crying and very sorry so I agreed to give him another chance. I was quite relieved that it was over, he made no effort at all, it was all me.

Subsequently I found out she had sent him a Christmas present and letter which I only found out because I checked his mobile phone.

We agreed to have a break, so we lived apart. I thought he would ask me out and really try, he did not, so I came to the conclusion that I was not going to put up with this anymore.

Instead of getting on his knees, he hit me. I left and have now been living on my own for five months.

During this time I met someone else who I have some kind of a relationship, but he has had similar problems and says he is not ready for a relationship, whereas I am.

Now I have a dilemma: My husband is very sorry, his friends and family all say they cannot believe what he has done as it’s out of his character.

He is suicidal, and says he will do anything to make our marriage work, he wants to go on holiday and renew our vows, start again.

I have considered this as he was OK before, the good points are he is genuinely a good person and a nice guy and we had a nice life, the bad points are he never took my feelings into account when I was suicidal.

Tinytina Feb 3 '20 · Comments: 2 · Tags: #dominodate, #character, #cheat, #ex husband

When it comes to relationships, society can send mixed messages. In one sense, marriage and relationships are seen as the ultimate goal in life, and anyone on a different path is seen as missing out. On the other hand, the high value placed on independence can cause some to view marriage and relationships as an obstacle.

Neither of these views offers a balanced perspective. Whether you are single, dating or married, it’s important to have a firm grasp of where you are in life. Here are some ways to do that.

1. Make the most of your relationships with friends and family. 2. Spend time chasing your passions and dreams.3. Spend time getting to know yourself. 4. Make time to travel. 5. Grow in your independence. 6. Take more risks. 


One of the easiest ways to get a girl interested in you is by being interested in her. This means genuinely listening to her when she’s talking. Store information from your first conversations to bring up later. This will show her that you’re genuine about your interest in her. Compliments are another way to express your interest in someone. Avoid cliché or cheesy pick-up lines and boring physical compliments. You need to be a little more creative when it comes to complimenting. After all, she has likely heard almost everything. You want to give her a compliment she hasn’t heard yet.

Tip: Instead of saying “that dress looks good on you”, try saying “the colourof that dress really brings attention to the sparkle in your eyes”. This type of well-thought compliment can really make an impression and help you know how to get the girl.

The best thing you can do to learn how to get the girl is to just be yourself. Be confident in everything you have to offer someone else. Be interesting and she will be interested in you. This may mean you need to take up a new hobby or travel to an exotic place. You want something to talk about. In fact, you want to have enough to talk about that you never find yourself faced with awkward silences. Learning how to talk to girls is a key thing here.

Your body language can drastically impact your chances of success as well. Body language ranges from the way you’re sitting to things you say or don’t say. It includes taking subtle hints from the conversation and adapting. It even includes being able to read her emotions. If you can do this, you’ll be able to play any situation to your advantage.

Now your actions and body language should always be looking to say:

“I want you, but I don’t need you. I am my own person, with my own life. Having you in my life would just make it better.”

Unfortunately, being desperate or needy will not help you know how to get the girl. Most women are looking for someone who is confident and independent. If that sounds like you, then you’re already on the right path. If your confidence is lacking, take a bit of time for yourself. Figure out what you are looking for and it’ll be much easier to find. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone!

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget that your personal hygiene plays a big role in your dating success! You should always be well-groomed with a pleasant, but not overbearing, scent. Dress for success and you’re more likely to find success!

HLo Jan 8 '20 · Tags: dominodate, love, date
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