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5 artists boldly using their work to tackle mental health in the black community

Even though he never needed, wanted or asked for it. I gave him my heart, I gave him my soul, and I gave to him all the love that I hold within me. I gave him my respect and understanding. I gave him my compassion and my passion; I gave him faithfulness. I gave him my laughter; I opened my heart like never before and let him know my fears and insecurities, my strengths and weaknesses. I gave him my dreams and made him dreams mine.

I gave him my encouragement and my undying belief in him. I made him my future. If I could love him forever, that wouldn’t be long enough. All these things I give to him freely, willingly and without regret, because of my love for him, and they shall always remain his for no-one else is worthy.

But I know now that I have to try hard to move past him, because of the way he affects my everyday thoughts. I know that I have to quit hoping that I will ever get to hold or kiss him again. I don’t want to wake up anymore, in the middle of the night, thinking about him and not being able to get back to sleep.

The feeling I get in my heart drives me to the point of absolute insanity for now I see him without me. I need to fill that hole in my soul that I carry with me, from losing him, but I know that it will never go away. Love doesn’t work that way.

I need to know what it takes for me not to see him perfectly made face in my heart every time, even when he is not around, I still see him as if he is sitting right next to me. Oh! his beautiful smile, exquisite laugh and perfect body. My heart remains lifeless at the thought of permanently losing his smile, the sound of his laughter, his tears, his scent, his belief in me, his encouragement and the unending compassion that lies in his heart.

You see, I finally learned what real love is and the pain it can bring, and that real love is defined through his every day smile. If you ever find that ability to love and care for someone that much, where each waking day is better than the previous one only because he is still a part of your life, and no matter what happens or what your station in life is, be it rich or poor, love given or withdrawn that nothing can change your heart, because you love someone unconditionally then and only then shall you truly know where real strength and love come from.

I wish God found me worthy to be the head of his heart but I can’t take back what’s in my heart or all the feelings that go with it now, or the fact that every good thing I am today or was capable of becoming, I owe to him and leave with him. Real love is a rare and wonderful thing, and as with most rare things, very hard to hang on to and believe it is truly yours.

It’s not just saying the words; it’s when you cradle that person’s face in your hands and look them in the eyes as your heart beat races and say to them “no, I really mean it, I truly love you

Lillian VIP

We well know that internet dating can have a great experience. It is an ideal way of meeting new people you may not ordinarily meet, which is amazing. Most people find what is right for them through internet dating.


However, when looking for someone with similar interests as you, it becomes easy to disregard the necessity of thinking about online dating sites safety. You do not have to neglect safety concerns when trying to find that ideal mate. It’s important that you don’t throw common sense out of the window. Here are 4 crucial online dating tips.


1. Security for Your Computer


Make sure you take care of your own computer systems and equipment before you begin your internet dating journey. You ought to have Anti-virus and Firewall protection for internet security. Protect your system, whether Mac or Windows, against spyware attacks and threats and viruses. You can search on the internet for trusted products available for free to personal home computer users.


2. Pay for Your Online Safety


Often, people disregard that it’s important to protect themselves. Choose an appropriate and a trusted online dating website. It is better to use a reliable paid online dating website rather than a free website. A free service hides a dangerous person who doesn’t have to give you any information. Free is exactly worth what you pay, which implies nothing! You have no protection and guarantees. If you have several friends who have used online dating sites, get their say.

Image result for love pics

3. Don’t give out your information immediately


It is not right to give out your home telephone number or full name too soon. You can perhaps use a prepaid number. You can as well get a free 800 phone number for protection. Simply look online for services. After you perfectly know the person, you can disclose more details about yourself.


4. Meet in Public

When you’re ready to meet with another site user for the very first time, ensure that you meet during daytime and in a public place. Coffee or lunch is preferable. Only accept to go to places you feel safe. Do not invite him or her to your residence or go to their home on your first date. In addition to, tell someone where you‘re going by all means. This is not the time for secrecy from perhaps a close friend or a family member.

MissGem2 VIP

Sometimes we are in relationships where we are not treated well. In fact, sometimes we find ourselves in relationships where we are treated terribly- our goals undermined, our confidence ridiculed. To that, we offer you words of wisdom from Lady Gaga herself. If she’s been there, we all have.

Quoted in NY Daily News back in 2010 she stated, “I had a boyfriend who told me I’d never succeed, never be nominated for a Grammy, never have a hit song, and that he hoped I’d fail. I said to him, ‘Someday, when we’re not together, you won’t be able to order a cup of coffee at the fucking deli without hearing or seeing me.”

And look at where she is now. On. Top. Of. The. World. BOOM.

Have faith in yourself and your dreams, and don’t let anyone tell you you’re not good enough. In the end, you’re all you need.


gazp VIP

Has anyone ever been in this situation? Like all I do is work and on weekends I never have plans other than gym, then after that I just stay in bed all day and look forward to dinner where I would usually cook a meal or order take out. I'm considering working a part time job on the weekends just so I won't stay home at rot all day. I had an unproductive 3 day weekend doing nothing. I planned a trip with friends but they had other plans with their s/o so I just ended up staying home all weekend.

I'm 36 years old now and lost my social circle as I grew older, since they all got married and had kids/have kids on the way and just stay in most of the time. I don't know if I'm depressed but even after work I have no desire to do anything other than lay in bed and browse on my phone/watch Netflix. I also miss having a g/f but I don't know if I'm at the right mindset for a girlfriend at the moment or to be dating, I am trying anyway. I just want to meet new people in my age bracket, Ive looked at meet up and other dating websites but not a lot of people seem to be in my area and the others are just an older crowd. I literally only have one friend I can call but this guy is just so boring and all he wants to do is eat out then go home. He's not social either so he's more like an eat out buddy

I also notice myself reminiscing about the past times with my ex when we would always have plans, go on vacations/getaways together every holiday, and wishing I can re-live those moments but I know it will never happen. That's why i joined here on this site to make some changes

Any advice guys? Leave your comments here
lovett VIP

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 1.14.32 AM

I was riding my bike on my university’s campus the other evening when I heard two women loudly arguing. I looked around to see where the noise was coming from and realized it was a pair of ladies sitting next to one another on a bench- so close they were obviously friends- but were shouting VERY loudly at each other.

As I rode closer, I heard the following conversation…



Woman #1: “BUT. YOU SLEPT. WITH. MY. HUSBAND.” (She was clapping her hands together by this point for effect).

Woman #2: “Shit. But I said I’M SORRY!!”

The convo chat was so ridiculous I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! So personal! I rode by and quickly snap-chatted by friend to tell her what had just gone down.

Based on where the women were sitting on campus and attire, etc. I could tell they were also colleagues. Yikes......

The scenario made me very glad not to be involved and VERY glad to be single!

lovett May 15 '19 · Tags: dominodate, marriage, men, cheats, women
jadelou_x VIP

This has happened to us several times recently. You’re riding on the subway or walking up the stairs in a public setting, turn your head and there’s some guy’s butt in your face. His pants are sagging below his butt and his underwear is hanging out. Here is an example:

Really nice, right? To be honest, the kind of thing we’ve been seeing more recently is more like this:

We’re talking the whole butt.

There has been a lot of debate over the past few years about sagging, and whether guys should even be penalized by the police for wearing their pants like this. We don’t think it needs to get that far, but guys, seriously, PULL UP YOUR PANTS! Ladies don’t want to be hanging out with a guy with his underwear and butt cheeks hanging out.

jadelou_x Apr 25 '19 · Rate: 5 · Tags: men, pants

In college I hooked up with girls, as did many other young women at my college. One of my first experiences was with an older girl, let’s call her Elise, who I thought was so incredibly beautiful and awesome. She seduced me quickly and before I knew it, I was driving her car around and sleeping in her room almost every night. I felt that we were serious and she led on the image that we were serious too.

One night I came to her room on a week night after being awake late studying with friends. I climbed in bed and laid there, wide awake and unable to sleep from caffeine. Just as I was drifting off, I heard someone open her door and looked up from bed to see who was coming into the room. It was really dark and perhaps I had my suspicions about what this late night visit (no knock or anything) might indicate, so I said nothing and laid still. After crossing the room quietly, a person reached out her hand to the bed as if she was going to climb in. “Um HELLO,” I said sitting up, instantly realizing by her outline and stammering voice that it was a class mate of Elise, let’s call her “messy ponytail girl”. “Oh. Um. Hey”, messy ponytail girl stammered, “…I came to ask you about our media studies project…” trailing off. Blatant total lie. Elise replied with some equally shoddy and unbelievable retort and messy ponytail girl exited the room. I laid there for a second fuming and then said “What the FUCK was that? Why the fuck would she come to your room and come over to the bed like she was going to CLIMB in it with you??” Elise replied that absolutely nothing was going on and that I was being paranoid. I swallowed my discontent and went to sleep.

Sure enough it was only a matter of days before it came out that Elise and messy ponytail girl had been seeing each other on the sly and quickly becoming an item. Elise and I ended things (I was completely disgusted) and she and messy ponytail girl went on to date for two years. To this day I consider Elise a complete liar for her dishonesty and actions.

Sometimes it takes a late night intruder to make one’s true colors come out.

laur_ VIP

There is a waiter at the restaurant where I work part time shifts who started to get really creepy with me in a sexually harassing manner. He would moan loudly whenever we were in physical proximity, sometimes grab at my sides, and call me sexy.

After the second night of this behavior I told him to stop because he was making me very uncomfortable. I have since found out that numerous other waitresses have threatened to sue him for his behavior.

I have also since found out he is the owners’ favorite employee! And, wait for it, he is married with an infant daughter. Disgusting.

But like the saying goes 'there's is trap for every town rat'

laur_ Apr 18 '19 · Tags: sex, dominodate, jerks, work
crazysexycool VIP

Though it has been a while now but I thought i needed to share this little funny and awkward encounter I had during my last vacation.

It was two years back while on vacation in Granada, Nicaragua, i went out one beautiful evening to enjoy the view of the city in all of it glory. Whilewalking past two old men I politely tell them ‘excuse me,’ in Spanish. They’ve occupied the whole sidewalk, and they were both drunk; you could tell by the way that they’re swaying and clinging to each other. They eye me as I pass. They say not a word, i started to think 'Will I make it past them without a cat-call, I wonder? I pray I will. My prayers weren’t answered.
“Ayyyy, que bonita,” the one guy hisses. I quicken my step. “Let’s have sex,” the other says, in clear and practiced English. Each man must be at least seventy years old, and they wear suits and ties and gel in their hair. Where do these old men learn their pickup lines? Que horrible.

MaudeAmanda VIP

walletIt was a lovely winter evening and a group of us girls were out at one of the trendiest spots in Swansea,West Glamorgan. The beautiful people were out in full force. We stumbled into the game room (pool, checkers, backgammon) and challenged each other to a checkers match.

We had a few cocktails by this point, so failed to notice the abandoned wallet just next to the table until one of our friends asked us if it was ours. It wasn’t. We are not a shy bunch, so we dove right in…

-Tattered Louis Vuitton wallet
-Great license pic, 6’3, blue eyed man, donor! Swoon. (who looks better in their pic than in person, right? wrong, we learned!)
-Potentially winning lotto tickets, check. (The guy has dreams!)
-$6 cash money
-Back of a receipt – perfect!

We were feeling bold and giddy, so we decided to leave our phone numbers (no names, just numbers and a few emoticons) before turning the wallet into the bar.

The next morning rolls around and we get a group text from “wallet guy” thanking us for being such “honest people” and asking us to a drink to repay us. Score!

We decided on a low-key beer garden for the following Friday at 9…

Some of our friends told us we were stupid for leaving both of our numbers. That if we both liked him, it’d ruin our friendship.

On the contrary, there’s safety in numbers. We showed up promptly at 9 and got some drinks. We decided we were going to wait for wallet guy to reach out, so we scoped out the scene and speculated which guy it would be.

9:15 rolls around. No text. 9:30, no call.

A little after 9:30 I got a text from a different number saying “We are here…” Weird and sorta creepy. I directed the guy over to meet us, he was sort of a deer in the headlights at this point since we knew what he looked like and he hadn’t spotted us yet. … When we did make eye contact, the three of us laughed.

He sat down to join us and we instantly noticed he had a tattoo on his finger of a wedding band. My friend asked him about his tattoo and he said he was divorced and that all he has to show for it are his wedding ring tattoo on his finger and his ex-wife’s name tattooed on his side. EEK. He then proceeded to talk about his ex-wife for the next 5 minutes. I think rule #1 of divorce is that you don’t talk about it during anything resembling a date.

We changed the topic and wallet guy’s buddy came over to join us. Not long into chatting this friend reveals that he has had five DUI’s and dropped out of College after a semester. Seriously, kid was dumb as rocks. Snorted himself silly a decade ago. We all took out our IDs, since it’s only fair that we got to see wallet guy’s and he never saw ours. His friend started by pulling his ID out and in his picture, he was legit looking off to the left, capturing his aloof stoned look for all future law enforcement to see. We passed around ours and wallet guy looked at my friend’s and says (direct quote): “5’5…130…I’d tear your ass up.” (Yes, this is what we were dealing with.)

We bantered for a bit and nothing noteworthy was said. Something about them not eating dinner and doing sit-ups later to work off their beers.

Then, they wanted to go to another bar. No way, Jose!! We respectfully declined and wallet guy walked us to the door like a meathead acting like a gentleman.

We wasted no time walking to the car – and as we were we looked over to see wallet guy and his sidekick walking out of the bar with two other girls!! Just like that.

Moral of the story: We will not be leaving our numbers in lost wallets. The fact that the guy lost it should say something.

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