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General Chat
Just about anything
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Treinen · Nov 28
In Tigers Dominate upon Senior Working day 94-64 Higher than UGA
Cheating, Flirting, and Jealousy
Being unfaithful? Can't stand the way they flirt? Jealous? Discuss your experiences here.
47 12
Treinen · Nov 28
In Bengals seek answers after loss to Ravens drops them to
How to make a good impression on dates?
There is no second chance for first impression so if you want to be call for more dates you have to make the first one count. What's your take?
34 8
Treinen · Nov 28
In New England Patriots: Has Team Been Priced Out On Richard Sherman?
Post Something That Made You Happy Today
So I figure this is something that would be good for us to have here. Just us posting something-anything- that made us happy today. Small or large
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Treinen · Nov 28
In Jags Marrone pleased for Payments, nonetheless wont delve into strange exit
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Distance Relationships
How To Make Long-Distance Relationships Work?
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Treinen · Nov 28
In Chiefs DuvernayTardif putting medical degree to work
One Night Stand
'one night stand' sex confessions
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Treinen · Nov 28
In Saints grateful for Rankins promising return
Do African women make good wives for white men?
Apparently, because research shows that statistically the White male/Black female marriage is by far the most likely to last. What do you think?
19 7
Robinson · Nov 11
In OT interception permits No. 10 Oklahoma Region in the direction of overcome Texas
I am interested in marrying a white lady. What should I do?
Just chat here with that white woman you want. She'll chat with you or she won't. Stick with her until you start having crazy feelings for her. Marry her, have kids, and get fat. The End.
10 5
sneakersona · Nov 20
In Golden Goose Shoes
Worst guy ever?
Congratulations for getting involved with a guy who ranks so highly on the loser scale. Lets hear your experience and warnings!!?
18 13
shoesgeton · Oct 7
In Golden Goose Sneakers Sale as
Can serious relationship come out of a one night sex?
Most times people go in for a quickie and get hooked when they don't expect . What is your own experience?
12 1
shoesgeton · Nov 26
In Golden Goose Sneakers
Are relationship easier for extremely beautiful and sexy women?
Attracted, Dates, Sex, Marriage
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Tashaslater · Apr 22
In trouble finding true love
Oral and Anal sex Topics Replies Last Reply
Penis in butt or Vagina?
17 7
superdan1 · Jan 29
In Penis In Butt
If you could apologize to any part of your body, where would it be and why?
Vagina, Dick, Lips or Hands?
8 0
superdan1 · Dec 12 '19
In My Tongue
Would you hire an escort to gain sexual knowledge?
The thing is when you meet new partners they expect you to know what you are doing and be a stud in the bedroom. Would you gain that knowledge through an escort, whats your thoughts?
10 2
nainagupta · Jun 26
In Jaipur Call Girls Service
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